A few days ago, I was looking for the best way to monitor WhatsApp messages target’s cell phone. After spending several hours of looking through the Google App store, I didn’t feel as if the options I was considering were satisfactory. It was quite confusing to make up my mind. That’s when a tech expert told me about the possibility of finding an app, which can monitor not just WhatsApp, but can do much more than that, within the most affordable prices. I thought it was just some marketing strategy, but I still gave it a shot. To my surprise, it actually delivered everything it promised, spot on.

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What This App Does

XNSPY is an innovative and complete solution for monitoring messages. It operates through a control panel, allowing the user access to all the activities happening on the target person’s cell phone. The most important feature of this app is that it works on both iOS and Android devices, which is a rare feature. Often, apps available in the Apple App Store are not available in the Google App store and vice versa. However, this product is an all-rounder solution for everyone.


How it Monitors WhatsApp

The first step is to install the app on the target person’s cell phone. For that, you have to know if it is an android or iOS device. Depending on what device the target person uses, you may have to install the app manually (on Android and iOS jailbroken devices), or you can use the target person’s iCloud credentials for iOS non-jailbroken devices without the need to install the app on the device.


After the installation, the app starts monitoring all chats, photos exchanged, and calls made via WhatsApp. It’s as easy as that! Through the web-based control panel, the user can read entire conversations and listen to the calls. However, it does not record WhatsApp Calls.

Watchlist Words Feature

Most other apps in the market that monitor WhatsApp messages do not provide this interesting feature. This feature allows the user to add specific words to the watchlist, so that whenever the target person used those words, the app sends a notification to the user via SMS. Thereby allowing the user to check what’s happening through the control panel.

Watchlist Contacts Feature

XNSPY also allows the user to add specific contacts on the target person’s cell phone to the watchlist. If that contact communicates with the target or if the target communicates with the specific contact, the app notifies the user.

Time and Date of Communication

From the control panel, the user can see the time and date of all calls, messages, and photos sent and received from the target’s phone via WhatsApp.

Works in Stealth Mode

Unlike most monitoring app, this one works undetected. Once installed in the target’s cell phone, it becomes invisible and doesn’t slow the cell phone. That’s why the target person doesn’t detect it nor feels the need to reset factory settings at any time.

Availability of the App

The app is available on Google Play across the globe for everyone. There is limit to places where it works. Moreover, once installed on the target person’s cell phone, the user doesn’t even have to be in the same country in order to monitor the target person.


Conclusively, XNSPY is an ideal app that helps monitor WhatsApp messages undetected. In fact, this feature is just a scratch on the tip of the iceberg. This app offers many other innovative features like monitoring other internet messengers like Viber, Skype, Kik, and Line. It also allows monitoring of Facebook messenger, and emails (Gmail) on the target’s cell phone. The app also has the record calls feature for network calls, GPS tracking, and Geo-fencing. Moreover, you can choose between the Basic or Premium package depending on your needs.

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