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Best Massage Chair 2021 (Latest Zero Gravity Chairs)

Everyone needs a good massage after a hectic day at work but who has the time and energy required to go to a massage parlor. That’s where the best massage chair 2021 comes handy by providing you with an ideal massage at your home.

The massage chair can do different types of massage, and you can choose that on your preference. Although finding a good massage chair can be a tough job. Especially one with the right features that you need.

To solve this problem, we have created a list of best massage chair 2021 for you. This list includes all kinds of massage equipment, massage cushion, massage pad, best zero gravity massage chairs and more. Also, we have explained how to identify the right massage chair based on their features.

Lets have a look.

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Benefits and Potential Risks of a Massage Therapy and Chairs

Work is always tiring and stressful. A good massage after work can do wonder to relieve stress and back pain, but a therapeutic massage isn’t available or convenient at all the time. Still, in this modern era a traditional therapeutic massage is best but an electronic substitute is available that is somehow able to give you some relaxation and human touch feel.

For many, a massage chair is a very luxurious item. So, a massage chair may not be necessary for everyday living but still for some, the wonders it can do can outweigh the price of the massage chairs.

Benefits of a Massage Chairs

A massage chair may not compete for a good hands-on massage, but still, a well-designed massage chair can bring relief and relaxation of the back pain to a great extent. Another important reason is that if you don’t want a person to person interaction. A massage chair can do that in the privacy of home at your own time and convenience. It is the only reason that many people opting to go for a massage chair to ease their pain.

We have described a few reasons why a massage chair will be beneficial.

Massage improves venous and lymphatic flow: Massage can do wonder and revive the massaged area. Massage manipulates the muscle, which in return increases the blood flow. The blood flow in return increases the chance of absorbing nutritional elements into the tissues massaged. These all increase lymphatic circulation, which in return clear out the toxin of that specific area. So, if you call it in simple words, it completely revives that area.

Massage therapy decreases tension and improves flexibility: Most of the time, our muscles get pulled or gets strained. Massaging that area loosens the tight or strained muscles. Massage isn’t just good for relieving pain or fixing strained muscles, but also people do massages for muscle relaxation.

Massage therapy increases endorphin levels: The most beneficial aspect of having a massage is the increase in the endorphin levels. Endorphins are the feel-good chemicals that run through the body that induces positive result in the body. It’s not just about the excellent feel, but an increase in endorphin levels also results in quicker recovery, reduced pain and also reduces anxiety.

Potential Risks and Contraindications for Massage Therapy

In general, there is no specific risk in any massage. So is the case with massage chairs, there are no contraindications or risks associated with massage chairs, but in general, any risk associated with traditional therapeutic massage should also be followed while using massage chairs.

Here are some of the Contraindications with a very low chance of happening.

  • Skin Disease
  • A rash on the body
  • May infect an unhealed wound
  • If you do it immediately after massage

Massage Therapy Techniques

There are many massage techniques for which massage chairs are designed, but the most used and effective massage for which the massage chairs are designed to do is the Shiatsu and Swedish Massage.

  • Shiatsu is basically a way of how a massage is done. Massage chairs are specially designed to do that by the use of pressing, sweeping, rolling, patting, and rotating movements by the massage chair. Shiatsu massage is mainly focused on releasing the tension of the specific part of the body.
  • Swedish Massage
  • is another type of massage. In Swedish massage, long gliding stroke and gliding motions are used to relax your body. Swedish massage mainly focuses on the proper and increased circulation in the body.

Main Components of a Massage Chairs

When you are going to buy a massage chair, you will need to focus on three things that make up a perfect massage chair and also make it realistic.

Motors of a Massage Chair: Motors are an essential aspect of a particular massage chair. It includes rollers and nodes in the vital parts and can be adjusted as per what you want. A powerful motor can do more than a weak one. These motors have many patterns and programs that can be used to massage your back and other body parts. There is a control pad that can be used to modify the settings of the rollers and nodes. You can use this pad to change the specified parameters to your preference. This means that you can change speed or motion or focus the massage on a specific area, for example, on the top of the spine or lower back with all kinds of movements.

Massage Chair Nodes and Rollers: Nodes and Rollers vary in size and shapes to make it perfect to massage each part of the body like hands and fingers. There are two kinds. Smaller nodes and rollers do a more particular point-specific massage. If you want your message to be more detailed and massage every inch of the body, you should go for a massage chair with smaller rollers and nodes. On the other hand, a massage chair with more bigger nodes and rollers are designed to be generalized. These target the specific areas of the body and comes with pre-programmed movements and motions. But again, there is also an option to modify these settings to your personal preferences and needs.

Adjustability of a Massage Chair: This is an essential factor of a massage chair. All massage chairs are designed to adjust their settings for every specific user automatically. They adjust to the height, weight, and width of the selected user. When a particular user sits on the massage chair, the chair adjusts the rollers and nodes to their height and weight. Furthermore, by finding the specific areas of the anatomy of the back, the chair makes adjustments to fit the anatomy of the back and give the best massage ever.

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Best Massage Chair 2021

1.ideal massage Full Featured Shiatsu Chair

Sony MDR7506 Professional

4 Massage Techniques
4 Massage Programs
Zero-Gravity Seating
Air Massage
Arm & Shoulder massage
Lumbar Heat
Calf and Foot Massage

Are you looking for something affordable? Ideal massage Shiatsu Chair is one that comes with many features that work like a pro at very affordable rates. If you are not looking for stretching or percussion massage, this chair can do wonders for you.

This chair offers zero gravity massage where you can get the optimal angle to have no stress on your spine and enjoy the soothing body massage by the best massage chair. Furthermore, It offers four auto massage programs to make you feel good, Kneading massage, Shiatsu, Vibrating, and Spinal Rolling.

To your surprise, you also get to have heat therapy for the back massage, which is a powerful feature. Not only this, but you also get air massage for your legs, shoulders, neck and also vibrating massage for your hips. You can say overall this massage chair gives you all the essential features at a very affordable price.

2. Comfier Shiatsu Neck & Back Massage

Comfier Shiatsu Neck & Back Massage

Relax Full Body
Creative 2D/3D shiatsu massage
Rolling and Spot Massage
Optional Heat
Adjustable Air Massage
Ultimate Comfort

As we all know that massage chair are expensive and cannot be afforded by many people. Comfier Shiatsu Neck & Back Massage is for those who are not able to buy an expensive massage chair. This one is a very affordable option that does a lot in it’s price and have hundreds of happy customers to back it.

Comfier Shiatsu Neck & Back Massager is a versatile massage chair with innovative 2D and 3D technology. It merges Shiatsu, Finger pressure, Kneading, Rolling, Spot air compression and infrared heating option to give you the most satisfying and pain-relieving massage.

This may not be able to compete the expensive massage chair premium features like body stretching and others but still this massage chair pad targets the specific areas of a body and offers a complete relaxation. So, you can say its a great massage chair and it won’t be right to not include it in the list of best massage chair on the market.

3. Kahuna Superior SM7300 Massage Chair

Kahuna Superior SM7300 Massage Chair

9 Auto Programs
4 Yoga Stretching Modes
Zero Gravity Positioning
Adjustable speed 6 Rollers
Air Massage and Hip Massage
Spot Massage
Heat Therapy

Kahuna Superior SM7300 Massage Chair is a top performance massage chair with premium features. They have tried their best to include all the high quality massage features in a minimal cost possible. This is specially designed for ones with more height and provide the ultimate relaxation possible.

Kahuna’s best massage chair comes with all the possible latest massage features which include the unique SL+ track plus Zero gravity position to provide the most soothing and pain-relieving body massage. It also features an expensive yoga Stretching auto program that uses the classic pull and pushes to get your desired massaging effect and make you feel good.

Kahuna SM7300 is full of great massaging features. Look at the Automated relaxation program that offers Kneading, tapping, knocking and shiatsu to make you comfortable and automated athlete program for one that does extreme sport and wants to relax after. All these features are controlled through a remote control which is extremely easy to operate. So, you can never to look at this fantastic best massage chair in 2021.

4. Relaxzen Deluxe Leisure Recliner Chair

Relaxzen Deluxe Leisure Recliner Chair

8 Vibration massage motors
9 Pre-programmed modes
5 Intensity levels
Heat Therapy in lumber area
Easy to operate
Easy to adjust at Home

Relaxzen Deluxe Leisure Recliner Chair is especially for those, who are on a tight budget and cannot afford an expensive massage chair. I won’t say this is the best but looking at the price tag, it offers great features. Whenever it comes to budget, you need to be ruthless and able to decide what you need and what you don’t. Chairs are either good at features or build materiel. There is no such thing as perfect massage chair.

This one isn’t your highly featured expensive chair. Instead of rollers, it uses a series of 8 strategically placed but sadly immovable vibrating massage heads. If you have experienced a high-quality massage chair, this may not surprise or make you feel good as expected. But if you are buying a massage chair for the first time, it can make you quite comfortable and love this chair.

Features are more than you expect, you can get five levels of intensity and also offers to select the specific area you want to massage. Furthermore, it comes with nine pre-programmed massage routine that can give you a great body soothing massage. Once again, this one is only a budget-friendly massage chair, so only buy it, if you don’t have a budget to buy an expensive chair.

5. HoMedics, Quad Shiatsu Pro Massage

HoMedics, Quad Shiatsu Pro Massage

Three Massage Styles
Percussion Massage
Kneading Massage
Rolling Massage
Zone control
Convenience to carry
Integrated strapping system

HoMedics, Quad Shiatsu Pro Massage is another affordable massage chair. This one is for beginner, who want to try a massage chair. It’s incredible as compared to its price and portable to place or take anywhere feel convenient for you. This massage chair doesn’t have bigger expensive features like roller track or stretching but still it does a fabulous job at a very minimum amount of money possible.

It isn’t a full chair but a massage pad with outstanding capability. It’s an overall all in one your massage therapist that can use three unique massage styles. With its body soothing percussion massage, kneading massage and rolling massage, it can make you feel good and relieve your back pain. Also, you can customize your massage and get rid of muscle soreness in no time.

This cushion comes with 2-in-1 massage style, a shiatsu style for deep muscle reach out and gentle rolling for a customized massage. This track goes from your neck to your back and then lumber area to give you ultimate comfort. Furthermore, it features three massage zones and also give you a soothing heat massage. Overall, it’s a great cushion which comes at a very affordable price.

6. The Relaxonchair MK-V Plus

The Relaxonchair MK-V Plus

Zero Gravity Massage
L-Tracking Massage System
Computerized Body Scanning
Airbag Massage
Full Body Streching
Rolling Massage
Lower Back Heating
Shiatsu Massage
Kneeding Massage

The Relaxonchair MK-V Plus comes at a very reasonable price with all the features that you need. This massage chair has an L-Frame track pad that provide a body soothing massage from your neck to your hips. If you want a chair that is affordable and good at giving a realistic massage then nothing can be better then the Relaxonchair MK-V Plus.

The Relaxonchair MK-V Plus does a very realistic massage featuring the ultimate zero-gravity massage feature which elevates your feet and gives a feeling of weightlessness. The L-frame lets the roller glide from neck to buttock to provide you with ultimate pain relief. Also, the rollers adjust to your height weight and width. So, you can target the massage where you need it.

The features also include air massage technology which inflates and deflates the airbags to make you feel good. Also, it can massage your calf and feet with the help of rollers and air cell technology. This chair has 9 preset auto massage programs, and also you can create your message programs. The speed and intensity can also be adjusted to your will. So, it’s the best massage chair in 2021, which is affordable and has all the latest technology.

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Choosing the Best Massage Chair in 2021 (Buyer’s Guide)

If you want optimal relaxation and soothing the body from a pain caused by working all day long in the office. Purchasing a good massage chair can be the best decision, but it can be quite expensive. You will find various massage chairs based on features and the specific area of the body that you want to massage. Having your own massage chair can be of great use, you won’t need to visit the masseuse or pay costly fees repetitively. Also, it will save a great amount of time. You can find any massage chair, whether it’s for a specific part of the body or an expensive to massage the whole body with the ultimate feature.

In this guide, we are going to explain what features you should look for and what to avoid.

How Much Does a Massage Chair Cost?

Massage chairs are available in various prices from moderate to highly expensive. The price of the chair is dependent on the style and features of the chair. You can find a simple, affordable massage chair. However, an affordable chair only comes with a vibrating feature that won’t be able to give you enough relief from body pain or provide you with a soothing experience. So, if you are someone that wants an ultimate relief, you need to look for a fully loaded massage chair with all the quality features.

A simple office massage chair can be bought around 60$ to 200$ which comes with only simple features. A full body massage chairs with high-end features can be purchased from 600$ to about 6000$. The price variation depends on inclusion or the exclusion of the high-end features. This chair may be expensive, but they are an excellent investment for those who regularly take help from a professional masseuse to relieve body pains and aches.

Is it Worth to Have Your Massage Chair?

The upfront cost of a professional massage chair may look pricey. The return provides over time by saving your precious time and regularly visiting and paying masseuse for many body massages.

A professional massage can cost you in over hundred of dollars depending on the type and time of the massage. The fees can also get high depending on the vicinity and various products used during the massage. Also, if you want extra things like hot stones and so on, fees can get more high. So, in the long run, having a personal massage chair can save you a lot of time and money.

Having unlimited access to a massage chair can do wonders, especially if you are going through a lot of body pain which cannot be remedied by doing rest or icy patches. Also, it becomes so much convenient, as it saves you from the trouble of going to a spa and saves you a lot of precious time.

Important Features to Consider While Buying a Best Massage Chair

Since you have answered all your questions, now it time to identify the important features and carefully select ones that can be beneficial to you.

Features are broadly fall in 2 categories.

  • Core Technologies of Massage Chair
  • Therapeutic Features

The best approach would be listing them all and then ranking them according to their importance. Let’s look at all the features.

Core Technologies of Massage Chair

These are the core technologies of any massage chair. Whenever you are buying a massaging chair, make sure it includes these technologies.

Massage Track

Any conversation about a massage chair should start from here. We have three different variations of a massage track.

  • Fixed Frame: This is found on low quality massage chairs. It’s a simple rectangular frame on which a stationary massage head is mounted. As the head doesn’t move, so the message isn’t of great quality. The head vibrates. So, if you have a pain in the back that can align with the head, it may be decent but not exceptional. So, overall, massage chairs with fixed frame aren’t quality level chairs, although they are affordable.
  • S-Track Frame: Well, they are used in most of the chairs and follow the curve of your spine. Unlike, Fixed frame, it does an excellent and body soothing massage. The roller mounted, run from your neck to your tailbone to give you a great experience and relief from pain.
  • L-Track: L-Track is most advanced of all. It’s a combination of S-Track and Hybrid L/S Track with an extension. Extension bends beneath the seat of the chair. In return it allows the massage chair to massage your neck to your glutes and also back of your thighs. Overall you can say that massage with an L-Track does the most realistic massage.

Roller Array

The rule of thumb for a great massage chair is more roller means better massage experience overall. The most advanced chairs in the current industry use quad rollers, but as a cost-saving method, you can also find chairs with tri or dual-rollers. Also, few of the models use around six rollers, but that’s very expensive and rare at the moment.

Roller Adjustment Technologies

The are four different types.

  • No Adjustment Tech: This is rare but still some of the chair has no adjustment technology. Roller don’t adjust to your body, so if you get aligned with the roller well and good, if not that your bad luck.
  • 3D-Body Scanning: This is the most common method of adjusting roller position. When you first sit on the massage chair before the massage begins, the computer of the massage chair takes a scan of your whole body and adjust the roller according to your body width and weight. Unfortunately, sometime the computer may fail to do its job.
  • < strong>Manual Adjustment: Manual adjustment roller massage chair are the best because it set the roller exactly where you want them to be. You need to press the button included on the remote which allows for manual adjustment. Just, with the help of the button, you can set the chair to your width and position it correctly.
  • Two-Pronged Approach:
  • These are the most advanced ones. You get both a computerized scan of your body and also manual adjustment, incase if the computer fails to its job. However, they will cost you a very handsome amount.

Massage Options

Well, roller based massage is done in many ways. So, it depends on you, the more you spend the more you get. By more, we mean more techniques of a massage.

Techniques of the massage by a massage chair fall into two categories.

Basic massage techniques are like it sounds, like tapping, kneading, rolling. The advanced are named after the countries are people the invented them. Shiatsu, Thai and Swedish are practiced first in Japan and so on.

Most of the chairs offer the customizability. You can change the speed and intensity of the roller by merely touching a single button on the remote. However, this isn’t always the case with all the massage chair. Some offer only just one speed and intensity that you get. So, before buying a massage chair, you need first to see if your massage chair offers some customization.

Air Massage Mode

Most of the massage chairs offer air massage along with roller based massage. Air bad massage is now offering second-generation technology, so before buying a chair, you need to check if that chair has a 2nd generation air massage mode.

It is also the same as other; more airbags mean the better and pain-relieving massage.

As the roller based massage offer customization with intensity and speed. The same is the case with the air massage chair that offers customization for a better experience of massage. However, some low priced model provides only a single massage intensity level.

Control Methodologies

Operating a massage chair includes three different methods. Almost every chair offers a touchscreen LCD panel that’s attached to the swing arm of the chair. Almost, all the chairs also contain a remote for convenience, so they can change the setting during the massage. Few of them offer an Android or IOS app that allows you to access your massage chair feature via smartphones.

Therapeutic Features

Therapeutic features are offered by massage chairs to help you relieve your pain and give a body a soothing experience. If you are looking for a perfect massage. No such thing exists. No massage chair offers all the features we are going to explain. You need to prioritize what best for you and look for that feature in the massage chair.

Deep Tissue Massage

As we all know that a roller based massage is excellent for relieving pain and give you a great feeling. But a deep tissue massage is even better. It is mention in two ways on the manufacturer’s website as “Deep Tissue Massage” and sometimes as “3D” and “4D” technology.

Zero Gravity Chairs

Though, this is a small feature but a significant one. It enhances the massage experience by placing the user in a position where his knees are elevated and slightly above the user’s head. It gives the person a feeling of being weightless and allows the weight of the body to press firmly against the chair to allow for a better and deeper massage.

Therapeutic Heat

There isn’t such a thing as a perfect massage. The more you can add, the better it is. Here we are going to talk about the heat massage by a massage chair which gives a very pleasing experience. About half of the massage chairs include these features and the majority of the chairs that offer heat massage, offer it for the lumbar region only.

Some of the chairs also include more extensive heat, sometimes in the leg. Few of them even come with a heat blanket to give a very excellent massage experience. So, if you want more great heat, you will need to pay more. Advanced technology heat massage chairs are costly.

Body Stretch

Body stretching is far-most the most powerful and most essential features of any massage chair. It provides immediate pain relief by taking off the pressure of the compressed disc of your spine. It offers two kinds of benefits: Waist twist and Hip Swing. There are very few chairs that offer body stretching. It may feel redundant, but still, this is an outstanding feature from the user perspective.

Point and Zone Massage Modes

Some of the chairs offer this feature. This feature allows you to interrupt the current running program of massage and tell the roller to focus on a specific area you need them. So, you can make it spend more time on a place you feel more pain and let it continue the remaining program you have selected.

Calf and Foot Massage

Calf and foot massage is also a significant feature. About two-thirds of the massage chairs offer these features. Some do that with the help of dual rollers while some cheaper models use a simple vibration style massage technique for the sole purpose.

Some of the chairs also do that by tri roller and quad roller. You want shiatsu massage, yes you can have it to feel your feet special.

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