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Best Wireless Gaming Keyboard 2020 – Buyer’s Guide

Being a gamer, its very important to carefully select the gaming components very wisely. Choosing gaming components for a gaming PC is a vital as one chooses his weapons before going to the battle but without having the best wireless gaming keyboard, its like a gun without a trigger. They say, its always your skills but without having the proper tools, you can never be competitive enough to beat one having the best gaming tools.

In this review we will guide you through every little feature and will suggests some of the best wireless gaming keyboard with all its function, design, performance, pros and cons.

Leaving the cord and want to play far from your PC anywhere in your room can actually be performed with wireless keyboard. With wireless keyboard you don’t have to sit tight to your PC but you can even lay down on a couch and play games. With the addition of wireless keyboards user got an advantage of using keyboard more easily, smoothly and with less rush.

All you have to do is connect the keyboard with PC using wireless connection and enjoy the full function of the keyboard with no wire hesitation or connectivity issue. In today technological markets wireless keyboards are not an issue but the main issue is that how to select a best wireless gaming keyboard 2020. We will make that choice more easier in term of selection a best wireless keyboard among alternative.

In this review those gaming keyboard are added which have rich features and function and are the main demand of the gamer. While some keyboard which are include in the list have backlighting functions, while playing made the desk like an animated world. In this review some keyboard are for the user who don’t have much in their pockets but still they want a good gaming wireless keyboard with all function.

Some Mechanical keyboard which are the main key highlights of this review as they are the most demanded keyboard with best feature than the rest. You can have mechanical keyboard but still there are not much alternative to have the best Mechanical keyboard as there are less product line in the new switches generation.

Lets go ahead with these gaming keyboard in details.

Best Wireless Gaming Keyboard Reviewed 2020

KeyboardBest ForPrice
Logitech G613Best Mechanical Keyboard
DREVO Calibur 71-key RGBBest Budget Keyboard
CORSAIR K63Best for Wireless Connectivity
RK ROYAL KLUDGE 987Best Cheap Gaming Keyboard
G-Cord Wireless Mechanical KeyboardBest for Backlighting
Microsoft 2000 Dedicated App for Customization
Anidees PrismaticCustomized buttons

1. Logitech G613

Best Mechanical keyboard
Best mechanical keyboard


  • Wireless, now no worry for the cable
  • Wrist rest for the Gamer
  • A column of new Keys
  • An application to take control
  • Mechanical keys


  • No Backlighting
  • No USB port
  • No Roller for volume, replaced with keys

If you get a glance on this keyboard you will certainly like it, and will say that “a perfect keyboard for gaming”. Its attractive in design and different from the previous product of Logitech G513. This keyboard is specially design for long lasting typing and gaming experience because its have a wrist rest, that is why we called it the best wireless gaming keyboards of 2020.Logitech G613 is a prime in its own as a wireless gaming keyboard which is actually designed for the best performance and function. lets have a deep look and analysis what we have got for you from Logitech G613.

Software support W/OSXLogitech Gaming software Lightspeed
Power Type2 AA alkaline batteries(Replaceable)
Special keysG6 keys, Volume +/-, Game/window switch


Logitech G613 gaming keyboard have changed a lot than its previous version and both look completely different than each other in comparison of Design, layout and even in performance. Logitech G613 added some features which weren’t in the previous version but yet they also get rid of some features that were present in the previous version of Logitech 513.

The measuring aspects of the keyboard is 18.8 x 8.5 inches (LxW), which is larger then the other keyboards due to its new addition of wrist rest. A row of new function keys made it more wider then others.

If we put a glimpse on the Logitech keyboard the overall design would be the overall keyboard is plane and the material is plastic with black and grey color on its frame. The letters on the keycaps are in white colour but there is back lighting missing around the button which were present in the previous version of the keyboard and is not a good gesture while user play games at dark in room.

Despite Logitech G513 have RGB light system, the new have some new application in its own they have separate button for Volume system and instead of a roller it had a button which is quite surprising.

Logitech G613 had changed the design to make feel ease to user wrist which is wrist rest unlike the Logitech G513 it had a long Lettered foam between the elbow and the wrist. The G613 version wrist rest is a lot cooler then the previous version as it decrease the weight then G513.


In keyboards the important aspects are the keys, if they are perfect you got a good keyboard. Gamer prefers silent nature of the keys because when you press the key it would produce a specific noise from pressing to releasing.

For this reason we would prefer you to have Logitech G613 instead of G513. Why, Because Logitech G613 offers Mechanical keys with complete lethal nature that you wouldn’t know when you pressed the key, that’s the reason we put Logitech G613 as the best mechanical keyboard 2020. Logitech G613 has a Romers-G mechanical switches which made them more silent then the rest of the keyboard.

The perfection and silence of the keys enhance the abilities for playing games as well as typing experience. We can also put this keyboard under best keyboard for the beginners because the Romer-G switches are the finest technology for making the less efforts for higher work experience.


Logitech G613 is a gaming keyboard that’s why Logitech have an application that can handle the extra features of the keyboard. You can customised the keyboard function on your own choice. The application can help in handling the new inserted column of the keys in the keyboard.

After installing the application the keyboard keys can be locked and unlocked, to avoid unnecessary pressing of the other keys. You can even switch off windows, caps lock, control button to avoid gaming troubling by accidentally pressing the keys. This option makes the Logitech G613 as the best wireless gaming keyboard.

Logitech G613 provides 2 double AA batteries that expand the life of the keyboard. with these batteries you can even work and play games up to 2 years with out any lag and difficulty. The plus point in Logitech G613 makes it even more attractive that with out the wire system the range of the connectivity is far then the other keyboard.

At a distance of 10 meters you can play games with no lagging or connectivity problems if connected with WiFi or wireless dongle or Bluetooth. A column of new keys give its edge over other keyboards and can be customised for the user which gives its edge over other keyboard hence its the best keyboard for programmers or gamer.


You want a best mechanical keyboard then you should try Logitech G613 a new design of keyboard for gamer in its own. I used the keyboard for a week and the performance standards were outstanding.

the double AA batters are quit enough to used the keyboard over 2 years and the wireless connection was fast even I was 10 feet away on my couch while playing Witcher 3, I got no lagging or connectivity issue.

The silent nature of the keys made it perfect and amazing you wouldn’t feel anything while you have pressed the key. Talked about keys, I score 104 words in a minute with little error (depend upon your typing speed), so the keys had no issues, period.

An application that can customized you preferences for the keys functionality, a quit move actually for Logitech. Now you shouldn’t worry about that you can press a wrong key while killing your opponent in a game.


Bottom line is quit sure, over using it for a week I think its the best mechanical keyboard 2020, period. The overall review contain some of the draw backs as well as some new features and for the record feature won over drawback. If you prefers to light your desk with rainbow (colours) while playing game, then you should be disappointed here. Logitech G613 don’t have those feature of back-lights as well as a USB port.

Overall the new column of the keys, wrist rest, stylish design less weighted and an application to control the function then you should check this keyboard.

DREVO Calibur 71-keys RGB

Best Gaming Keyboard under 100
Best Gaming keyboard under 100


  • Wireless Connection
  • Variety of backlighting options
  • Small layout
  • Outema Mechanical keys Switches
  • Application for customization


  • Build in Backlighting, no customisation
  • Too handy for Combo keys
  • Less manual details

Drevo Calibur 71-keys RGB mechanical gaming keyboard is one of the finest keyboard that you would ever used as a gamer. If you see the keyboard, its design, layout, the keys in it and the back lightning are just the things that you would want. If we see the previous review of the Logitech G613, the feature that were missing should be a part of the keyboard but here in Drevo Calibur, these features are present and in abundant.

Drevo Calibur is a 71-keys Mechanical keyboard with 4.0 Bluetooth and wireless connectable device. The Keyboard is build for the gamers but actually is not looked like a device that should be used for the games. The Keys that are combined with others and made it 71-keys keyboard doesn’t show a clear picture for the gamer. The gamers tend to have a keyboard with a lot of keys.

The overall layout and the technology used in it had the perfect glimpse of the current technology that is available. From design to its mechanical keys and the back lighting technology is perfect for the gamers hence its the best wireless gaming keyboards.

The small design with less keys and the RGB backlighting are the coolest feature in it. The small nature of the keyboard will not occupied a large space on your desk where a lot of other thing should be present there especially for gamers and programmers.

The RGB backlighting feature makes the desk colorful while play the game. the silent Mechanical keys are so light that the user won’t feel anything while press the keys. The RGB backlighting are available in different colors and an application is also developed for the user of the DREVO to handle the backlighting and customized them accordingly.

Drevo Calibur is overall a finest device on its own and the best keyboard mechanical so far. Let’s have a closer look on the different aspects of the keyboard that offers to you with all its pros and cons.

Dimension348x101x36 mm(LxWxH)
Keys71-Mechanical keys
Software support Win/MacOSDrevo Calibur Software (both)
Power Type1200MAH Battery(Rechargeable)


The small design of the DREVO with less keys is an attractive approach towards the user. The DREVO keyboard made that approach by combining the keys with different functionality like, Numbers keys from 1 to 0 with F1 to F12. The numbers keys function as both by pressing the function key on the keyboard. this feature made the Drevo Calibur keyboard smaller than the rest of the keyboards.

Some other keys like a Grave accent ( ` ) and Tilde (~) are fused with Esc key and thus avoided the space acquisition on the keyboard. The small design of the keyboard made it more attractive and preferred by the gamers and programmers hence the best key for layout.

The overall design of the keyboard is 348x101x36 mm (LxWxH) and 600 g in weight which make it more lighter than the previous product that we mentioned Logitech 613 which is 1460g.

The frame of the keyboard is totally plastic material. The whole key system is not embedded put placed above the switches which makes them easily removable for cleaning and more accurate for pressing or typing.

The edge of the keyboard is not wide as the keyboard end with keys hence the design of the keyboard looks more slim and short for the gamers. On the back edge of the keyboard there only a port for USB connectivity option and a rubber chord for charging. Tt the back of the keyboard there are four anti friction pads that prevents the keyboard from dragging around the desk and with two small flipped feet that helps the keyboard to stay in inclined form.


Drevo Calibur 71-key RGB mechanical keyboard used mechanical keys with soft switches. The key caps of Calibur 71 and Calibur 72 are ABS keycaps which are transparent but the only Black Calibur 72 support that, white Calibur 72 doesn’t have ABS keycaps but they support PBT keycaps which are not transparent.

In Drevo Calibur the operation force for the switches in black is slightly higher than in brown or blue which is 80 and the rest had the operation force is 60. Drevo Calibur used “Outema” Mechanical switches which are actually a cheap alternative for mechanical switches. The switches of Outema are the cheap technology which doesn’t actually dump the sound while pressing the key. The switches technology made the keyboard less costly hence make the DREVO best cheap gaming keyboard.

The DREVO frame is plastic and Calibur which make it more stronger both for safety and can easily replaced or remove the keycaps from the keyboard. A gentle push can safely remove the keys with out harming or damaging the switches or keys holes so that’s why its the best keyboard for weighted keys. The replacing and removal of the keys-caps is far difficult job in other keyboard like Crosair, Velocifire and other keyboard.

Overall the ABS keycaps are far better then the other normal keycaps in the keyboard but the major fault in the Drevo Calibur keyboard is their low cost mechanical switches which are not even in comparison with Cherry’s MX mechanical switches which are the best Mechanical keyboard so far.


Devices like Keyboard, they don’t have unique features that can be appealing but here in Drevo Calibur that’s not true, Yeah its Unique in its own. The Back-lighting feature is outstanding as you can have a lot of choice, which back-lights colour you want to like for your keyboard.

The Back lighting feature of the keyboard can be accessed through an application provided by the DREVO. The back lighting nature actually suits for the gamers to have different colours in the dark over a desk, hence its the best wireless gaming keyboard.

DREVO came with variation of the colour aspect ranged from “auto display mode” to “with between the effects”. the shortcuts for choosing the colour for your keyboard are given in manual. By pressing the Function key with Del, Ins, End keys can customised the colour option for the user.

Here the table will show how to use different backlight colour option in Drevo Calibur.

Full Backlight modeFn+Del (switch colour between Red, Yellow, Purple, Green, Cyan, White, Black)
Auto Display ModeFn+End
Switch ModesFn+Ins (Snake Marquee, Wave,Ripple, Aurora, Reactive, Ad. Reactive, Breathing)
Light IntensityFn+↑, Fn+↓
Light Speed intensityFn + →, Fn + ←


Some of new features that provide by the Drevo Calibur 71 RGB mechanical keyboard aside from the Backlighting are Mechanical keys with ABS keycaps that are transparent, a software with which you can customized the Backlighting of the keyboard as well as to set the single key functions or combo.

Another best option that is provided by the Drevo Calibur is the Bluetooth connectivity options which is done with the keys. By pressing Fn key with Q, W or E Bluetooth will automatically connected. The Bluetooth connectivity will shown when the Bluetooth Sign on the keycap is automatically became lighted with the respected key.

DREVO calibur came with numerous combination with quiet new style and backlighting authentication. If you want to connect a Bluetooth or increase volume or backlighting intensity the logo of each option on the respective keycap will blinking and lighted at the end is kind of new approach, hence its the best wireless gaming keyboards.


The keyboard device especially for gamers should have the best performance and in case of the DREVO calibre 71-key RGB Mechanical keyboard the performance standards are above the average.The main issue in the keyboard is, you have to be a lot handy in performing different option by pressing the key combination and in some cases they are more then 3 combination to press a specific key.

The Bluetooth connection is all fine as connection is easy and strong but here also you have to be handy by pressing the combination key. The range of the Bluetooth is quite good and can work properly at a distance of 10 meters. The Battery life of the keyboard is 20 hours with 2 hour charging capability and the battery is made with lithium ion with 1200MAH.

The Mechanical keys made the keyboard more overwhelming for the gamers but the main problem is the cheap technology with which that made the switches.

The application with many possible option to customised the DREVO accordingly is a nice thing for offer to user but the up-gradation of the DREVO software keep the user away from the keyboard until its stop blinking the keys.


Drevo Calibur 71-Key RGB Mechanical keyboard is a device with lot of new feature for its user, starting from Backlighting to its lithium ion battery. The keyboard is totally for the gamers and its not a handy tool for office use. Still DREVO tried to gain competitive advantage over a small nature of the keyboard with combining the F1-12 keys with numeric keys is not what gamers want, where you want to became a lot handy with many keys option while play games, Drevo is not a good option. At the same time while you want a lot of colour on your desk try this device because its the best gaming keyboard under 100 with Mechanical keys. The overall review on this device is with lot of pros instead of cons and the device is a lot appealing due to new features you should definitely try this device, period.


Best Wireless keyboard for Gaming
Best Wireless keyboard for Gaming


  • Wireless Connection 2.4Ghz
  • Media control keys
  • Long battery life
  • Upto 3 bluetooth paring option at same time
  • Ergonomic layout


  • Only White Backlighting
  • Small layout for gaming
  • Low quality Mechanical key switches

Wireless mices are the thing in past, now wireless keyboard are the main focus in the console world. To get an edge over gaming peripheral world, tech provider tends to provide the best to their user in all aspects. Among them a new technological, mechanical gaming keyboard is on list of everyone to have it while they try to take down the Eredin in Witcher’s quest.

Corsair had now give the option to play games with more efficiency, ease and more dedicated with Cherry Mx Corsair keyboard. A keyboard with all the features and specs, and even had the best Mechanical switches technology know as Cherry Mx ( a leading industry in Mechanical switches) gives you the correct and timely precision while playing games, is the best wireless gaming keyboard.

Uniquely adjusted and customisable keyboard with ten keyless design and layout, while enlighten your desktop with flares of colours as backlighting LED option, should have been at your list while choosing to play games.

From features to design and from Mechanical switches to backlighting while connected without cord, Corsair K63 had left nothing while developing this keyboard for their user. All these features and spec with Mx Cherry Mechanical switches below the keycaps will not cost you a fortune and easily available at markets with affordable price.

Let’s have a keen look at the keyboard which made it so appealing and attractive for its end user with all its pros and cons.


Cherry’s Mx Mechanical Corsair K63 keyboard is the finest gaming device that had a unique small design due to “Tenkeyless” formation, hence the dimensions of the keyboard is succinct ranged from 365 x 174 x 38 mm(LxWxH) and provide a space for the media keys above the F-series. The weight of the keyboard is 1090 g or 39.4 Ounces.

Throughout when Corsair launch a new keyboard, it’s look like the previous one in the layout except by adding wrist rest or lap-pad (K63 Combo keyboard and Lap-pad) to the keyboard. The K63 Wireless Mechanical Gaming Keyboard has nice wrist rest to ease your hands while playing for long time. The wrist rest layout is just like Logitech K63.

Corsair K63 Wireless keyboard Keycaps are slightly bigger in size then the rest of the other keyboard and they are placed slightly above the Red Cherry’s Mx Mechanical switches. It’s a lot easier to play with these keys due their unique and costlier Mechanical switches. The chances of pressing a wrong is more less than the other due to smooth nature and helps you play even faster.

Weight1090 g
Dimension365 x 174 x 38 mm(LxWxH)
KeysCherry’s MX Mechanical keys
Software support Win/MacOSCorsair iCue
Power TypeRechargeable Lithium ion

Beside the Cherry’s Mechanical switches their blue Backlighting colour is interesting along the the switches, but the most important thing is the softness of keys along highly tough, rigid plastic cover. Their are 87 total numbers of keys on the keyboard with a USB port and Power switch option beneath the Corsair logo.

The detachable palm-rest is a tough plastic with rough style and made it easy to put on again with two plastic clips. Unlike Razer Turret, Corsair K63 had not added a lappad with keyboard but available separately in the market. The overall design and the layout structure is just a thing that any gamer would have wanted hence its the best wireless gaming keyboard.

Cherry’s Mx Mechanical Keys

Mechanical keys are the finest technology with long-lasting and durable keys switches technology that now every keyboard wanted. The mechanical switches make the keyboard more sophisticated, easy to use and made the keyboard lasted for long time. Corsair K63 offers the best available Mechanical switches technology by giving the job to Cherry’s Mx switches.

The Cherry’s Mx mechanical switches came with came with red background and with Blue LED backlighting technology. The keycaps are slightly higher than its switches which helps the user to change or remove the key-caps easily.
The media keys at the top have plastic membrane except mechanical switches which do not give backlighting like the rest of the keys.

With the finest Mechanical switches technology the Corsair K63 is Best Mechanical keyboard. Beside from their ten-keyless formation, still the branded switches technology enhance not only the gaming experience but also can fastened the typing experience as well in an office, hence Corsair K63 is the best Keyboard for typing.


The backlighting feature of the Corsair K63 is not widely as DREVO Calibur but still it got the Backlight on with Cherry’s Mx switches with the only Blue colour available. Corsair K63 should have gone for their traditional Red colour but here they give only blue with the only customisation that you could have is turn on the backlight or off then.

Backlighting is the first option considered by the gamer while choosing the keyboard, Corsair should focus on providing the backlighting with numerous options.If you want a keyboard that could do rainbows effect over the desk then Corsair K63 is not your option.


Beside from the tenkeyless formation and Cherry’s Mechanical keys, Corsair gave us a lot feature that are not negligible. Corsair K63 offers the fastest wireless experience to its user with 1ms 2.4Ghz wireless technology. The strong connection and wireless system had now fixes the lagging issue in Corsair and can enjoy the full connection from 10 meters easily at the couch hence its the best wireless keyboard.

The detachable feature of the palm rest is a nice touch to overcome the muscle fatigue while playing for a long time on a desk. You can even play without it on a sofa while detached the palm rest.

The power switch is changed into button function with gentle push the Corsair can be disconnected and connected easily. It supports the USB 3.1 type port for USB and cord connectivity. A rechargeable lithium ion battery can be charged via USB port.

The best feature that Corsair provide is 100% anti-ghosting feature now while playing games or even at high load on the keyboard you won’t miss anything at all. This anti-ghosting feature made Corsair K63 the best wireless gaming keyboards.

Media controls had separate dedicated keys on the top of keyboard with membrane switches. Windows keys have a locked function for gamers. keyboard can be accessed with CUE 2.x software provided by Corsair for customisation option and to take over control it makes it the best wireless keyboard for gaming.


With strong wireless connection system and supported 2.4 Ghz frequency, Corsair K63 had the best performance standard that any wireless keyboard can have.You can even play with full functionality from 10 meters and with no lagging at all. Dedicated buttons made the media control more overwhelming.

The battery with lithium ions can perform 15 hours easily even with backlighting of the switches on but if you don’t want to have spectre over the desk, turn off the backlights and can work for 75 hours. The Mechanical switches works faster than the normal membrane key switches and have the lightest force stroke to press any key than normal keyboard.

The overall performance is satisfactory for both typing purposes and gaming peripherals hence Corsair K63 is the best budget gaming keyboard.


Viewing its all features, performance and design Corsair K63 Mechanical gaming keyboard is a device to go for. Except from single blue backlighting option the rest of the features are appealing and enjoyable. With tenkeyless formation to detachable palm rest, its the strongly recommended keyboard form gaming, period.

RK Royal Kludge 987

Best gaming keyboard under 50
Best gaming keyboard under 50


  • Wireless Connection 2.4Ghz
  • Media control keys
  • Tenkeyless
  • Cherry’s Mx Mechanical keys Switches
  • Application for customization


  • Only Blue Backlighting
  • Small layout for gaming
  • Easily damaged palmrest clips

RK Royal Kludge 987 model with 87 keys at its layout is the finest Chinese product that we have in the market. Though Chinese brands aren’t that popular as other but here they gave the best wireless gaming keyboard for its gaming user. From its designed based on the usage of keys to its pairing functionality, its a complete, unique and to go with gaming keyboard.

The RK technology specifically deals in Keyboard and they have presented the best gaming keyboard under 50. With unique Ergonomic design 2 with layouts keys grouping, provided at the back with Mechanical switches of Cherry’s Mx there is nothing to be missing in this keyboard that haven’t been covered.

RK Royal Kludge 987 had 87 keys with no numbed but still it had the best closure for the best gaming with it Mechanical keys and 3 bluetooth pairing choice that can be connected at once and can shuffle among the device to whom you want to connected.

From its design to performance with all its pros and cons, let’s have look at RK Royal Kludge what the Chinese offers to peripheral gaming world.


RK Royal Kludge is a 87 Keys keyboard design excluding the numbed keys, made the design more lesser and keep you nearer to your mice while playing games. The Chinese model RK 987 keyboard has Ergonomic keycaps design specially for gamer user that makes it keyboard for gaming.

The dimensions of the keyboard are 140 x 360 x 48 mm (WxLxH) and 1.2 kg weight or 42.3 ounces. The height (added with clips stand) of the keyboard with Ergonomic style make it easy for playing games. The ABS keycaps with Red Axis and PBT keycaps with Cherry Mx’s have white backlights options with Jx blue mechanical switches at its back gives you the best silent performance of the Switches while playing games.

The keycaps are not emerged like other RGB keyboard but they firmly engraved into membrane with both ABS Axis keys and PBT Cherry MX. PBT keys are more stiffed then the rest so should be preferred over ABS.

USB port is at the back of the keyboard along the axis to charge the keyboard for wireless connectivity and all the functions that keyboard have from increasing the backlight to multimedia option signs have been engraved over keycaps for easy identification.

Weight1200g / 42.3 Ounces
Dimension140 x 360 x 48 mm(WxLxH)
KeysABS Red Axis/ PBT Cherry’s
Power Type1850 mah Lithium ion

Keys & Backlighting

RK Royal Kludge 987 have 71 Mechanical keys with with same feeling of Corsair K63. They are not the fully technological Mechanical keys as Corsair have but might give you the same function as other.

The most important thing keys is its Ergonomic structure that keeps the gaming experience enhanced. The unique structure gives an edge over other mechanical keyboard keeping the Q row and Space row is slightly upwards for better stroke performance.

Numbed pad is removed hence made the structure of the keyboard more less for better fit on the desk. The style made the keyboard as best keyboard for layout.

The RK Royal Kludge has only white backlights with ABS and BPT keycaps. White light made it easier for playing in the dark but if you want a colourful desk while playing the game then, it shouldn’t be on your list.


Full of different feature starting from small design due to removal of numeric keys on the right while the weight is still a little bit high with small keyboard. The unique feature that intrigue us, it’s connectivity with multi device at a same time.

The RK device is strongly connected via bluetooth 2.4 GHZ with 3 device at the same time and user can easily be change the proffered device with just pressing the Fn key with Q, W, or E.

F series keys also worked as multimedia console while pressing the function key hence give us more comfortability over the media, hence RK proves to the best wireless gaming keyboards under 50.

Ergonomic structure is specifically designed for gamer and its also enhance the typing speed on the keyboard. The white light over caps lock gives an attention for its uppercase functionality and 2.4 GHZ bluetooth connectivity with wired charging capacity are just the thing.

Bluetooth ConnectionFn + P ( P stops blinking when paired)
Devices PairingFn + Q, W, E
Bluetooth modeFn + Tab
Media ControlFn + F5 to F11


If you play games or used to write content creation then its the best choice you have. The Ergonomic structure gave you an edge for fast typing and you would be right time to press the required key.

Key switches are not designed with fully Mechanical switches technology as it should be but still, Best gaming keyboard under 50 gives the same touch as Mechanical keys. The Backlighting is purely white which is ok but for if designed for gamer then it should have the best backlighting feature with numerous colour fiction.

Pairing quality is very good even it supports more then 2 devices at the time and with single key stroke you can change over from your pc to iPad fast enough. The battery 1850 mah can save your day quit enough and the low backlighting feature dims your battery pretty slowly, hence the best gaming keyboard for programming and gaming.


With Chinese technology and the best bluetooth pairing capability beside from backlighting and weight issue, they have got nothing wrong in that keyboard which can throw it out of the list. If you are a bigger then its the best keyboard for the beginners that can give you the same feeling and touch as the standard mechanical keyboard gives to its user. Not costing you a lot of money but it is at its best and will not regret your decision at the end.

G-Cord Wireless Mechanical keyboard

Best gaming keyboard under 100
Best gaming keyboard under 100


  • Wireless Connection 2.4Ghz
  • 104 keys with numeric pad
  • Media control keys
  • Mechanical keys Switches
  • Various Coloured keycaps


  • Only biuld-in Backlighting
  • No customisable application
  • Long charging time

G-Cord Wireless Mechanical gaming keyboard is a complete device with RGB backlighting with distinguished color at the keycaps. With 104 keys at the layout gives you the ability to play games swiftly and became more handy while typing the content in the office.

Besides from its unfamiliar manufacturer as the rest of the keyboard have, but they have covered every aspect of the keyboard that came to your mind. The keyboard is not just for playing games but it has a complete key including numeric keys for typing content in your office.

The RGB backlighting is for gaming console gives you a cool look to your desk while playing PlayerUnkwon Battle ground. The mechanical keys gives you the exact feel and silent nature as Cherry’s but still they are not Cherry’s Mx mechanical switches. Hence it’s the best wireless gaming keyboard.

A complete details of this keyboard from design to performance with backlighting features will help to decide to have this keyboard at your desk or not.


A complete keyboard with 104 keys make it larger with easier to became handy both for gaming and typing. With small keycaps and less edges at the end of the keyboard help the keyboard to have a unique feature.

The dimension of the keyboard ranges from 438 x 135 x 38 mm (LxWxH) and the weight of the keyboard is 866g or 30.5 Ounces. The body is made up of Aluminium frame which is stiff material which last longer than the rest of the keyboard.

The best thing in the G-Cord design is that each key row have different ABS coloured keycaps which gives the attracting glow look with RGB backlighting. The keycaps are slightly emerged from the switches so the RGB backlighting can be easily visible and gives you rainbow coloured feature more aggressively.

Each keycaps have engraved letter and have the combo functionality sign over it which give a clear picture which key perform which function. The edges of the keyboard are coated with aluminium and keep safe the keyboard from cracking hence its the best keyboard for layout.

With less weighted design having strong aluminium edges and with fully mechanical anti-ghosting switches its the best wireless gaming keyboards.

Weight1130g / 39.8 Ounces
Dimension438 x 135 x 38 mm (LxWxH)
KeysBrown Mechanical switches
Backlighting6 LED light effects
Power Type1300 mah Lithium ion

Keys & Backlighting

G-Cord Mechanical wireless keyboard has a mechanical brown key switches all over 104 keys of the keyboard. Though the key switches are not like Cherry’s Mx but still their keystroke ability and silence is satisfactory. They haven’t done good job for providing the better mechanical available technology but still they have mechanical keys which is great.

Each row of the keyboard have different coloured keycaps with different background key-switch LED light effect which gives a nicer look for gamers. With 50 million keypress stroke experimented key switches, the keyboard is going to stick with you for a long time.

Backlighting is quite different from the rest of the RGB keyboard as they give a specific spectre of light over each key rows with different coloured keys engraved letter. The LED backlighting is customisable with just pressing the Fn with F9 key repeatedly and will give you the Always Light, Horizontal Streamer, Vertical Streamer, Gradual Light, Light with Press, No Light effect. The difference in the backlighting is solo light for each key while pressing the key is enjoyable and you would know which key i have pressed.

For intense gamer to play with a lot of handy situation should have this keyboard as they would have an idea which key is pressed( with backlighting solo effect) and which are not hence the best wireless gaming keyboards.


A Full fledged keyboard with 104 keys at its layout including numeric keys which is different from the rest of the keyboard as they were 87 and now, good luck to became more handy. The Key are simple one’s but they have brown mechanical key-switches at its back which are tested over 50 million key press.

The Wireless connection frequency is 2.4 Ghz which is common but the wireless connection is not good as the rest, sometime gives the lag or late press of the key if goes too further from the pc.

Battery work quite for 15 hours with Backlighting on and works for over a week of backlights are off and thats the reason it took 5 huge hours to charge 1300 maH lithium ion battery.

Backlighting can be customised but with keys and it gave no customisable LED effects but there are 6 build in effects which bound the user to have only those.

Overall the features are good with the new G-Cord Mechanical gaming keyboard hence its the best mechanical keyboard.

Bluetooth Connection2.4 Ghz frequency
Battery18 Hours with Backlighting & Week without Backlighting
Backlight ModesFn + F9 (6 LED Effects)
Media ControlFn + F5 to F11


The keystroke performance is as usual as Mechanical key switches, silent and gentle but the switches technology is not good as Logitech G613 or Corsair K63. If talk about connectivity then the 2.4 Ghz frequency is fine. You don’t have play with cord but with wireless connection up-to 10 meters easily.

Battery time can give you a week playtime with no LED effects but with LED you get more then half a day which is a huge difference but still its adorable. Key stroke are checked over 50 million presses which will stick longer.
The charging time is more than 5 Hours, well you will need a lot of time with wired on to charge your keyboard.

Overall preference standard are good as compared to other for this new G-Cord company hence the best wireless gaming keyboard title goes with it also.


If you are a gamer, give it a try and will not disappoint you as its new and not well known developer for keyboard but did a heck of a job for this fine device besides from its less LED features and no application for customisation. You want a best gaming keyboard under 100, here’s your choice with full of exited features design and one of its kind.

Microsoft Wireless Keyboard 2000

Best gaming keyboard under 50
Best gaming keyboard under 50


  • Wireless Connection 2.4Ghz
  • Application for customisation
  • Media control & customisable keys
  • 128-Bit AES technology
  • Wrist rest


  • No Backlighting
  • No mechanical switches
  • Embedded keycaps

We have seen many renowned manufacturer coming up with fine gaming devices like keyboard, mouse and graphic cards. Some of them are just dealing in gaming peripheral but here this new wireless keyboard along free Wireless mouse is introduced by one of the major giant in tech industry, Microsoft.

Microsoft 2000 gaming keyboard and mouse, one of its kind with unique design, layout and keys formation is just everything at its best that why it’s listed in best wireless gaming keyboard review. There are some features missing that a gamers would to have but these features are not necessary. The things that matters in keyboard is its function, performance, customisation not just fancy design with cool backlighting while you got nothing else.

Corporation like Microsoft, focuses on quality and the same motto has been applied here while introducing Microsoft 2000 keyboard. The material is hard, stiff and even when you look at it you will get the impulse of hardness.

Why it is listed on Gaming keyboard review? let’s unveil the mystery by discussing all its features, design, performance with pros and cons to give you an idea to have it or not.


With a lot features at its back and with various function or app startup key, Microsoft designed the keyboard layout with a lot of leisure time. The ergonomic structure both upside down ( keys layout and back cover layout) keep you on typing for long time while laying on the desk easily with comfort.

The dimension of the keyboard 535 x 193 x 45 mm (LxWxH) and weighted up-to 1180 g or 41.6 ounces. The curved edges of the keyboard keeps it from fell strokes and there are no standing clips at the back instead Microsoft used a standard frictionless rubber bands over a small augmented plastic band.

Microsoft 2000 have a pillow textured wrist rest but the feel is really like pillow its a hard rough plastic but at that price it’s look fine. The wrist rest is no foamy like Logitech 513 but still its give a comfort while typing for long time hence its the best keyboard for typing.

Key-switches are not mechanical but they gives a feeling like using a laptop keyboard. Keycaps are fully integrated to the switches with no space to pull them off easily. Function keycaps design are different from the rest of the keys with small white letters at the top along with blue function signs.

Above the function keys lies a row of unique key feature like home, mail, favourite along with customisable 5 keys with each letter you can have your own function. These key don’t have keycaps instead they are submerged keys having touch sensitive feeling.

The design overall look appealing but Microsoft could have done a far better job than that instead of giving it a look like laptop keyboard, but here matters quality then style.

Weight1180g / 41.6 Ounces
Dimension535 x 193 x 45 mm (LxWxH)
KeysMembrane switches (non-mechanical)
Power Type4 AAA Batteries


Microsoft keys are not mechanical key switches but instead it has a plastic polysome membrane like others keyboard but upgraded, stable, soft and durable key switches with laptop feelings. The keycaps are fully embedded with 104 key switches except form the top row which don’t have keycaps.

The keycaps are not easily replaceable as they are submerged into the layout hence gives you an easy catch while playing so its the best keyboard for beginners. The ergonomic key layout enhance the typing as well as playing games, the layout is best keyboard for typing.

There is no backlighting instead Microsoft used White letter keycaps which is normal but not for gamers at least they should have white backlighting for using it easily in the dark.

128-Bit Encryption

A unique feature ever seen in a keyboard is provided by Microsoft with Advanced encryption standard (AES) technology and now you don’t have to worry for your keystrokes codes. When the frequency Hijacked your keystroke codes would be protected by Microsoft. End to end encryption over your keystrokes provides the elite protection of your privacy hence the best keyboard for programmers.


With 2.4 Ghz wireless frequency enables you play or type from the distance and can long for 18 hours charge while the 4 AAA batteries can long for 8 maximum years and then you have to change them. The keys are not mechanical but the keystrokes are silent, soft with polysome membrane and gives you the feeling like laptop keyboard.

The best feature is its 128-Bit encryption for keystroke and protect your privacy. The Keyboard have unique media control membrane keys along with customisable keys and some shortcuts. It’s is unique and the they can be customised through Keyboard and Mouse centre application for bot MacOs and Windows operating system.

The backlighting feature is not provided by the Microsoft but they did a good job with key polysome membrane. More the keyboard provides you the comfort for the palm or wrist with introducing wrist rest. It’s not entirely foam but the plastic cover is good enough. The keyboard is totally designed for typing and even you can play games with more comfort than the rest of the membrane keyboard. Alongside all these feature its the best wireless gaming keyboard.

Wireless Connection2.4 Ghz frequency
Battery18 Hours
Media ControlSpecific keys
Encryption128-Bit Keystrokes EAS Encryption
Customisable keysHome, Mail, Favourite, Calculator
Taskbar Shortcut keys1 to 5 ( app can be customised)

Wireless Mouse 2000

If we didn’t mention its a combo package including mouse 2000 free with Microsoft wireless keyboard 2000, so Microsoft provides best wireless keyboard and mouse combo. The Mouse is also wireless with flawless connection problems and can work and show blue cursor at any surface.

Mouse consume 2 AA batteries to work properly and have a tilt wheel for scrolling down alongside 2 click button and can work more faster, smoother and with no lagging issue so its the best package for combo devices.


If performance standard are based on RGB or Mechanical keyboard then you will be disappointed but if performance standard are based on any other membrane keyboard than Microsoft have done one hell of a job at both devices.

Keystroke are perfectly silent, soft and with no late issue more you are provided with 128-Bit encryption technology.

Design is perfect, flawless but the palm rest is tough and rough, here you won’t have any foamy design which gives you a lot comfort. It’s fine you got all those feature and standard with in 50 what more you want.

Wireless connection is steady up-to 12 meters from the system and hey for mouse you can even used it on your pet and it won’t hesitate to move cursor to the exact location you want. The only thing that matters is you can’t fix key switches if the 128-Bit encryption is damaged then you would have to buy new keyboard.

Battery life is quit long and you can charge batteries again and again up-to 8 year for changing the batteries.At that price its the best budget wireless gaming keyboard.


If you are looking for mechanical or RGB backlighting keyboard then its should not be your choice but if you are looking for best gaming keyboard under 50 then its one hell of a choice. Besides form the key switches, the membrane is quite good for using it for both gaming and typing. The keyboard gives you complete protection for each keystrokes and also have customisable keys alongside media control, Microsoft leaves nothing which can be in a keyboard device. Its the best gaming keyboard under 50, Period.

Anidees Prismatic RGB Mechanical Keyboard

Best Budget wireless gaming keyboard
Best Budget wireless gaming keyboard


  • Wireless Connection 2.4Ghz
  • 3 Bluetooth pairing option
  • Kailh Mechanical switches
  • 67 Keys Mini keyboard
  • Thinnest Keycaps


  • Too Handy for Combo Function
  • Soft keycaps
  • 400 Mah Battery

Anidees with it’s first mechanical RGB keyboard has gain the site of gamer to have this device in a wish list. Although it’s Anidees first keyboard but it has a lot of new features with exclusive extra thin design with only 67 keys at its layout is fine job. They did miss some of aspects keeping gamers in mind about the ultra thin nature and 67 keys but still it’s good device with strong features and RGB Mechanical switches at its back. Keeping this device in best wireless gaming keyboard list is due to first of it’s kind with no extended version or upgrading pass, you got to stick with this device.

Anidees Prismatic RGB Mechanical keyboard with various LED backlighting option connected via bluetooth to pc or laptop with blue and white Kailh mechanical switches is to go option for gaming. Fusing the keys for combination like Function keys with numeric keys make the design and layout more compact and merge into 67 keys. The new device have all the function that any gaming keyboard should have and thats the reason its best cheap wireless gaming keyboard.

From its layout to design all the pros and cons will be discussed to have an impact on your decision whether to buy or not.


Anidees Prismatic RGB Mechanical keyboard claims to have the ultra thin and light keyboard layout, well ofcourse they are by design. With only 67 keys and Ultra Thin plate mounted keycaps made their claim to be smart, thin and light.

Talk about dimension, Anidees Prismatic range from 293 mm in length, 103mm in width and 17 mm in height which is the only smallest dimension keyboard in the list. The weight of the keyboard is 290 grams and its the lightest keyboard for weight. Overall the layout with such small dimension made Anidees best keyboard for layout.

The thinnest keycaps up-to 3 mm are slightly fitted towards upwards on the mechanical switches can be pulled off with keycaps puller. Keycaps letter are highly visible over the chocolate keycaps with the combo function signs. Overall layout is fully covered with keys and there is no space left on the keyboard layout.

The lower side of the keyboard have power button along pentagon structure. logo and product information seal is printed inside the pentagon design. There are no clip for standing instead Anidees used frictionless rubber band at each corner to firmly placed the keyboard on the desk. Overall the design is fair with thin layout and keycaps.

2.4 Ghz USB port for charging with 1.2 meters long gold plated cord is at the middle of the back side. The ultra thin keycaps make the mechanical switches more exposed from the keyboard layout that you can clearly see the RGB backlighting and can even see how the switches work. Specs are in the given table.

Weight290g / 10.2 Ounces
Dimension293 x 103 x 17 mm (LxWxH)
Keys67 Mechanical keys
BacklightingRGB Backlighting
Power Type400 Mah Battery


Anidees Prismatic RGB keyboard have mechanical key switches under ultra thin keycaps. The mechanical key-switches are developed by Kailh Technology. The switches feel more exposed from the layout due to thin nature of the keycaps. The switches can be seen easily which feel more compassion towards the keyboard.

Mechanical switches are fine but the Kailh Mechanical switches are not so appreciable by the customer like Cherry’s Mx mechanical switches. they are far good technology then the Kailh. Switches are tested over 70 million keystrokes which make them more appealing the Cherry Mx but still the choice depend upon you as the preference of Cherry’s based on customer reviews.

The blue Mechanical switches are 11 mm in height over 3 mm of keycaps and the keystrokes makes just 3 mm difference to press any switch with 60 gf of operation force. it means the key switches will never disappoint with just a sensitive touch and now there is no way to lose while playing games and it make Anidees the best wireless gaming keyboard.

Keycaps can be easily pulled with keycap puller but be gentle with it as the keycaps are very thin and can break easily.


Anidees have RGB backlighting with LED tech. This Prismatic keyboard have variety of backlighting mode both customisable and build-in. Unlike rest of the RGB keyboard, Anidees focus on backlighting over mechanical switches is unique as the ultra thin keycaps give the lighting more glow and have a nice spectrum of light over desk while playing games. It make Anidees the best mechanical keyboard.
There are total 26 mode of Backlighting over switches and among them 13 are RGB lighting modes, 8 are sides backlighting while 5 are customisable backlighting modes. Each lighting with its own colours give the finest glow over this small mechanical keyboard to its gamer.
Each backlighting can be accessed with specific combo keys.

RGB Backlighting>Fn + Tab
Sides lightingFn + App
Customisable lightingFn + ~

There is no application for customising the Customisable backlighting or even the function of the keyboard which is a huge flaw as customisable backlighting should be more easily control by an application not with key combination which kind of too handy.


First of its kind and they wouldn’t just leave it with some usual feature but instead they have gone for the best to attract user to itself. Small design with 67 key along with a lot of combination key kind of too handy to the user but here they have defeated the traditional keycaps structure to look different.

With 2.4 Ghz bluetooth connection and can be connected up-to 3 devices. Waiting for pairing will show with ESC key backlighting and connection can be seen through left Shift, Alt and Ctrl key. By pressing with Function each key the keyboard with connected to that device having connection number 1,2 and 3. You can even add code to which device would be connected at which number by pressing Function key with Q,E and R as 1,2 and 3. It’s kind of too handy and also memorise but you will get along with it eventually.

You got three devices to connect with but you wouldn’t get any RGB backlighting while connected to the bluetooth with a huge flaw. The device can work up-to 10 hours easily with 400 Mah battery but you not get a higher Mah battery with such small layout.

Device is comparable with any operating system if its Mac or its Window and even it can be connected to android with no problem. The F-series row is combined with numeric keys and other keys like pageup, pagedown, insert, del, home, print screen and volume control is adjusted with different symbol keys on the keyboard.

Each function sign is engraved on the respective key while pressing the backlighting will reassure you. Anidees logo is hidden on the spacebar and can only be shown with backlighting.
The USB cable is gold plated while the internal board is also metallic which make it more hard to crack.

Wireless Connection2.4 Ghz frequency
Battery10 Hours
Volume ControlSpecific keys


Comparing design, layout and even keycaps Anidees Prismatic Mechanical keyboard can beat anyone in its range but there are a-lot more to compare to know about the performance of the wireless keyboard.

Anidees Prismatic wireless Mechanical keyboard bluetooth connection is steady, consistent with no lagging problem at 10 to 15 meters apart which is good to go. Keycaps may be ultra thin but the mechanical switches with Kailh technology are also fine and they are the smallest switches available in the market. The actuation force is fine with keystroke of 69 gf same like the rest of Mechanical gaming keyboard.

Battery charge time is not sufficient to hold the keyboard for more than 10 hours which is too low and Anidees should have gone for the larger Mah battery then 400. Keycaps are smaller but it can effect Mechanical switches as you have to be careful when pulling any switches.

RGB is not supported by bluetooth connection but actually it should have because whats the point in having wireless connection if its not going to glow.

Overall performance standard is like other wireless mechanical keyboard in customisable option, RGB backlighting is fair hence Anidees is the best budget wireless gaming keyboard.

With strong mechanical keys tested over 70 million time place Anidees in best mechanical keyboard.


A wireless gaming keyboard that can fit into your desk while having the best layout and mechanical keys switches with ultra thin keycaps all in one is a kind of keyboard to go on with. Unless having low mechanical key switches (Reviews) there is also low power battery but still you can’t get everything perfect with such small design. Anidees Prismatic is one of its kind and best wireless gaming keyboard for use.

Choosing Best Wireless Gaming Keyboard

Tradition of simple keyboard is over, as the technology became advanced the manufacturer tries to achieve best by giving unique and new featured keyboard to its gamer. You want a best wireless gaming then you have to set your preferences before having it. Keyboard look simple while giving it a glimpse but there are many features for every type of user.

If you are a writer then you want a plane keyboard having membrane key switches with customisable keys for word-press or Microsoft word like print, mail, home etc. While gamers tends to have keyboard with mechanical switches beneath the keycaps with anti-ghosting features and customisable keys to lock the keyboard except for gaming use.

Depending upon the gamers preferences, here’s the list of different features, aspects, and tips for choosing the best wireless gaming keyboard 2020.


Markets are full of all kind of keyboard but you can buy only one depending upon your pocket budget. Selling is all about marketing as sometime a $100 keyboards works the same as $60 keyboard but the prices are a-lot different. Don’t go for the quote ” you get what you pay for” because some keyboards have flashy expensive look but their performance is same as the cheap one.

Whenever you tend to buy a keyboard, all you have to do is make a list of keyboard ranged within your budget and look for the online reviews and one that fits your description post the order. Don’t rush for the point of purchase display but look for description to have the best gaming keyboard.

Wired Vs Wireless Keyboard

Keyboard have emerged from wired to wireless but still people use both keyboard wildly. Gamers prefers to have wireless keyboard while sitting on a couch to play games while those having PC prefers to have wired keyboard sitting nearer to PC.

If you want to play from a distance then keyboard should be wireless. With 2.4 to 3 Ghz wireless frequency there is not a single chance of lagging or missed the shot due to lose connection. Wireless keyboard are costly then wired due to advanced technology but still its depend upon your preferences while choosing wired or wireless gaming keyboard.

Select the keyboard with best wireless connection technology and having anti-ghosting features at back for better performance. Then look for the range of their connection, some can work at 10 meters while others can work at 15 but going too far from the Computer or laptop doesn’t suits with playing.


One of the finest technology in gaming peripheral is RGB backlighting. Giving a coloured spectrum over the desk is every gamer desire. RGB keyboard with backlighting feature are expensive then the normal keyboard.

Backlighting are of two types, customisable and build-in. Some keyboard backlighting can be control through application while other have combination of keys to control the backlighting.

Before choosing a RGB keyboard you must have to ensure either RGB backlighting works on wireless connection or only work with USB cord.
Customisable Backlighting
Depending upon the wireless keyboard feature, some offers to have customisable backlighting that you can have your favourite colours at your desk. The customisable backlighting can be controlled via application that supports the keyboard while some have combination of keys that can bring various coloured themes. If you like to have your own coloured keyboard then go for customisable backlighting keyboard.
Build-in Backlighting
keyboard with build-in backlighting options can not be changed but you can have only those backlighting which are provided by the manufacturer. It’s your luck to have matched favourite coloured.

Mechanical Vs Membrane

A new technology in the keyboard is Mechanical switches that add value to the performance while playing games. The switches made the click more lethal, with less stroke force and gives correct function of the same key. The chances of error commission is less than the membrane keyboard. The cost of the mechanical keyboard is slightly high than membrane keyboard due to technology. Still you can have a good mechanical keyboard with in the ranged of your budget if you look for the right one.

Membrane keyboard is a thing in a past but still their magic works, if provided by the best manufacturer like Microsoft. Key actuation force is higher than the Mechanical keyboard and some time you have pressed the key but the function became ghost in back thats the biggest drawback in the membrane keyboard.

Build Quality

When everything goes perfect but the Material quality of the keyboard is not good then is a waste of money. Try to have a keyboard with metal back plate as the gaming peripheral involves a lot of hard pressing. Manufacturers tends to test the keyboard with key stroke over 50 to 70 million times. The more high the test result, the more will be the keyboard durable. The build in quality proves the keyboard life over time. If you got the best build in quality keyboard you will enjoy gaming over a longer period of time.

Battery Life

Time passed even more swiftly while playing games and you don’t want to be stuck in game while your keyboard is dead. The battery life of a wireless keyboard is important feature like keys and switches. It’s important that keyboard can last longer on a wireless connection while sitting on a couch playing games. Some keyboard doesn’t support backlighting on a wifi connection unless it’s connected to a chord. The higher the battery Mah the longer will it last. Analyse the list with the best keyboard having longer battery life to save you from your fellow embarrassment while playing games online.


A new feature that enables the keyboard to have the enhanced gaming experience for its user. A feature that completely demolished the chances of key stroke from going ghost. Keyboard having anti-ghosting feature will always perform the function that you gave them by pressing the key.

Having a wireless connection the chances of key ghosts became high and to reduce that effect some keyboard have anti-ghosting function while connected via wireless. The key will never miss its shot. Not every keyboard have the function but sure you want to have this feature in a mind while placing order for a keyboard.


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We tried our best to give an idea how to select a wireless gaming keyboard by providing all the related details with pros and con. The product list is placed according to their ranking and are not a random list.

The products are selected through a proper research and channel process. We tried the best to give our viewer the most authentic data and accurate features. The list is still not final and will be updated with time to time as there’s a new competing product in the Market.

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