It’s been quite a while since Resident Evil Zero HD Remastered version came out so we decided to do a little review to let you know if the remastered version worth playing.

Resident Evil Zero HD Remaster Review

In our Resident Evil Zero HD Remaster Review, we will cover the whole review in three groups i.e. Story, presentation and gameplay.


The story plot of the Resident Evil Zero takes places before the opening of the original Resident Evil game. Or in other words, it’s the prequel to the original Resident Evil. If you have played it then you know in original game we enter the mansion to investigate the disappearance of team agents. Resident Evil Zero was made in order to tell who they came to be missing

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The story follows two people Rebecca Chambers and Billy Coen who both are from different backgrounds. Rebecca Chambers is a medic and a member of the special task force S.T.A.R.S.(Special Tactics and Rescue Service). She with her team have been assigned a task to investigate the murders that took place on the outskirts of Racoon City. Eventually, she meets Billy Coen who was in United Marine Corps and due to some reason have taken refuge on Ecliptic Express, an Umbrella-owned train where they both meet.

But as far have as the story of Resident Evil Zero is concerned, we have to be honest it’s the most ridiculous story of entire series. We know Resident Evil Zero was designed to cover the events that took place between it and the original game but it hardly manages to cover them plus with a mixture of unbelievable circumstances too. Though it gives us the idea of the real outbreak but hardly covers everything. And one of the most criticized thing about it that “If Rebecca was present during all the event of Zero how come she didn’t mention anything about the events in the Original game.

Graphics and Visual Presentation

Similar to the Game that came before it, Resident Evil Zero was one of the quality looking video games of its time due to its imaginative mix of pre-rendered backgrounds and especially targeted person fashions. much like the unique Resident Evil remake earlier than it, Resident Evil Zero still seems outstanding to this day – thanks to the elements to the ecosystem it evokes.

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Every location whether or not it’s a cabin on a educate or a easy save room has had immaculate detail and care poured into it. lights flicker and waver. Fires burn and crackle. faucets and sinks drip and overflow. every surroundings in the games manages to tell a story in itself with out saying something, and it’s some thing to be commended. 0-ScreenshotChurchFrom the get pass, it’s clear that the builders either honed their craft or had higher get right of entry to to the authentic game’s assets, because the visual quality of Resident Evil Zero’s HD Remaster is nowhere near as wildly inconsistent as Resident Evil was final year. Resident Evil had its clear sore spots in its HD restoration – particularly the Aqua Ring searching too bright and washed out, however zero suffers none of those issues. a few lighting fixtures has been rebuilt inside the new engine, but not anything is anachronistic enough to trade the look or sense of the game as compared to its original look. The font for most of the in-game text has been changed too, leading to some files looking disjointed as if they have been written via zombie as the brand new font genuinely has now not been optimised for a way the documents are displayed.

some different extra liberal adjustments have been applied to the games presentation too. The pan and experiment digicam – which pans the camera across every scene in preference to showing the full scene – returns to catch up on the original video games four:3 presentation. Resident Evil zero blessings higher from this digital camera fashion because the locales are designed to be plenty more open than in previous video games. There are a few other changes that would rub purists the wrong way – which includes the recolouring of positive enemies or a few minor changes to Rebecca’s face – but generally speaking the game stays as authentic to shape as it can be. The soundscape stays untouched – which means that the voice paintings is awful and the orchestral score is complements the mood and the ambience flawlessly.0-GameplayMuch like the original Resident Evil, zero we could players take control of two characters – each of whom have their own strengths and weaknesses. unlike


Resident Evil, however, both those characters may be managed and switched among on-the-fly and they each play thru the identical storyline in preference to two separate situations with differing helping casts. This technique to the game method a few of the puzzles and eventualities are designed around using both the characters or isolating the 2 to create anxiety.


The redesigned manage scheme from the unique HD remaster returns in zero, and with it comes all of the problems related to them. On one hand, they’re a lot greater intuitive to apply and are bound to make the game much more handy for gamers who didn’t develop up with the configuration. On the other, they do away with loads of the anxiety from the game as they make playable characters a lot greater manoeuvrable than they previously had been. fortunately, Capcom have included the option to exchange between them (as with most of the adjustments made) so both facets of the argument may be Evil zero differs lots from its predecessors in some ways. firstly, the companion zapping gadget approach which you basically could have double the stock space which you’re used to having. objects may be exchanged between Billy and Rebecca each time you so wish, and so long as they’re close to every other. items can even be dropped and lower back to later if required. while this sounds like item control isn’t as essential in 0, it’s nearly the complete opposite considering that there aren’t any magical linked object containers anymore to shop your items. anyplace you placed some thing down you’ll need to return to find it again. object management is more important than ever in 0 and this will effortlessly be a extra polarising layout choice for gamers.

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The puzzles in 0 are certain to be talked about in another way depending which fan you speak to, however a whole lot of them attention across the concept of two characters. most of them are fairly easy to get thru however some gamers can also get caught on one or of them. some of them are very robust puzzles in the equal ilk as classic Resident Evil. Others sense like bog wellknown “puzzles” you’d find in any recreation that lets two human beings play it. both press the transfer on the identical time! Navigate through a maze whilst your associate unlocks the doors! preserve a door open whilst your companion runs thru it! All of these kinds of puzzles are unluckily as tired as they were in encounters are a chunk of a mixed bag, and unfortunately pretty a step down from the authentic Resident Evil. The simplicity of the creatures you’ll come across (consisting of inflamed monkeys, frogs, grasshoppers and bats) will be liked through a few but they faded in assessment to the creatures you’ll locate inside the other games. The boss encounters are further pretty poorly designed, lacking any actual approach to them. One specific boss battle that takes place in a church is pretty frankly damaged and requires aiming into the air, firing, and praying in your respective god that you’ll achieve success.

Speakme of prayer, your accomplice AI is incredibly in a position in how they method things. you may tell them to observe you or stay positioned or you can manually pass them the use of the proper stick. you can equip guns on them and watch them use said guns. but you’ll must be a bit smart in the way you control your companion to be virtually successful in 0. Giving them an excessive amount of ammo will see them chew via it like there’s no the next day. rather, they may be quite helpful in the event that they take down an enemy who’s mid-snatch. you can even use them as a transportable object box although it’s not encouraged. we will’t be positive, but we do experience like in this HD Remaster that the AI is less competitive and consequently wastes less ammo however we’d need to confirm it to make sure.

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The crux of Resident Evil is ready surviving and altering your techniques if you come upon any troubles along the way. Zero suffers in this regard as its pacing is poor. typically the game will punish you to your first play via via requiring gigantic backtracking (even via a Resident Evil standard) to find an item you may’ve dropped numerous hours ago. other instances you’ll be faced with the aid of no longer most effective one leech zombie but three concurrently. Resident Evil has continually been about rationing your ammo and warding off enemies on occasion in place of killing them – but the (im)ideal storm of a tough to keep away from enemy, confined inventory space and regular backtracking makes them sense like an imbalanced inclusion.

For the completely unseasoned participant who has by no means touched a Resident Evil game before, the entire affair may be over in everywhere between 9 to 12 hours. those who are a chunk greater seasoned could in all likelihood finish it quicker – however repeat playthroughs can without problems be cleared in underneath six hours if you realize what you’re doing. The HD Remaster introduces a new for-fun mode where gamers can use Wesker as opposed to Billy alongside together with his abnormal superhuman powers, that is a a laugh diversion. There’s also a slew of costumes to unencumber and a Leech Hunter mini-game that in itself is pretty fun to play through.


After all is said and completed, it appears like I’m being extraordinarily rough on Resident Evil zero but it’s nonetheless a quite competent conventional Resident Evil game. It’s got all of the hallmarks of an excellent Resident Evil recreation – the foreboding and ominous ecosystem, the creepy but maniacal villain and the feel of survival and item control. but it just goes a little bit too off the deep quit and is for that reason taken much less critically than other video games within the franchise.

But make no errors, Resident Evil zero HD Remaster is a strong remaster in each experience of the word. The visuals are beautiful, the environments are polished and the whole thing is a visual banquet whether or not it’s the characters or the locales themselves. It’s only a extraordinary searching recreation which can now appeal to newcomers and collection veterans alike – and permitting more people to enjoy Resident Evil’s storied (and colourful) records is infrequently a awful thing.

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