You might know SteelSeries for manufacturing high-quality peripherals and accessories like Keyboards, mice, headsets etc and the company has a great reputation in the tech industry from years. SteelSeries rival 700 is one of these high-quality products. The best part is, Rival 700 is the only gaming mouse out there in the market that vibrates. Other than that, the mouse has some great features and specs to offer. Let’s have a look at everything in rival 700 review.

The mouse comes with great performance with acceleration of 50G and 16000 highest dpi range. There are many gaming mice out there in the market that offers a large amount of programmable buttons. Some gaming mice like Razer Naga epic chroma offers 19 buttons. But it’s not the case here. Rival 700 offers 7 programmable buttons and that’s also not a bad number.

Moreover, the mouse offers polling rate of 1000Hz and an optical sensor. As I mentioned earlier that it’s the mouse that vibrates. The reason is, rival 700 comes with a vibrating motor that allows the mouse to vibrate for realistic experience with gaming. Moreover, the mouse also comes with OLED screen which is not that useful. It also offers USB connectivity with 2mm USB cable.

Speaking of its design, the top of the SteelSeries rival 700 covered with a smooth rubber shell for perfect grip and on the back of the device there’s SteelSeries rival 700 logo on it. As you can see in the picture the rival 700 design follows a simple black color. The mouse weighs only 0.29lb which makes it lighter. Speaking of its dimensions, rival 700 is 2.7 inches in width, 4.9 inches depth and 1.7 inches height.


The best gaming mouse with high DPI range, good performance, high polling rate, and attractive design. Comes with 7 programmable buttons and vibration motor. In short, rival 700 is the best gaming mouse for a realistic gaming experience.


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