Best Hair dryer 2019-2020 – Top Blow Dryers Reviewed

Everyone loves a gorgeous, salon level hair style everyday. But, how to get them? You will need a quality best hair dryer for easy blowouts at home. Best hair dryers can do many things like they can help in straightening the hairs, they can lock the curls and also you can create volume and more. A great number of quality hair dryers are available but you might be wondering before shopping, what’s the best hair dryers for you hair type?

Well, its not that important because each hair dryers works for all kinds of hair textures and lengths. Rather then focusing on this, you should focus on hair dryers with attachments, because they have a serious affect on varying hair types and textures. Diffuser and Concentrator can really help in styling your hair.

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Best Hair Dryer Reviews 2019-2020

1. Remington D3190 Damage Protection Hair Dryer

Remington D3190 Damage Protection Hair Dryer

Remington D3190 gets the job done on a very affordable price, plus you get all the features like ionic, ceramic and tourmaline technology which is available with expensive hair dryers. Being an affordable option, you would be surprised to see the quality and work of the Remington D3190.

Having the latest technology and 1875w max power motor mean that you are going to get a quick dry. It has three different heat settings and 2 speed settings which means you can find the right setting that suitable for your hair type. Also you can hit the cold shot button after styling your hairs that will lock the hair style carefully created. Moreover, a removable filter is housed that means its very easy to clean and let the dryer work at great efficiency.

As the name indicates, Reminton D3190 is a damage proctection hair dryer. You can achieve a shiny and healthy hair. With help of Advanced Coating technology that offers 3x more protection and Micro-Conditioner Technology keeps them healthier. Furthermore, the diffuser and concentrator makes it more easy to dry hair with precision.

Overall, this a suitable hair dryer for ones who wants all the features and quality at a very affordable price. Being a quality hair dryer with the latest technologies like ceramic, ionic and tourmaline at a budget friendly price makes it the best hair dryer 2020.

2. Revlon One-Step Hair Dryer & Volumizer

Revlon One-Step Hair Dryer & Volumizer

Well, this one is the most talked about and reviewed hair dryer. Being a budget friendly hair dryer, one simply cannot ignore this. The whole magic of this blower is in the design. You will notice two different kind of brushes, sides of the brush are lined with nylon bristles with ball tips, while the curved edges have boar bristles and nylon ones. Furthermore, Revlon One-Step Hair Dryer is super lightweight that makes it easy and comfortable to use.

At 1100 watts, it may not be the most powerful hair dryer but the ionic technology and the overall air flow of the blower means that you won’t need more than that. Being a large airy shape, it disperses air quickly and are preferred especially for curly hairs. Also, it has multiple heat setting that makes it perfect to set the right setting for your hairs.

The blower has unique Airflow Vents that are suitable for faster drying of the hairs and cause a little damage. Oval design helps in the straightening of curly hairs, while the round edges of the blower create volume. we would say that its a unique and very affecting design. If you want a blower that dry your hairs quickly and in one step, nothing can beat Revlon One-Step Hair Dryer.

Overall, Revlon One-Step Hair Dryer is inexpensive but still amazing. It has thousand of happy customers. The design is magical plus the effective results helps Revlon One-Step Hair Dryer to makes it our editor choice.

3. Dyson Supersonic Hair Dryer

 Dyson Supersonic Hair Dryer

Dyson has sexed up the market with their supersonic hair dryer. The supersonic has been for around four year in the making, costed around 50 million. They created around 600 prototypes to get the perfection and tested them on more than 1000 miles of human hair. As a result, they have created the fastest, quietest and most hair friendly dryer ever.

Well, the design of the Supersonic is completely different from other hair dryers. The digital motor in the Dyson is small enough that can sit in the handle instead at the back of the dryer head. Moreover, one advantage of Dyson Supersonic Hair Dryer is that it feels more balanced when used. You won’t get arm ache while you are drying your hair.

Using Dyson Supersonic couldn’t be more easy. Simply slide the switch and you are good to go. Like all other hair dryer, the speed and heat can be adjusted to your preference. You will just need to tap the fan and temperature buttons at the back of the dryer. Each of them got four level indicated by the blue LEDs. After styling your hair, you can press button for blast of cool air that will lock the styling.

Well, one thing you will love is the speed of Dyson Supersonic. You will love it because it dry up your hair in half time as compared to the other hair dryers. It has everything what a perfect hair dryer needs. It won’t damage your hair and they will be more smoother and shinier. Overall, this hair dryer is very expensive but has everything, a good design, being comfortable to use and all the latest technology make it the best hair dryer in the market.

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Conair InfinitiPro has great value. It’s affordable yet very powerful and quality hair dryer. Having the ceramic technology, makes it a versatile while very easy to use control make it so convenient to use. Conair InfinitiPro is a lightweight hair dryer and has more power then you expect from a 40$ hair dryer. It also has all then necessary accessories which are good and will help you achieve both smooth and textured hair styles.

Conair InfinitiPro houses a 1875w motor which is plenty of power for home use. Professional stylist may use 3600w blowers but they are far more expensive and are meant to dry a lot of heads per day in a short period of time. InfinitiPro weighs only 1.1 pound, making it the second lightest hair dryer. This blower is good for home use and travelling because it has an impressive power and is portable too.

InfinitiPro comes with three heat settings and two air speed settings. These setting are very important in any hair dryer because they let you set the optimal temperature and speed for your hair styling. To minimize hair damage, we suggest that you should use the least temperature while drying your hairs.

Overall, the aesthetics of this best hair dryer are great. It’s also comfortable to use and have enough power to quickly dry your hair and style them. Conair InfinitiPro isn’t about all the performance and looks, its about the quality they provide at such a low price. You won’t be able to find such a good hair dryer in this range. So its feels good, looks good and also not heavy on the pocket.

5. T3 Featherweight Luxe 2I Dryer

T3 Featherweight Luxe 2I Dryer

Whenever your hair blower dies, you need to purchase a new one but in the competitive market there is so much to choose from. T3 Featherweight could be a great choice to choose whenever you need one. It’s not relatively cheap but it will completely change the way you style and manage your hairs. Its powerful, lightweight and worth every penny you spend on.

Luxe 2I Dryer is exceptionally gently, yet it’s so much powerful. T3 produces a huge amounts of air but in a controlled environment. Using the latest ionic technology, you won’t need to worry about your hairs, it will lock the moisture in every strand of hair, rather then laying on top. Luxe 2I Dryer has the ability to dry a lot of hair in a very short time thats possible because of the large con at the end. You hair will look shiny, smooth and silky after styling.

Having the multiple heat setting as others, you have the choice to choose the right on for yourself. T3 Featherlight is powerful but you don’t really need to use the highest heat setting. This will save you from any chance of hair damage and you hair will be well protected. Another important thing is, no matter how good your dryer may be, we still suggest you to use a hair protection spray to be on the safe side.

Overall, this isn’t the cheapest solution. You will have to pay a handsome amount of money to get Luxe 2I Dryer but all the amazing abilities makes it stand out from the crowd. This Best hair dryer, is lightweight which makes it very comfortable to use, ergonomics is good and also super fast plus can cope with lots of hairs at once.

6. Jinri Hair Dryer Professional Salon

Jinri Hair Dryer Professional Salon 1875W

Well, you mayn’t heard of the Jinri brand? but this hair dryer they have made really stand out. It’s very affordable yet powerful enough to a quick dry. This hair dryer comes with multiple attachments mean you have the opportunity to dry your hairs in multiple ways. You can select the attachment that’s most feasible for you. It performs its job extra fast and with precision.

Being a 1875W motor hair dryer. It’s slightly less powerful as compared to the other model but well for home use, its still a perfect choice. Because all other powerful and expensive hair dryers are used by professionals and salons. Infused with far-infrared, tourmaline and ionic technology, it has a great compatibility of drying hair with great efficiency.

These technology are very important for any kind of hair dryer. They ensures that your hairs are defended the harsher effects of drying and heat exposure. Furthermore, three heat settings, two speed settings and a cool shot button are there to give you an option of selecting your custom speed and heat. To get a shiny and volumizing dry, set you speed to high, heat to medium or low. Cool shot helps you lock the style you have made while drying your hairs.

It comes with three attachments, a concentrator nozzle that gives volume to the roots and adds a bump to straight and flat the hairs, a diffuser nozzle that diffuse the air over a larger surface area and doesn’t disturb the curls of the hairs, a comb nozzle thats is special for straight hairs. Overall, this hair dryer is budget friendly yet powerful, comfortable and effective.

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7. Sam Villa Professional Light Ionic Dryer

Sam Villa Professional Light Ionic Dryer

Well, there are too many brands of hair dryers competing each other. Apart from all those, here comes Sam Villa Professional Light Ionic Dryer. This isn’t some famous brand but it is highly recommended by many hairstylists. The Person Sam Villa himself was a hairstylist and he knew what a hair stylist need in this line of work.

Sam Villa Professional Light Ionic Dryer is an award winning hair dryer, made in Italy. The air flow that it provides is more powerful than all the other hair dryer running on 1875w motor. Running a 1750w Sam Villa make it possible through the Turbo Compressor Technology. The Technology has the ability to provide more air and drain less power drainage which helps in quick drying time.

Well, only a quick drying time and powerful air isn’t enough for a hair dryer, it must have the ability to reduce static and frizz for the smooth and stylish finish of the hair. This is where the ceramic tourmaline ionic technology comes in. Combined with multiple heat and speed settings and cool shot, this hair dryer can accommodate different hair lengths and texture. Pair up all these the with two rotating nozzles and a diffuser, you have everything need for styling your hairs.

Apart from all these, this hair dryer is lightweight and fatigue free, especially kept in mind the need of the hairdressers. The grip of the hair dryer is also comfort free. The rear filter of the hair dryer can be unlocked for easy cleaning. You cannot ignore this best hair dryer, with its stunning aesthetics kept in mind the need of hairstylists and features necessary for styling.

8. REMINGTON Pro Hair Dryer

REMINGTON Pro Hair Dryer

Remington is a famous brand, with purple color and gold trimming, the look of the REMINGTON Pro Hair Dryer is luxurious. Given the impressive performance, priced at 40$ make it surprisingly affordable. The Thermaluxe is a full sized hair dryer, combination of two technologies, thermal technology and ceramic heat. Both the technology makes it suitable to all kinds of length and texture of hairs.

Ceramic heat emits negative ions to dry hair and reduce the frizz while on the other hand thermal technology provides constant heat to dry hair faster and without any damage. Thermaluxe Ramington houses the 1875w motor and weighs around 1.7 pounds. The handle is tangle free and very comfortable to hold. The rear end cap is removable, so cleaning it won’t be big problem. Both the hair dryer motor and cord are professional grad.

Thermaluxe Remington comes with more accessories than any other hair dryer, including two concentrators, a diffusers and three sectioning clips. It has three heat settings and two speed setting. Like all the other hair dryer, it has a cool shot button to lock the hair style. Moreover, the speed of the Thermaluxe ranges from 24.1 to 30.7 feet per second and temperature range from 80 to 169 degree. Overall, its a durable and attractive hair dryer.

No matter, if you have a thick or thin hairs, straight or curly, Thermaluxe Remington is always effective with a great air speed and high temperature. However, Thermaluxe isn’t the quietest hair dryer, so ones who have problem with noise shouldn’t go for Thermaluxe. Overall, the design is good, air speed is impressive and have all the latest technology.

9. FHI HEAT Platform Nano Weight Pro

FHI HEAT Platform Nano Weight Pro 1900

Getting a new hair dryer won’t be that much easy as much it appears. There are tons of brands offering their own product claiming to be the best. You will have to be careful and consider each and very thing about a hair dryer. When it comes to buying a new hair dryer, FHI HEAT Platform Nano Weight Pro blows the competition away. Being the fastest drying time and loved by the customers make it one of the best hair dryer.

FHI HEAT Platform Nano Weight Pro has been loved by the consumers because of its lightweight and long extension cord. It has performed and even exceeded the other hair dryer performance twice the rate, which make it the top choice for hairstylist or for home use. This may come as a surprise that FHI HEAT Platform Nano Weight Pro is the hottest hair dryer, though outside of the hair dryer is still cool when in use.

Having the latest nano-fusion technology, FHI HEAT Platform Nano Weight Pro is the best hair dryer at adding shine to the hair. You will be surprised at how effective it is on curly hairs. With its power and hot air, you will be able to straighten the curly hairs quite easily. The dryers includes diffuser and concentrator that helps in the flexibility for any type hair, whether they are short or long, curly or straight.

However, when it comes to the comfortability of use, you won’t be as satisfied. Thanks to the easiest control, you won’t be bugged by learning the use, its very simple to use. Overall, its a great hair dryer that does it work effectively and also its very affordable to buy.

10. BIO IONIC Goldpro Dryer

BIO IONIC Goldpro Dryer

Happy customers means a better product. BIO IONIC Goldpro Dryer is a great product, most of consumers are well satisfied with the quality and performance of the product. The most important thing that stands out and abviously the reason for its name is the dryer infused with the 24k gold. Say what? Seriously, this isn’t just to fancify the dryer and charge a higher price.

The 24K gold has the ability to function like tourmaline and ceramic, that guarantees a better heat distribution resulting in shining hairs. In fact some ceramic is mixed with the gold for healthy and conditional hair with shine. The ionizer, as indicated in the name, works for the better moisturized hair. Ionizer also helps in removing the frizz and static from the hair which is a common problem.

Every brand out there claims to be the best and claims to make professional hair dryers. In case BioIonic company was founded by a hairstylist, that makes it automatically legit because a hairstylist know the true need of professional hair dryer. Stylist know how the blowers work, as they use them everyday, so you can bet that their dryers are well tested and will last long.

Well, you won’t need to read the manual, this one is very easy to use and understand the buttons. Furthermore, most of the users believe that excessive heat is something that helps in drying the hair fast but its not. In case of GoldPro, the magic combo of gold, ceramic and negative ion is something that does the magic and without any hair damage due to excessive heat.

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Choosing the Best Hair Dryer 2019-2020 – Buying Guide

When it comes to purchasing a new hair dryer, investing in a high quality model which is well suited for your hairs will surely improve the health of your hairs. Getting the wrong hair dryer will end up in brittle and fried hairs. Getting the right hair dryer will have the key elements like, what its made of, its wattage and specially the features and attachments.

What to Look for Thick and Frizzy Hair?

Well, ionic and tourmaline hair drying helps in breaking the water drops on your hair by giving off negative ions and finally results in faster drying. This results is reducing the frizz and static of hair after drying. So, if you got a thick and frizz prone hair, you should look for a hair dryer that comes with ionic or tourmaline interior.

Tourmaline is a semi-precious metal that helps in the producing negative ions for fast drying. The dryers with tourmaline technology are commonly expensive but if you have a thick and frizz prone hair, it will be a good investment. On the other Hand, Ionic hair dryer are also good for any kind of hair that is not easy to dry. However, if you got a fine or thin hair, avoid ionic or tourmaline because they are not good in building volume as other blowers.

What to Look for If you have Fine or Thin Hairs?

Having a thin or fine hair means they are prone to damage and you will need a blower that does less damage and more volume. Hair dryers that features a plastic and metal housing which is coated by porcelain or ceramic have less heat but they are more consistent. They are perfect for hair that dehydrates or damaged easily.

Ceramic and porcelain technology in they dryers also use negative ions to prevent hair from frizz and all your hair to dry quickly. Some of the procelain and ceramic hair dryer uses infrared technology which means longer energy waves that penetrates the hair and dry them inside out.

Do you have a lot of Hairs? Go for Titanium Dryer

Titanium dryer are meant for thick and people with a lot hairs. They provides temperature at a steady rate and tend to get more hotter then others. This will help in drastically reducing the drying time of your hairs. The best thing of this hair dryer is the portability, titanium weighs less then ceramic and porcelain. so its more comfortable to hold when used. However, if you have fine or damaged hairs, you should buy a titanium hair dryer.

Choose a Hair Dryer with atleast 1500 Watts

The more wattage, more heat and fast a hair dryer works. It means that speed, heat and time of drying your hairs all depends on the wattage of a hair dryer. Dryers with lower wattage are available at cheap prices but you will have to change it some day. So, why not directly go for a professional level hair dryer.

For thick hairs that’s difficult to dry, a low wattage hair dryer won’t work. You will need to go for atleast a hair dryer between 1800 to 2000 wattage. These hair dryer are mostly similar to the ones you see at your salon, they will do a salon level work and style your hair.

Go for a Portable and Light Weight Hair Dryer

This may seem not that important but its very important to consider the weight of the hair dryer before buying. A lightweight hair dryer is more comfortable to hold and will not tire your hand while drying your hairs. There are tons of lightweight hair dryers available, you should look for a hair dryer that around 1 pound.

Find a Dryer with multiple Heat Settings

We all want a hair dryer that have a good build material and use proper wattage. Rather than that, you also want a hair dryer that allows you to adjust multiple heat levels. Most of the high quality dryers allows various heat levels, go for one with high, medium and low level hair dryers. It will allow you to set the precise amount of heat that is required for your hair.

For hair thats fine or thin, low heat settings will work fine because it will not damage your hairs. Normal hairs works great with the medium level heat while for thick hair high heat settings will work great.

Find a Hair Dryer With Cool shot Feature

Blast of cool air is very important while you are drying your hairs. To get a shiny and sleek hair result, a cool shot feature is a must. What it really does?, is the lock on your style you have created with the hair dryer.

To do it correctly, keep in mind that when your hair is around 80% dry, switch from the heat settings to cool air. It will finish your hair drying with a shiny and sleek result.

Role of Diffuser

Diffuser distributes the air from the hair dryer to larger surface area instead of blowing your all your hair at the same place. It’s very important because that will not destroy the original texture of your hair. Especially for curly hairs, if you want your hair texture intact, you will need a hair dryer with a diffuser. Diffuser is removable that snaps at the end of the hair dryer, so you can remove it when not needed.


Similar as diffuser, concentrator also snaps to the end of the hair dryer. However, it works completely opposite of diffuser. Concentrator emits air in a concentrated form thats very handy, if you want to straighten your hair everyday. It also cuts down on frizz and static. While using a concentrator with the hair dryer, always make sure that it point downward and not straight on the hair. Run a brush through your hair as you are dying it and follow the path of the brush. This will give you a great straight and shiny hair result.

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At the end, we will suggest to buy a dryer that more convenient to you. Convenience may be different for different people with various hair length and textures. For a person with curly hair, a hair dryer with diffuser maybe more convenient but a one with fine and thin hair may prefer a dryer with lower hair damage. At the ends its all about what you want and what you need.


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