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10 Best Bass Headphones 2019-2020 – Top Headphones Reviewed

With the ever increasing love for music, hip hop and bass heavy genre. Best Bass headphones 2020 are the one’s that are most sought out in the market. If you are one that love to listen to bass heavy genre like dub-step, hip-hop or EDM. The best bass headphones can make a great difference.

However, its too much difficult to sort out the best product in the competitive market where you get too much option available. You need to be careful, sometimes too much bass can be a problem, it may cause you miss some details.

Selection of the right product can be a little tricky without proper knowledge of bass headphones. To make it simple and help you out in getting the best product, you will need to go through our buyer’s guide below.

Best Bass Headphones Important Information (FAQ)

What are Bass Headphones

Bass Headphones are same as regular headphones with very minute difference. Bass is low registers of music that can be felt, it’s a thick deep and vibrating sound.

Difference between regular headphones and bass headphones is very minute. To have a headphones with quality music and bass. You will need a headphones with minimum 40 mm drivers or above. Any headphones that has a 40 mm driver will produce an ample bass. The reason behind all the headphones that are unable to produce bass is small size of drivers. The bigger drivers, more bass will be produced. In speaker, you can see that woofers produce a quality bass music is because of large size of drivers. The bass headphones come in various styles, sizes and shapes. You can get an over ear headphones, in ear headphones and also they are available as earbuds.

Are Bass Headphones Bad for Your Ears?

To answer this, it totally depends on how you use your headphones. Listening to music at high volumes will always do damage to your ears whether its a bass headphones or others. Experts says that listening to music over 100 dB for a long time, it will definitely do damage to your ears. Bass depends on the sensitivity of the headphones that varies from model to model. So, if the pressure of the sound is higher, it will greatly affect your ears.

We will recommend you to always listen to music at a moderate volume. Many headphones have bass as a prominent feature but that doesn’t mean that it will do damage to your ears. As we all know that there are lower frequencies in headphones. This rules applies to all stereo devices. To get rid of all these effects, you need to be responsible. Don’t over use your headphones for a long time and also listen at low volume.

Which Headphones Type is Best for Bass?

As we all know that bass headphones are available in various types. You get on-the-ear headphones, over-ear headphones and in-ear headphones. Mostly, on-the-ear headphones are considered as best bass headphones 2020 because they are really good for noise cancellation and no sound leakage. When you are listening to music, you won’t want the external noise to disturb you and miss details of the music. Same is the case with the sound leakage, no one wan’ts other people to hear what they are listening to.

All these doesn’t mean that in-ear or over-ear headphones are bad with bass. It totally depends on your need and applications. On who use their headphones while doing workout or running won’t want some bulky on-the-ear headphones on their ears. This is where in-ear headphones come’s in. You get a portable and sleek headphones with good comfortability while working out.

1. Sennheiser Momentum 2.0

Powerful Gaming laptop

This is a top notch headphones with great sound. The price tag isn’t that high as the audiophile level headphones costs in thousands. The sound of the best bass headphones is crispy and vibrant. The levels of the sound change in milliseconds with the best bass and crispy sound. This headphones are suitable for listening to various genre of music. The sound is neither flat and the details are their with great soundstage, which is more then it cost for a budget headphones.

The design of the headphones is great and looks premium. Fitting won’t be a problem, they fits on the head as they are custom made. Furthermore, the build materiel is reliable making it one of the most durable headphones. Also if you look at the size and weight, they are quite portable and can be carried around making it one the best portable headphones.


Most of the time bass headphones are pricey. Here in case of Sennheiser Momentum 2.0, its totally different. Sennheiser Momentum 2.0 are headphones with well controlled bass that comes at a very affordable price. This force us to put it at the top and rank it, the best bass headphones 2020. If you are a true bass head, nothing can beat these headphone. Every penny you spend on these headphones are totally worth it.

2. SkullCandy Crusher

SkullCandy Crusher

SkullCandy Crusher are the bass heavy headphones. The bass is super cool and they beat many of the big names when it come’s to bass performance. The base can be adjusted, they are vibrant and crunchy at low’s, the mid’s gets a little muddy and detail are missed out but the high’s are again vibrant. Furthermore, noise cancelling is superb. However, sound leakage can be a little problem, as the person sitting next to you can clearly hear the vocals.

Talking about the design of the SkullCandy Crusher, it looks good and feels good. The build materiel is flawless and give a very impressive look to the headphones. They are durable, if you pull them, you won’t hear any plastic chattering or crushing. Furthermore, they are comfortable to wear, the jawline and clamping force may annoy you for a while but you will get used to it in a day or two. Last but not they least, you will fall in love with these best bass headphones. The bass is crazy, you won’t find so much bass in any other headphones.


We will suggest you to buy these headphones, If bass is the only thing that matters,nothing can be better then these headphones. Great things comes at a cost but here its different. You get the best bass, great design and flawless comfortability.

3. JVC Kenwood Victer HA-SZ1000

JVC Kenwood Victer AA-SZ2000

If you are a bass-head and haven’t tried them, you are not a true bass head. These headphones have next level bass, you will feel next level experience unless you are already used to high grade headphones. This will match or even surpass 99.% of the bass headphones you have ever heard to in this price range. They have been suggested by many of the top reviewers. To get most out of them you will need to have a good amplifier and equalizer. Without amplifier and equalizer they won’t produce the amount of bass they are capable off.

The design of the bass heavy headphones is a little bulky but strong. They can survive for quite a long time and tolerate a lot of beating. They have double drivers 55mm for deep tones while 30mm for higher tones. This may seem a little awkward but you get a lot in return. Furthermore, they are heavy and you will need some time to get used to it. Fitting won’t be a problem, they can even fit the biggest of heads. Sound Isolation isn’t that impressive.


Now its time for you to decide whether you wan’t a next level best bass headphones or great and comfortable design. These headphones may not give you the best design or comfortability but there is no compromise on bass. You get the best bass experience that you have never experienced before.

4. V-Moda Crossfade M-100

V-Moda Crossfade M-100

Crossfade M-100 comes from one of the most popular brand of headphones. These headphones mayn’t compete with big names like SkullCandy or JVC HA SZ2000 and have a little dull low’s and mid’s as compared. but they have still have respectable bass and easily compete headphones in this price range. With good amplifier they will surprise you and you will enjoy a great music.

However, when it comes to big ears they may be an issue due to smaller ear-pads. Some have reported sweating around the ears but that doesn’t mean they are uncomfortable. If you have small ears, you can still enjoy the great music for hours. The design of the V-Moda Crossfade M-100 is attention seeker. They look great and the build material is quality. They can be used and taken anywhere without any fears of breaking them. Furthermore, they have a great sound Isolation. People around you will not be able to hear you. Also, you will be able to hear whats going around which is a good thing while traveling.


If you want everything, Good bass with premium design, superb noise isolation and comfortability. They can be the best choice available in the market available.

5. Ultrasone PRO 900i Professional

Ultrasone PRO 900i Professional

These headphones have extremely powerful and deep bass. They produce a clear and precised sound thanks to new technology “S logic plus” by Ultrasone. The sound is clear and vibrant. Low’s are crunchy and vibrant while mids are a little dull and we won’t say that they are able to compete the audiophile level headphones. They are widely used by professional and gamer’s. If you are a gamers and want something good with great and clear audio, you will definitely like this one.

Talking about the design, they are very strong and survive through a lot beating. you can carry them around without any fears of breaking. They have a fine build materiel that looks beautiful and will seek people attention while in public. Sound isolation is good and they are very comfortable to wear. You can easily wear them for an hour or two without any problem.


If you have extra money to spent, they are great and will give you more then it costs. Design is good, they are comfortable and also have very deep bass.

6. Fostex USA 25-Ohms TH900

Fostex USA 25-Ohms TH900

Fostex USA 25-Ohms TH900 have the deepest bass you have ever heard to. The only thing that made us to not rank it at top is the price. However, you get the best bass with great low’s, mid’s and high’s. This is the only headphones that gives the detailed sound overall. If you are someone, who have no problem with money, this is something you really need, in order to enjoy the best music.

The design of these bass heavy headphones is great and they look premium. Fostex USA 25-Ohms TH900 finish is prime and build material is strong enough to use it without any fear of breaking. Furthermore they are comfortable both over the ears and head. The have comfortable earcups and have enough adjustment space to fit you. They isolate noise to a great extent and also prevents sound leakage.


Fostex USA 25-Ohms TH900 are for users with money. They are expensive but worth spending. They can amaze you with bass as low as 4Hz frequency, thats the lowest ever produced by a headphone.

7. Sony MDR-XB950/B Extra Bass Headphone

Sony MDR-XB950/B Extra Bass Headphone

Sony MDR-XB950/B is something great for bass heads who love’s to enjoy quality music at a very affordable price. They are a sealed dynamic headphones with a huge 40 mm drivers with built in neodymium magnets. Listing to a headphones with 106dB sensitivity and 3Hz-28000Hz playback frequency would be a treat. They come with a very deep bass that will make your head spin and vibrate. Listening to it would give you a feel of small sub woofers in ear, the bass is extremely deep and you will feel the low end when properly amped. The high’s and mid’s are also there. You can proudly call them the best bass headphones 2020 in the market.

Talking about the design of the headphones. They have an extremely decent look that looks premium with solid build quality. The plastic on the headphones is also rigid and solid, will keep up for a long time. The asthetic design give it a modern look that you can wear for gym, running or anywhere outside the home. Considering the budget price, the design of the headphones was definitely a bonus. They are something that you need to grab your wallet and buy them.


Sony MDR-XB950/B have a deep, punchy bass that delivers a very clear and high quality sound. Sony have done a huge improvement over the last models and definitely they are best headphones at a very affordable price.

8. Audio-Technica ATH-M50x

Audio Technica ATH M50x

Audio-Technica ATH-M50x are something with some serious heavy bass, still providing clear and balanced sound quality. The ergonomics of these headphones are exceptional, with better sound and balanced sound quality at the entire frequency range. ATH-M50x comes with large 45mm drivers with rare earth magnets. If you are someone that looks for best bass headphones that can deliver deep bass and also at the same time keep balanced sound at the entire frequency, you will never find better then ATH-M50x. They will definitely meet your expectation of deep bass and great sound quality.

The attractive design of the ATH-M50x will definitely get your attention. The over ear design of the headphones is very comfortable and easy to wear. They feel great, when you are listening to music for a long time. They are designed in a way that keeps the noise isolated and blocks the leakage of music from the cans. They are a bit tight when worn for a first time and listening to it for a long time may be a little fatigue. The headband is adjustable and can be adjusted to your comfortability. Furthermore, when not listening to music, you can rotate the ear cups 180 degrees to your ease. Overall, they are a great choice to be selected and listening to music on these headphones is a real treat.


If you are a bass head and enjoy great quality music then ATH-M50x are a great choice to buy. They have the best bass with amazing sound quality. Furthermore they are also portable, comfortable and have an attractive look. They are a power pack at a very reasonable price.

9. Pioneer HDJ-2000MK2-K Pro DJ

Pioneer HDJ

Pioneer has been known for mass production of music equipment’s and well know for its clean, classic design. They have made their name as one of the top brands that provide top quality products on the market. HDJ-2000MK2 is another example, proving their goodness with deep bass lines and quality sound. They comes with a massive 50mm drivers with a frequency 3-30000 Hz. This allows a better solution for a bass heavy music. The sound is deep, clear and will give you chills while listening to music on these wonderful headphones.

They doesn’t have just good quality music but they also look beautiful with clean cut look and are extremely comfortable to wear. You would love the strong build and silky silver matte touch on the exterior of the headphones. This makes them very elegant and lightweight, which can be carried around very easy, especially when you are on the road. Furthermore, talking about the fit and comfortability. The ear cups are made up of memory foam that can swirl at an angle of 90 degrees, making them one the most comfortable headphones. The reason we have added them to the list of best bass headphones are the bigger speakers and deep bass of the headphones. If you are a bass head, you should definitely consider them.


Overall, HDJ-2000MK2 over ear headphones are the most comfortable and most beautiful wearable audio equipment. You will get a deep bass thanks to the bigger driver and extremely comfortable wearing based on their build quality. All these features makes them a perfect choice for the professionals.

10. Denon ah-600

Denon ah-600 best bass headphones

Denon ah-600 are a great headphones with great build quality. They look premium and are durable enough to be thrown in your backpack without any fear of damage. Two cable are packed with the headphones, one is 10ft NOFC cable which is used for listening to music while the other one is 1.3 ft with inline mic mostly used with cell phones for calls. Well, comfort is also the most important factor of any headphones. Denon ah-600 are very comfortable, they just rest fine on your head neither loose neither tight. Memory foam is used in the ear pads that does a fantastic job of blocking the outside noises. It may be a little loose for a small heads causing the bass to be heard a little bit less. To buy a good headphones with best bass, Denon ah-600 will be a perfect choice considering all these factors.

Well, when you talk about best headphones, the first thing that need to be considered is bass. Bass of Denon ah-600 is excellent. You just need to give them a decent burn to enjoy them to the fullest. It is well controlled and won’t overpower the overall music. Lows and mids are natural, you will get enough bass to enjoy the music. High may get overboard sometime and will annoy you but overall the sound quality is great. The great thing is, they come with their own app, where you can control and tweak your music from your cell phone.


Well, they may not be the best but given the price, they does a fantastic job. If you got money and want some decent headphones with great bass, nothing can beat Denon ah-600.

How to Choose Best Bass Headphones

Choosing best bass headphones is pretty much same as choosing some other headphones. You will need to first identify your needs, what features you require, getting the best brand and then go for a headphone that fits in your budget.

The first thing you need to do is know the difference between various headphones. Some are portable and affordable while others are expensive. Some have features that you need while other may have features that you don’t require. The second thing you need to consider is your budget. Check if the specific headphone fits in your budget. Your budget can be as low as 20$ or high as 500$. In between 50$ to 500$ there are tons of headphones available that may meet your needs. Choose two or three headphones and then check their specifications, sound quality, read expert reviews. After that go for something that meets your needs. After buying check if physically and if you don’t like it, you can always return it.

What is the Role of Driver?

Drivers are the most important thing in bass headphones. If you are a bass head that needs high quality bass. You must go for a bigger driver because bigger the driver more sound is produced. You can always find headphones with bigger driver. High end models are available with bigger driver of upto 53 mm size. A 53 mm driver can produce a best quality bass sound.

How Important is Comfort of the Headphones

Comfort is the most important thing in the bass headphones. As we all know that bass headphones puts a lot of pressure on your ears. That means if your headphones are not comfortable enough, you won’t be able to listen on your headphones for a long time.

Bass headphones should be equipped with pressure minimizing components. Using some headphones that doesn’t have pressure minimizing components will result in achy ears and will not be usable for long hours. Simply you headphones should have comfy ear cushion and also should put a lot of pressure on your head to have comfortable experience.

Active Noise Cancellation

Well, Active Noise Cancellation is also an important feature of the headphones but that comes at a price. If you wan’t some headphones with special designated active noise cancellation. The headphones will be pricier then the other ones because you will paying for the active noise cancellation as well.

Some of the modern headphones provide ample sound isolation that can deliver high quality sound and deep bass. If you don’t need a special feature of noise cancellation then this will work fine for you. So we will suggest that for a regular use, you don’t need to spend money on such headphones. You should only go for it when you really need them.

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