With regards to ladies’ wellbeing, getting appropriate medicinal consideration and consideration can be a daunting task. While directions with respect to birth control, and also issues of reasonableness, are as yet continuous, one organization would like to make one part of your birth control somewhat less demanding: Nurx.co, an anti-conception medication conveyance app, is here to convey anti-conception medication right to your front door

It’s hard to believe, but it’s true! Nurx permits you to arrange your birth control medication and have it conveyed right to your door, sparing you a trek (or 10) to the drug store. The application is entirely direct: First, the patient registers with Nurx and fills in her wellbeing and protection data (yes, they even take protection!). At that point, she chooses the sort and brand of conception prevention she needs — so whether you utilize oral contraceptives, the patch, the NuvaRing, or whatever else, you’re good to go. A specialist then surveys the patient’s wellbeing data and solicitations, thus long as everything looks at, the specialist can send the solution to an accomplice drug store, which then conveys it straight to the patient. It’s similar to the way requesting contact lenses from 1-800-CONTACTS works, aside from that it’s, you know, adapted towards helping you not get pregnant as opposed to helping you see.

How the App Works:

1. The patient makes a record and rounds out their wellbeing profile.

2. In the wake of finishing the wellbeing profile, the client answers inquiries to figure out if they are a contender for PrEP, and presents their solicitation.

3. The data is then inspected by a Nurx accomplice doctor who will decide the qualification of the patient for Truvada for PrEP.

4. Qualified clients should then finish lab tests for HIV status and renal capacity preceding the solution being issued. Additionally prescribed will be lab tests for Hepatitis B, Hepatitis C, pregnancy (for female clients), chlamydia, gonorrhea, and syphilis.

5. The doctor will then evaluate the lab comes about and figure out if Truvada for PrEP can be recommended, and provided that this is true, will be dispatched to the client’s location.

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