Best Electric Shaver 2019-2020 – Top Electric Razors for Men

In this article we are reviewing 7 best electric shaver 2020. Selection of these shavers are on the basis of its performance and price range. We have included electric shavers from the entire price range from expensive ones to budget friendly electric shavers.

Those days are long gone when people used to go to barber shop for shave and removal of other unwanted hair. At that time your life was in barber’s hands and your body was at great risk of conceiving pathogens in this process. Contagious diseases like hepatitis and AIDS were the greatest danger among all. But now best electric shavers are available which are convenient in use and also free of any sort of disease risk.

Although they cannot give you as close shave like a professional barber but still close enough to force you for admiring them. In addition it enable you to wear such beard and mustaches style which please you the most. The greatest advantage here is that you do not need any training for it. One other amazing factor is that they can be used on both wet and dry skin. So people looking for extremely close shave they can apply shaving foam, in such a way the result will be maximum.

Best Electric Shaver of 2019-2020

Electric shaverBest ForPrice
Braun Series 9 9290CCBest Overall
Philips Norelco 9700Smooth and Comfortable Shave
Panasonic Arc 5 Lv65-SClosest Shave
Philips Norelco S9000 PrestigeLonger hair even a week-beard
Braun Series 7 7899CCSensitive skin
SweetLF 3DAffordable budget under $40
Panasonic ES-LT3N-KWomen
Remington F5-5800Budget Friendly Shaver

Important Details About Electric Shavers 2019-2020

How does electric shaver work?

Actually it uses blades that spin or move to and fro for cutting hair. To protect the skin from piercing guards are present around the blades which not only help in protection but also play key role in closeness of shave. As most of the guards possess holes which lift hair and thus the blades can cut it from the base.

Best electric shavers are classified in two groups that is rotary and foil. It is just the design of a razor as some users like rotary-style and others give priority to foil-style therefor the manufacturer have divided them accordingly.

Blades of this type shaver do vibratory motions thus move back and forward and cutting your hair. They are rectangular in shape so due to the to and fro motion and unidirectional blades they cannot give you as perfect shave as the rotary razor.

Rotary shaver blades are spinning in nature thus they are multi-directional and give you outstanding shave compared to foil. But the short coming here is that they cannot be clean easily after use.

Do electric shavers make hair thicker?

The simple answer to this question is no. Its just a myth that only has to do with appearance.

Actually razor blade cut hair at an angle while electric shavers cut them straight. So, when hair start growing back they appear thicker and darker.

It is scientifically proven that shaving has nothing to do with thickness or density of hair, regardless of the method of shaving.

So, if you have a busy life but also want to have a perfect shave on daily basis then best electric shavers will certainly amaze you. It will save your precious time and also can be carried easily whenever you are on a long journey. Hence, before buying best electric shavers 2020 you should give a read to our buyer’s guide which will enable you to find the best product.

Best Electric Shaver Reviews 2019-2020

1. Braun Series 9 9290CC

Best Electric Shaver
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best electric shaver


  • Water Proof
  • Fast and close shaving
  • Automatic cleaning and drying system
  • 4 cutting element and 1 skin guard


  • Plastic body
  • Expensive

Shaving is a necessary part of man’s personality but most of the people have difficulty in getting perfect shave. As most of the shaving people either cut their skin or they have some other flaws in this regard due to which they give up. In such a way one’s personality get dull and look become dissatisfied.

So to save yourself from the above problems Braun has introduced its latest product that is series 9 9290CC which is the best electric shaver 2020. Its features are appealing and performance is powerful. So even if you hair are very thick still the performance of this razor is phenomenal. Hence to know each and every details of this best electric razor read on.

Number of blades4
Wet/Dry useYes
Run time50 minutes
SmartClean PlusCleans, dries & charges


This best electric shaver has a solid design and is very stylish in appearance. The manufacturer has given the finish of black and silver color thus making it more eye catching. On top of that weight is very light due to which it can be easily packed in the traveling pouch. So whenever you are traveling to a new place it can be carried easily and save you from searching barber shops.

What will amaze you the most is the build’s quality due to which durability is prolong and the accidental drops which frequently occurs in the washroom has no effect on it. Further blades of this best electric shaver are coated with titanium which make them suitable for all types of hair and also stay rust free. Although price is a bit high but its features are also accordingly.


What make a product unique from its competitors are the features. Any product which is outstanding in this regard attract users the most. Features of series 9 9290CC are such which has impressed us the most and therefore it is at the top of our best electric shaver list.

Shavers are mostly used for beard so the first feature to consider is the easy gripping. Holding area of this shaver is made up of rubber thus even if your hands are wet there is no chance of slipping. Moreover due to this easy grip shaving become quite easy and handy. If you are worried about water resistance then the good news is that water does not effect its quality and is fully water proof. Even if it falls into water of five meter depth then still this best electric shaver 2020 can survive.

Most of the users will be astonished by its automatic cleaning and drying system. Although you can clean it manually but the automatic option is the best to use. Keep in mind that if the head is wet or lubricated then you should stay away from this option. This whole process take only few minutes and is controlled by only one central power button.

One other worth mentioning factor here is that this best electric shaver possess LED display which tells you exactly for how long it can be used. Traveler will be pleased by this feature the most because sometime there is no facility of recharging so they can fully charge the battery before going to such areas. On top of that head of this razor is multi-directional so can be adjusted in many ways and thus will provide you a dreaming shave. Keep one thing in mind that if your hair are thick then better shave as soon as possible otherwise shaving process will consume a lot of time.


Performance of a shaver is measured by its shaving elements. As this best electric shaver for men offer four shaving elements so you will be astonished by the result.

If you look at the head you will find two OptiFoils on both ends containing holes which are responsible for seizing hair. Between these you will see Hyper lift and cut trimmer whose functions is lifting and cutting hair respectively. Along with this Direct and cut trimmer is present which make the hair parallel and then cut them. In addition there is one guard which protect your skin from any damage and also make it smother.

If you are thinking about its performance on wet skin then you should know that under such circumstances this best electric shaver will provide extra comfort. So if you want really fast and closest shave then apply shaving foam before starting the process.

Performance is enhanced further by the SyncroSonic technology. This technology adjust the power of razor automatically. So in area where more hair are present the blades move with full power thus cutting them efficiently and timely. Power can also be adjusted manually if someone want.

Battery Life

Whenever electric is mentioned with a product the first thing that click in most users mind is the battery life. In case of this best electric shaver for men the running time is 50 minutes and the recharge time required is one hour. As using pattern of every purchaser is different so running time also varies accordingly. One of the outstanding feature is that only 5 minute charge is enough for single shave. Further you will see five levels of battery on the display each of which represent 20% charge.


In the box you will find series 9 shaver, charging cord, cleaning and charging station and one cleaning cartridge. Along with this you will see a pouch for traveling the shaver, small cleaning brush and user’s manual. You will be surprised to hear that if the shaving head stop working then you can replace it with a new head in a very reasonable price.

Except this best electric shaver 2020 all other shaver’s head once get faulty can never be replaced. Also if you want to replace then first they are very difficult to find and once found they can work for a month or two only.


In modern days busy life shaver is the important part of every individual life. Without it a person does not feel complete and without proper shave a person’s personality is incomplete. Due to best men’s electric shaver perfect shave is no more a dream and Braun series 9 is the perfect choice in this regard. Whether you are using it for long or thick hair, wet or dry skin performance is world-class and is extremely comfortable in use.

2. Philips Norelco 9700

Best Electric Shaver for Men
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best electric shaver for men


  • Speed setting
  • SmartClean Plus System
  • Detachable trimmer
  • Stylish design


  • Not budget friendly
  • Cleaning Brush is not acceptable

Every man and woman is in the quest of making his/her personality phenomenal and distinguished from others. It is not a simple job therefore most of the people move towards the saloon in order to look perfect. Some people are more conscious in this field so they buy a lot of accessories and their bathroom is full of trimmer, creams and facial brush. As the first factor in grooming your personality is your skin hence it need great care. The more smooth and well cleaned will be your skin the better will become your impressions.

As now a days every person is very busy therefore most of the people do not get time for saloon or barber shop. In this way their look become unacceptable and they are looking for personal shaver which will be available everytime they need it. So to save you from any dissatisfaction Philips has launched Norelco 9700 which is one of the best electric shavers 2020 you will find in the market. Its performance is efficient and features are impressing. Once you get this product all the worries of unwanted hair will diminish.

Shaving systemV-Track blade system PRO
Wet/Dry useYes
Run time1 hour
SmartClean PlusCleans,dries & charges


Upon unpacking you will be pleased by the appearance of this best electric shaver. It looks bright and assembled in a very optimized way. For firm holding the grip area is rubberized so during shave while changing direction you will not feel any fear of dropping. Even if fingers are wet still you will be able to hold it firmly.

Design is made more pleasing by the display which indicate everything for you. When to use, charge or clean it and when to change shaving head the display will tell you. Further it is touch sensitive so does not consume any power and by just looking at the shaver you will know exactly what to do next. Certainly this make it the best electric razor to grab.

In addition Norelco 9700 is based on rotary style so in the shaving unit you will see three heads which are capable of moving in multiple directions. In this way you will get the closest and cleanest shave one can only dream-off. Along with this heads collect the cut hair so after shave there is no need of cleaning hair from face which is an additional pleasure.


Whenever a product is high in budget then every one is expecting such features from it which others cannot provide. Norelco 9700 the best electric shaver is amazing from this perspective and will certainly satisfy all your needs.

The first feature which the users look for in best electric shaver is the type of blades it use. As it possess V-track Pro blades which will cut any type of hair and is suitable for all length hair. No matter how durable the shaver should be still a time will come that the replacement of head is needed. So in this case you can easily replace it because all the shaver of 9700 series use same type of blades.

Many people have issue that they cannot wake up early so they have limited time for shave. So to give you a real fast shave its head can move in eight different directions. On top of that it recognize the line of hair on your face and neck very well and then act accordingly. In this way your skin will remain smooth and the shaving process will be 20% faster compared to other shaver.

One other distinguished feature that will grab your attention is that it offer thee different modes of working. For normal shave like many people do on daily basis you should stick to the normal mode. If you are in a hurry then activate the fast mode. And if your skin is sensitive then use the sensitive mode which will give you a very soft and pleasant shave. This third mode make it the best electric shaver for sensitive skin.

Users which are fond of wearing different style beard then the good news for them is that it possess a detachable trimmer. So all you have to do is just to remove the shaving head and attach the trimmer. keep in mind that it is specially designed for sensitive skin hence it can be used without any worries.

Norelco 9700 is a rotary shaver so its difficult to clean manually. But you don’t need to worry because there is a solution for it as well. After shave the SmartClean Plus system will do this for you automatically. Just press the power button and the cleaning process will start. As this system is used for both cleaning and charging so the display will notify you that which process is in progress.


Performance of a shaver during shave depends upon the type of blade used and the movement of head. As there are three heads in the shaving unit and each one is capable of moving in 8 directions so you will not see any hair which is left uncut. Even if hair growth is in zigzag fashion this best electric shaver will not let them survive on your face. In addition blades are of high end thus do an acceptable job even in a single pass.

The pleasing factor in performance is that instead of pulling hair like many shaver do it cut hair. Along with this you will not see any damage like irritation or redness of the skin after shave.

As this is water poof so the result will get much better if you apply shaving foam on your face. Also if you want all the extra activities to be done under shower then it will not disappoint you.

Battery Life

Along with features and performance battery life of this best electric shaver is also outstanding. Recharge time is 1 hour and shaving time is also 1 hour that is 10 minutes more then the competitors. One other gratifying point here is that instead of a bar on a display you will see percentage for the remaining battery life. Battery can be recharge through SmartClean Plus System and once charge fully you can do ten shave with it consecutively.


The accessories which you will get with this shaver are a trimmer, cleaning base, cleaning brush and a traveling case. Remember that the traveling bag is small and the trimmer will not fit there so take care that it is with you while going on a long journey. One other disappointing point is that if you really need the cleaning brush then better buy another one because this is not very satisfactory.


This shaver is free of any short coming and offers maximum performance in all fields. So if you can afford the price then Norelco 9700 is the best electric shaver 2020. It will give you not only the closest shave but also the beard and moustache style which you can’t wear before. Above all it will take great care of your skin thus your face will stay fresh and smooth.

3. Panasonic Arc 5 LV65-S

Best Electric Razor
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best electric razor


  • Fast powerful and comfortable
  • Both wet and dry use
  • Durable
  • 5 cutting element in the shaving unit


  • Lack automatic cleaning system
  • Difficulty in cutting long hair

In the best electric shaver world three names are well known that is Braun, Philips Norelco and Panasonic. We have already reviewed the best products of Braun and Philips but now its time to know about Panasonic. So far the best product of this is Arc 5 therefore we have chosen it. Performance and features of this is comparable with other high end shavers and also will save some dollars for you as well.

So people who cannot afford Braun series 9 then the best option for them is Arc 5. Further after going through our full review you will surely love this best electric shaver 2020. So without any further delay let’s break the ice.

Number of blades5
Wet/Dry useYes
Run time45 minutes
SmartClean PlusNo


Design of Arc 5 is such that will impress you in the first look. As you can see a black cover on the front surrounded by silver fit which is clean-cut. Although the power button is not very large but it is highly responsive.

The power button is surrounded by a ring used for lock and unlock of it. When the knob is at 6 o’clock the shaver will stay off and no chance of turning on. By moving the knob to 8 o’clock the power button will get unlock. This make the on/off very easy and convenient.

Right below the power button is the LED display which will provide all the important information regarding the shaver like battery life, sensor mode and when to clean and replace the blades. Upon turning on the shaver will be in the sensor mode as you can see the blinking on the display. If you want to shave in full power simply press the power button again. This will deactivate the sensor mode and the blinking will disappear.

Sides of this best electric shaver are in well organized form thus giving you a strong grip. In addition on the back you will see a small trimmer that unfold perpendicular to the head. In this position you can more accurately set your side burns or trimming any other unwanted hair. So design of it is such what one can expect from best electric shavers 2020.


Features of Arc 5 are great in number but we will stick to those who are involved in shaving process instead of technical features. LV65-S which is the best electric shaver will astonish you due to its next level features.

In the head there are five shaving blade system. You will be pleased to know that in the foil-style Arc 5 is the only shaver that has 5 separate elements for cutting hair. The main focus of these five elements are on fast shaving and also cutting of sufficiently long hair efficiently.

The five elements included in the head are two finishing foils, two reverse tapered foils and one slit blade. All these elements are responsible for individual functions. Finishing foils are located at both ends of the head and cut the shortest hair. The reverse foils lift hair that have grown in different directions and then cut them. The function of slit blade is to cut long hair to small size.

Motor of Arc 5 is fastest throughout the electric shavers because it is capable of providing 14000 cycles per minute. This feature will deliver you the fastest shave you can ever get from any best electric razor. Moreover it also has the ability to recognize a high density area and then adjust the power accordingly.

On top of that head of this best electric shaver is such that can be pivoted in both directions or forward and backward. Also you can lock it at one position so all upto you. Further it is full water proof so if dry shaving does not please you then use your shaving foam. In addition cleaning with water become a lot easier. Hence overall features make it the best electric shaver.


Performance of shaver is the factor that make it worthy of buying. The better it perform the more the users are attracted. You can know the performance of shaver by closeness, speed and comfort it offer during shave. So keeping its performance in mind you will certainly call it the best electric shaver 2020.

If you are looking for cleanest shave then Arc 5 will give you this pleasure the most. This is due to the 5 cutting elements and powerful motor. So whatever type your hair should be even if very dense and thick still shave will be closest. Thus in the field of closeness no one can compete it. Along with this shaving is very fast so will save some time for you.

One other factor that most users looking for is the comfort provided by the shaver. As the motor is very powerful so most of you will think that the blades will get hot after sometime but it stays cool. One thing you should remember that on sensitive skin if pressed hardly then some discomfort can be felt. Hence if your skin is sensitive then use it with care. The result will get better further if you apply lotion on you face prior shaving.

Many people are lazy so they cannot shave on daily basis. So long hair are cut well by it but if your hair are long as well as lying flat then Arc 5 has some difficulty in cutting them. Thus it will be wise to shave sooner if you don’t want any annoying. Moreover it will be better to always shave with full power instead of shaving with the sensor mode.

As you will not see any automatic cleaning system with it but still cleaning is very easy. The inner blades can be accessed easily and also it is fully water proof so you can wash it with tap water. After wash dry it and to avoid any rust of blades apply the lubricating oil included in the box. Along with this if you want best performance all the time then the outer and inner foil should be replaced regularly after an year and two respectively. These foils are available online in a very reasonable price.

Battery Life

Battery of Arc 5 best electric shaver is rechargeable and the shaving time it offer is 45 minutes. Time required to fully charge the battery is almost an hour. Remember that while charging it does not work. Actually it is for safety measure because this shaver is water proof so to avoid any unpleasant happening this feature is included.

Battery life will be shown to you by the display. You can see the percentage of the remaining life and also a circle of 5 bars each representing 20%. The bottom bar will blink only when 10% charge is left. The good thing to know here is that even at 10% remaining life the motor will operate at full power and you will be able to get one shave.


Along with the best electric shaver the side products that you will get are charging cable, a cap for head protection and a cleaning brush. For lengthy durability season of blades there is a small bottle of oil for lubricating them. You will see a small pouch in the box which is for travelling. So whenever going on a long trip the shaver can be easily packed in the case. In this way it will be both convenient to carry and also will be protected from any harms. On top of that there is a warranty card as well.


Panasonic Arc 5 is one of the best electric shavers 2020 on the basis of performance and features. So if you can’t afford Braun series 9 but looking for a shaver which is comparable in working and also easily affordable then it is the best.

4. Philips Norelco S9000 Prestige

Best Men’s Electric Shaver
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best men's electric shaver


  • Suitable for longer hair
  • Strong metallic body
  • Useful display
  • Superior travel case


  • Only wireless charging
  • Trimmer quality is not acceptable

Whenever there is a discussion of a brand then everyone is looking for its top product. Here we will talk about the best electric shaver of Philips. The manufacturer itself claim that so far S9000 prestige is our best product.

It has been launched recently with a new design and come with an unique shaving head. One other astonishing claim is that this shaver can shave even a week long beard. However how does it perform in real we will tell you about that. And also if there is any short coming you will know each and everything after going through our full review.

Number of blades72
Wet/Dry useYes
Run time1 hour
SmartClean PlusNo


You would have seen many products that look good in pictures but in reality they are not very good. But this best electric shaver 2020 looks as good in real as in pictures. The real pleasure is due to its high end metallic body. If we go more precise then actually the body has been given an aluminum finish not only to the front but extends to the sides as well. Below the head there is rough design which make it more eye catching.

Power button is also metallic but the rest body is made up of plastic which enhance gripping. Also You can activate or deactivate the travel lock with a power button. For both activation and deactivation you have to press the power buttons for three seconds and the countdown will be shown by the display. What else will you see below the power button is the +/- bar which is for choosing the required power mode.

Right below the +/- bar is a display for showing battery life, whether travel lock is on/off and also which power mode you are using. The unique thing about S9000’s display is that you can know the remaining battery life even if the shaver is switched off. On top of that weight of this shaver is light and the size is optimized due to which it fits well in hand. At the bottom a charging port is present as this shaver does not come with inductive charging technology.

Two minor complaints which most users have about S9000 design is that the plastic used is not of very good quality. The second which is more concerning is that you will not see any unified trimmer. So for attaching trimmer you have to first remove the shaving head.


Every product has some unique features which make it worthy of buying. Some features are just for marketing and on the basis of some features performance of a product is dependent. Therefore we have mentioned some of the important features here and skipped others.

In the shaving head instead of SH90 used in the other models of Philips SH98 blades are included. These are new and outstanding in performance. Along with this ring of each shaving head is coated with anti-friction layer due to which the blades move more smoothly on face and thus make shaving more efficient.

The most remarkable feature of this best electric shaver is that there are three shaving modes. So first look upon your hair density and then choose the mode accordingly. These modes are actually the variations in the output power of motor. Slow mode offer low power output and so on. But to save your time it will be better to shave with full power always.

Moreover S9000 is water proof so you can use it with shaving foam too. Even the shaver can survive upto 1 meter water depth. So people who are dreaming to shave under the shower, their dreams can come true with this world-class product.


Performance of a shaver during shave is the key factor to consider. Expectation and priority of every user is different. So lets see how does this best electric shaver perform in shaving.

S9000 will offer you the closest shave you can ever get from a rotary shaver. As many people have complaints about rotary razor specially on chin and moustaches but you will not be disappointed by the best electric shaver.

Along with closeness this shaver will offer you the most comfortable shave. You will not feel any irritation on skin after shave and also your face will be free of rashes. Even people with sensitive skin can enjoy the comfort equally provided that they have applied shaving foam. This comfort is due to the design of blades because they move smoothly on skin and there is no need of pressing hard in order to get closer shave.

As we have mentioned earlier that it is suitable for 7 days long beard but we did not think that it will be possible in real. So the good news here is that the best electric shaver can cut long hair very efficiently even if they are a week older. Further you will not feel any discomfort and also there wouldn’t be any uncut hair left.

Overall performance of this shaver is admirable but what will annoy most of the users is its trimmer and lack of automatic cleaning system. Trimmer is thick and also does not work that effective what one can expect from such a high end razor. Along with this it lacks cleaning system so you have to clean it manually. Hence after shave you have to remove the head and wash it with water and as S9000 is rotary so cleaning process become a bit difficult.

Battery Life

Battery life of S9000 best electric shaver is one hour and the charging time to fully charge the battery is also one hour. You should also know that while charging it can’t be used. But you will be amaze to know that a 5 minute quick charge is featured, which means that charging for only 5 minutes is enough for giving you a full shave. Remaining battery life is shown by display and when the battery is almost out of juice then the signal will turn yellow and will hear a beep sound if you turn on the shaver.


Keeping its price in mind the accessories you will find in the box is dissatisfying. Along with the shaver you will have a trimmer, a charging cord, travel case, user’s manual and warranty card. But you will not see any cleaning system and cleaning brush. So to make it acceptable the manufacturer has included a very stylish case with sufficient space to accommodate all the accessories along with the shaver.


Every individual is unique so are the likes and dislikes. Hence if you are a rotary lover and looking for the best electric shaver 2020 then S9000 Prestige is certainly at the top. It is remarkable in shaving and very comfortable in use. In addition the strong metallic body make it durable and one hour battery life is acceptable. On top of that this shaver is suitable for all types hair and is thus best men’s electric shaver.

5. Braun Series 7 7899CC

Best Electric Shaver for sensitive skin
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best electric shaver for sensitive skin


  • Fast and easy cleaning
  • Run very quietly
  • Clean and smooth shave
  • Long durability period


  • Cleaning process is noisy
  • No travel lock

Talking about electric shaver and you will hear the name of Braun. This brand is the king in this field and so far the most searched one. Thus the products launched by them are next level and performance is exceptional. Many people give preference to German products and literally they are good in this but can’t surpass Braun.

Upto date the best electric shaver of Braun is series 9 but due to high budget many people can’t afford it. Thus to give you both comfort of close shave and also save some bucks we are going to review series 7. From all perspective it is the exact copy of series 9 except few minor details. You can also call these two series as same book with different covers. To clear all your doubts and all the questions in your mind go through our full review.

Number of blades3
Wet/Dry useYes
Run time50 minutes
SmartClean PlusCleans,dries & charges


Upon first look series 7 best electric shaver 2020 will grab your attention because of its neat foil-style, metallic body with grey color finish. On the sides of the shaver you will see black rubbers which are for firm gripping. Thus if your hands are wet or even shaving with foam which make hands a lot slippery still there is zero probability of dropping. In addition design is cozy thus make it highly fitting in hands.

Shaving head rest on top of base thus giving you a free movement in different direction independently without involvement of the body. Users whose hair are growing randomly this feature will amaze them most.

Below the power button you will see a small circular blue button which is for speed setting. Keeping your hair in mind you can shave either with full power or do shave with normal speed by choosing any one of the two power level.

Bottom of the shaver is flat and there you will see an indicator system. It will tell you about the remaining battery life and also if there is any need of cleaning. So all you have to do is to just give a look to this colorful system and will be able to know the current conditions of this best electric shaver. Hence the overall design of series 7 is remarkable and more then enough for investment.


Features enable you to distinguish a product from its companions. The one with a wide range of features is the best electric shaver and thus selection become a lot easier.

Looking upon the shaving unit there are two OptiFoil and one Activelift trimmer sandwiched between them. Function of the trimmer is lifting of flat hair and the OptiFoil will give you the final finish. The two OptiFoil are designed such that cut more hair in the single move. Further the head can be pivoted at different directions hence you can use it conveniently at jaw line and under the neck areas. As Braun series 7 possesses three cutting elements, thus there is no chance of hair survival and you will get smooth and soft face.

The best electric shaver is built-in with a sonic technology. It is responsible for recognizing an area highly populated with hair and then perform accordingly. So there is no need of hard pressing on such areas and everything will be done by the razor on its own.

On top of that this best electric shaver 2020 provide three different personalize setting. On the basis of your skin and hair type choose the mode which is most suitable. If your skin is sensitive then activate sensitive mode. If you are shaving on daily basis then stick to normal mode. But if you are getting late for office or any other event then activate the intensive mode. Sensitive mode make it the best electric shaver for sensitive skin.

Moreover the shaver is fully water proof hence suitable for wet use as well. This make manual cleaning a lot easier and also water can’t enter the mechanics thus stay free of faults.

If you are not interested in manual cleaning then the pleasing feature is that there is automatic cleaning system. You will get a cleaning cartridge with the shaver which is made up of plastic. So after shave put the shaver in that and your razor will be clean, lubricate and dry by it. Solution used for cleaning is alcoholic so will kill all the germs and will remove the small hair which are difficult to do manually. Along with this it provide a fast clean option. Thus if your shaver is not clean for next shave and you are in a hurry then simply use fast clean option.

Overall features of Braun series 7 impressed us greatly, so it will not be wrong to call it one of the best electric shaver.


Three cutting elements in the head and motor capable of generating 10000 vibrations per minute provide you a very clean and comfortable shave. Even if your skin is sensitive still you will not see any rashes after shaving with the best electric razor.

As this shaver is water proof so if you want to shave with your favorite foam then there is no hurdle in it. But Braun is recommending that for best result use it before taking a shower or washing your face. Further the manufacturer has claimed that the durability period of this shaver is 7 years. So its not only outstanding in performance but also come with a long life.

On top of that there is an integrated trimmer so to open it trimmer is written on front of the shaver just press that and it will get functional. Through this you can set your side burns and mustaches very well. The main function of this is to trim long hair if you have not shave for a long time.

To maintain performance quality the cleaning station should be renewed after two months and the blades should be replaced after 18 months. Parts of many other shavers are not easily available but here you will not face any difficulty and also replacement process is child’s play.

Battery Life

Best electric shaver for man come with an acceptable battery life of 50 minutes shaving time and 1 hour recharge time. In addition charging process is very convenient and also offer 5 minute quick charge feature. So just put it in the charging cord and after one hour battery will be fully charged. The LED display make it more easy to know exactly for how many time the shaver can be run.


Although series 7 is a bit high in price but the additional accessories which it provide will make the price square. So you will find automatic clean and charging system, a smart plug, a cleaning brush and a small travelling bag of optimised size. Due to the travel case it can be carry safely wherever you go.


Anyone who is in search of shaver and the requirement is closest shave with great comfort then Braun Series 7 will not let you down. Further if you use it with a little care then can be your partner for life time because of the long durability season.

6. SweetLf 3D

Which is the Best Electric Shaver
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which is the best electric shaver


  • IPX7 Water Proof
  • Long battery life
  • Amazing features and performance
  • Best on a budget


  • No charger
  • Grip is not acceptable when wet

Now a days market is over populated by electric shavers and the top brands product like Braun are not budget friendly. People with limited budget find it very difficult to find suitable electric shaver which is both on a budget as well as with acceptable performance. Therefore we have selected SweetLF 3D for you. Certainly it can’t be compared with expensive products but keeping price in mind performance offered by the best electric shaver is fair and square.

Once someone invest in it then after few days he/she will surely be proud of his/her decision. Body is strong , exterior is water proof and offer all other features what one is looking for in a shaver. To know its all features and the shaving performance of budget friendly shaver give a read to our review.

Shaving ystem3 rotating head with double track technology
Wet/Dry useYes
Run time2 hours
SmartClean PlusNo


Although SweetLF 3D which is the best electric shaver come with an affordable price tag but its design is comparable with an expensive shaver. Front of the shaver possess only one power button used for on/off and also activating travel lock. This is very astonishing because even some very high end shaver do not come with travel lock. So to avoid random turning on just press the power button for few seconds and the travel lock will get functional.

Below the power button is LED display which notify you about the remaining power of battery. There are 5 bars on the display and each bar represent 20% charge.

On top of that in the shaving unit there are three rotating heads each moving independently and thus give you surprisingly comfortable shave. On the back side you will not see anything except the trimmer which is integrated in this shaver.

As the body has been given a shiny finish so the only drawback in this design is that it does not offer a good grip specially when used with wet hands. But the overall design is acceptable because in such low a price this minor defect can be ignored.


If the design of this shaver has not impressed you because of the one defect then the features will definitely do. Let’s get started what really matters and what make SweetLF 3D worthy of buying.

Body of the best electric shavers 2020 is IPX7 water proof which means that it is suitable for wet use. Even if dip into water for 30 minutes water won’t be able to enter the mechanics. Not only this but you can also apply your favorite foam for getting more efficient shave.

Other impressing feature is that the trimmer is integrated so there is no need to remove shaving head if you want to trim your mustaches or side burns. You can find it on the back of the shaver and is placed at such position that is more agreeable while trimming hair.

Along with this motor of the shaver is very powerful and also run very quietly. You can even compare the motor with top brands shaver four time more than its price. Most of you will think that powerful motor run always louder but here the scenario is different because you will not have any complaint about the noise.

Many rotary razor are difficult to clean after shave specially when they lack automatic cleaning system. But being fully water proof you can clean it easily with water. Further there is a collection unit for capturing hair at the bottom so you will be spare of cleaning the whole bathroom and all to do is just empty that chamber.

Moreover replacement of shaving unit is very easy and cheap. The price of blades is just $11 and also finding of parts is effortless unlike the other shavers. In addition the overall weight is very light and also the operation is very smooth. So the overall features of SweetLF 3D the best electric shaver is world-class.


Performance in shave depends upon the shaving unit. The type of blades used there and the way it move on your skin define what kind of shave you will get.

As there are three shaving heads in the unit and they are capable of moving in four different directions. In this way they cut hair well and give you very fresh and clean shave. Along with this the double track technology of head provide you a faster shave thus save your time. But keep remember that no electric shaver can give you the perfect shave like that of professional barber or Gillette blue III no matter how high its price will be.

On top of that the blades have self sharpening quality thus can be used for a sufficient long period of time. In addition applying foam or gel on your face will give you extra pleasure. So we recommend that for best result always shave with foam.

One other outstanding feature is that the blades come with automatic grinding technology thus hair pulling is greatly reduced. In this way you will get a very comfortable shave and surely call SweetLF 3D the best electric shaver 2020. But if your expectations are higher from the detachable trimmer then will be disappointed by it.

Battery Life

Whenever a product is on a budget then the most worrying feature for most of the users is the battery life. Many people will think that battery will run out of juice and constant charging will be needed. But here you will not face any such problems and once charged fully can be used for two hours. When the battery is fully washed-out then only one hour charging will charge it fully and in return you can get 30 shaves.

Cable used for charging is micro USB but you will not find any charger with it. For some user this is annoying and others will find it pleasing because you can charge it either from laptop or any other USB charger. Further there is a 5 minute quick charge option so whenever in a hurry all you need is just 5 minute.


Along with the best electric shaver you will find a cleaning brush, a cap for head protection, charging cable and travel case. Due to charging cable and travel case mobility from one place to another is very easy because such cable operate with universal voltage and thus applicable everywhere.


Everyone think that the expensive product is always the best in performance but your this concept will get change after using SweetLF 3D. It offer very close shave with comfort and also can be used on both wet and dry skin. Further shaving time is two hours thus can be used for two weeks once charged fully. So if you are looking for best electric shaver with reasonable price then this will offer you the most.

7. Panasonic ES-LT-3N-K :

Best Electric Shaver For Women
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best electric shaver for women


  • 13000 CPM Motor
  • Flexible head
  • Excellent Trimmer
  • High quality blades


  • Not suitable for sensitive skin
  • Velvety traveling pouch

Panasonic is a well known name in the electric shaver’s world and all its products are loved by the users. The Arc 3 generation itself don’t need any introduction because both the beginner and high-end razors touch the peak of success. Es-LT3N-K is in the mid range of Arc 3 so performance and price is also accordingly. You can get it under $100 but surely will give you much more then the price.

Although the manufacturer has designed it for men but will be loved by women equally. As most of the women’s shavers do not perform well specially at legs and bikni areas thus they regret their choice. Due to the powerful motor and foil-style head women can get rid of unwanted hair very efficiently in a low price. Thus it can also be called as the best electric shaver for women. So without spending more time on introduction lets get started what really matters.

Number of blades3
Wet/Dry useYes
Run time45 minutes
SmartClean PlusNo


The first thing in design which attracts most of the users is the overall look. Look of the best electric shaver is made eye catching due to the black color with red lines around the head. As this shaver is budget friendly so body is made up of polished plastic instead of metal. Most of you will think that due to plastic body life time will be low but in reality it can survive for a long period. So the overall build quality is just amazing.

Just below the head on the front of shaver a thumb rest is located which you won’t see on most of the Arc 3 models. Sides and back of the shaver possess rubber like material for excellent gripping. So even when the shaver is covered in foam you won’t feel any fear of falling.

In the middle on the front of shaver there is a single circular power button used for on/off and also pressing for two minutes will lock the button provided that the shaver is on. Below the power button LED display is present which give information about the battery life. Unfortunately you won’t be able to know the shave period what other high-end shaver’s display offer.

Back of the head possess trimmer and below this you will see a slider providing multiple function. The three positions of the slider are:

Free. When the slider is at this position then head can move freely 3 dimensional.

Lock. In this position the head will get locked at fixed position for more precise working.

Trimmer. This will bring the trimmer into action.

The minor short coming in this design is that although head possess three cutting elements but it is bulky in nature. One other drawback is that the power button can be operated with low force so there are chance of accidental power off during shave. But the overall design of this best electric shaver 2020 is outstanding and acceptable because it is light in weight and fit well in the fist.


This shaver is budget friendly so does not possess automatic cleaning system like its companion and also has a plastic body instead of metal. But the overall features are admirable and comparable with the expensive models of Arc 3.

Shaving unit is comprised of three cutting elements that is two OptiFoil and one trimmer. The OptiFoil are located at the two ends and responsible for cutting small and close to the skin hair. The middle trimmer capture longer hair and cut them. The inner blades below the foil are vibrating independently from it. Due to this the foil can be replaced easily if they get faulty and also cleaning become more easy because it does not possess automatic cleaning system so you would have only manual cleaning option.

On top of that head is flexible thus can move in three directions that is left right, up down, forward and backward. Due to this 3D motion hair curve are recognised easily by the head and you will get a very close shave. Further due to this type of head women can cut legs hair very easily and they will become fan of this best electric shaver for legs. In addition motion of head is very smooth and quiet hence give you a next level shaving experience.

Motor used in this best electric shaver 2020 is capable of doing 13000 CPM. Also there is sensor for judging hair density and then working accordingly. Women would like such powerful motor most because the only drawback in other best electric shaver for women is the weak motor and thus they find it difficult to cut legs hair.

Like other modern shaver it is also fully water proof and thus can be used on wet skin. In addition you can apply shaving foam for best result and also enable you to shave under the shower. As it is water proof so can be used only when not charging. Moreover the travel lock and popup trimmer are an extra comfort.


Performance is the combination of many terms like closeness, comfort, wet and dry use, and how it cut longer hair. On the basis of all these terms the overall performance of a shaver can be defined.

Let’s begin with the closeness. Due to the powerful motor and high end blades it cut hair very efficiently. Most of the users have very dense hair at the chin area so the shaver face some difficulty here. So this can be solved by applying shaving foam. Further if your skin is sensitive then stay away from the dry use. But if your skin is not sensitive then you can get a very close shave even with dry use.

Some user will find that some hair are left behind this is due to the flexible head. To overcome this lock the head and the result will get much better. You will face this skipping more frequently when your hair are few days older. So if your hair get longer it will be better to first trim them with the integrated trimmer and then shave.

What makes shaving comfortable? Quiet running and smooth motion of head make shaving extremely comfortable. On top of that the trimmer performance is absolutely world-class. Unfolding of the trimmer is child’s play and also present at such position that offer great angle for trimming hair.

This shaver does not come with automatic cleaning system but cleaning is very easy. All you have to do is just to remove the foil and then wash with water. Addition of liquid soap will further make cleaning fast and also blades will get free of germs. After washing is done dry it and then apply lubricating oil thus the blades will stay durable for a long period. Moreover for long lasting performance you should replace OptiFoil after an year and inner blades after every two years.

Battery Life

Battery included in this best electric shaver is Li-ion thus can be charged any time. The biggest advantage of this type battery is that even if it is fully charged and shaver is still plugged there is no harm in it. Further it require 1 hour charging time and in return offer 45 minutes shaving time. When charging is in progress you can see the lamp light up on the display.

All the information regarding the battery are provided by display. There is a circle of 6 bars on the display, 5 of these represent battery life each one indicating 20% charge and the one indicate low battery. Also when the shaver is turned off the remaining juice of battery can be seen in percentage but it is just for 5 seconds so you have to give a quick look.


Let’s talk about the accessories that one will get in the box along with the best electric shaver 2020. These are charging cord, cleaning procedure and warranty card, protective cap, and traveling pouch. The disappointing point here is that you will not see any cleaning brush and also the pouch is velvety.


Design, performance and features of Panasonic ES-LT3N-K is admirable and thus suitable for beard and mustaches shave. But it will get more appreciation from women due to powerful motor and flexible shaving head. Thus they can shave bikini area and legs hair very efficiently. Let’s cut to the chase it is the best electric shaver for woman.

8. Remington F5-5800

Best Electric Shaver
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Best Value Electric Shaver


  • Amazing value for the money
  • Easily shave off thick and coarse hair
  • 1 hour battery life is impressive
  • Pop-up trimmer performance is satisfactory


  • It runs noisier
  • May cause some irritation if your skin is sensitive

F5-5800 by Remington is a traditional handheld shaver that you can find on the market. It comes with excellent shaving performance and its use is quite easy. Yet, the price is very low and it will easily fit in everyone’s budget.

Number of blades2
Wet/Dry useOnly dry use
Run time60 minutes
SmartClean PlusNo

Design and Features

When you unbox F5-5800, you can feel immediately that it’s design is impressive. As it comes with the basic shape of foil shaver but Remington has added some notch along the sides for excellent grip. Also, the ribs around the handle prevent slippage while shaving. More, in the box you will find a head guard, charging and power cable.

On the front face of the shaver just below the power button you will see LED display which tells you about the remaining battery life. Speaking of the battery life, once a full charge it can be used for 1 hour. So, if you compare it with other shavers in this price range, certainly F5-5800 has a longer lifespan. In addition, if you forget to charge, you can use it while plugged in. Going towards the back of the shaver, there lies pop-up trimmer. So, on the off chance that you want to trim your facial hair and sideburns, it comes very handy.


Shaving performance of a shaver is dependent upon it’s blade technology. So, if a shaver sports high end blades the performance will also be accordingly. As you can see the best electric shaver has two blades that are made of surgical grade stainless steel. Plus, it possess Pivot and flex technology, which means that the head is not just adjustable but each foil is capable of independent movement. Hence, the shaver will reach to every contour of your face without leaving any hair behind.

Overall, the shaving result is just amazing because it gives a very close shave almost like conventional razor. However, if you are going to shave longer hair then you will be disappointed because the shaver find it difficult. So, the best strategy is to either shave daily or first trim with scissor then use shaver. One other thing that you should know is that F5-5800 is not very skin friendly. So, if your skin is sensitive better opt for a high end shaver. Although it is not too harsh, still some user may not find it satisfactory.

Now that you are done with shaving, the last thing you need to do is to clean it properly after shave, because if you don’t performance will not up to the mark. Although you won’t find cleaning station or even cleaning brush in the box, thankfully the best electric shaver 2020 is rinse-able. So, cleaning and maintenance is quite easy. But you should know that it’s not waterproof, so stay away from wet use or in the shower.


Remington F5-5800 is an efficient shaver with nice design and outstanding performance. Furthermore, the shaver is small and light in weight, so it is suitable for travel as well. Thus, if you are looking for an affordable way to control your beard, F5-5800 will not let you regret your decision.

Best Electric Shaver 2020-Buyer’s Guide

Gone are the days when people used to go to saloon and barber shop for shave. Modern life is getting busy day by day so one can’t afford wasting time on shave and other activities like this which occur on daily basis. But since the introduction of electric shaver shaving has become a lot easier and save a lot of time. Therefore user are attracted by it and demand is increasing constantly.

So everyone is looking for best electric shaver but some user find it difficult to choose the best product. As you know that for choosing best electric shaver some basic knowledge is needed. Without proper knowledge selection will be disappointing therefore we have mentioned some basic factors that you should look for before investment. Thus if you choose electric shaver on the basis of this factors it won’t deceive and yield will always be maximum. Let’s begin

Design And Ergonomics

The first thing to look for in electric shaver is the design and build quality. As some razors are made up of plastic and some of metal. On the basis of this durability of a shaver depends. Metallic razors are the best in this perspective but some plastic are also of high end which are comparable with the metallic body. So the stronger will be the build quality for longer time it will be your companion.

Next thing in design is the gripping material mostly used at the sides and back of a shaver. This is rubber like material keeping shaver firm in the hand and thus minimize chance of dropping. Some razors are given shiny finish lacking rubber at the sides and back, although they look good but they are very slippery so we can say that all that glitters are not gold.

Most of the modern shavers have LED display at the front providing information regarding the razor. Some display tell the battery life with scalar indicators and other tell you in percentage, so the one with percentage is the best electric shaver and more convenient.

Final part is the trimmer that needs your attention. You might know that some shavers have unified trimmer and others have detachable. In the second case you have to first remove the shaving head and then insert the trimmer. Some users don’t like this because it is time consuming and also pause your progress. But it is personal priority so if you like detachable trimmer then there is no hurdle in it.

Foil VS Rotary Shaver

Electric shavers are available in two form that is foil and rotary. The type of shaving head used in an electric razor is the basis of this classification. We have already told you about these two types in our overview. Here we will tell you that whether you should go for rotary or foil style.

People with sensitive skin and shaving on daily basis should go for foil style, because it possess thin metal foil for preventing direct contact of blades with skin. But remember that such type of razor can’t be used on long hair.

If you are not shaving on daily basis and even hair grow up to a week then the best option is a rotary shaver. It recognises line of hair on face accurately and thus give you a perfect shave. Sensitive skin users will have some difficulty with this kind of shaver but some high end shavers skin friendly even if they are rotary.

So based on this you should decide that which style will suit the most.


performance of shaver is the factor which will make decision easy that whether you should invest in particular razor or not. Following are the three important things that will define performance.

Clean And Close Shave
So far the shaver which offer the closest shave is the one which has 5 cutting elements in the head. Along with this head should be flexible and thus capable of moving in different directions. Although shaver with 3 elements are also not bad but they can’t be compared with 5 or 4 elements head. Here budget play the key role so if you have limited budget then go for the shaver with 3 cutting elements.

Wet And Dry Use
In the market you will find some shavers to be water proof while others not. So the one with water proof ability is suitable for both wet and dry use. The advantage of wet use is that you can apply your favorite shaving foam on your face. This will please sensitive skin users the most because shaving with a foam or gel will give them very smooth, comfortable and close shave.

Cleaning And Maintenance
After shave the shaver should be clean properly to maintain its performance. High end shavers have automatic cleaning system thus they are very convenient from this perspective. Some razors don’t have such system but they are water proof hence again can be washed easily. As we all know that manual cleaning is not that effective so the best electric shaver from this point of view is the one with automatic system provided that you don’t have budget issue.

Battery Life

Shaver which you should choose keeping this factor in mind is the one with short recharge time and sufficiently long shaving time. The optimised time length is 1 hour recharge and 50 minutes shaving time. So the one which fulfill this criteria is the best to choose. Good news here is that many budget friendly shavers also offer an hour battery life so it won’t be a problem.

So choosing an electric shaver on the basis of this guide will give maximum result and you won’t regret your investment.


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After going through this article it will be crystal clear for you that which is the best electric shaver 2020. We have explained these shavers from every angle and this explanation is on the basis of they perform in real use not upon advertisement from the manufacturer. Keep visiting because we will be updating our list of best electric shaver thus you will stay updated.

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