It’s been a while since Naruto Shippuden: Ultimate Ninja Storm 4 came on the scene so we decided to play the game and do a Naruto Shippuden: Ultimate Ninja Storm 4 Review for our Anime and Manga fans.


Having never played the past Ninja Storm Games, Number 4 tells a shortened form of the manga (and anime). For individuals who have never taken after Naruto, this is a snappy method for getting up to speed to the whole arrangement, yet the story given in the fundamental mode is exceptionally pruned and streamlined to the minimum necessities. There is a considerable measure of exquisite cutscenes that convey the story all around ok, and the very much acted English AND Japanese voices add to the story. Notwithstanding, on the off chance that you are an easygoing fan or one who scarcely fiddles with the arrangement, this amusement isn’t as a matter of course the best beginning stage for you.

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Minimum necessities implies, well, minimum necessities. There’s a considerable measure of forward and backward and a great deal of lost side plots as the amusement endeavors to be the Ultimate Ninja Storm wrap up. This is likewise the fourth and last diversion in the arrangement, so it starts off from where the last one finished. The arrangement itself however is extensive and convoluted, so having the minimum necessities is a significant positive thing particularly for the individuals who simply need a kind of fast abstract of the general plot, and the story all in all, while streamlined, is still sensible to take after and contains enough character advancement and solid voice acting to make it beneficial.

Graphics and Visual Presentation

Naruto Shippuden: Ultimate Ninja Storm 4 is completely perfect. The customary anime style makes an interpretation of exceptionally well to gaming, and this could undoubtedly be one of the most attractive diversions I’ve played for the current year. The battling style activities, the enormous supervisor fights, the measure of particles on screen amid quick paced battles are passed crazy. Actually, it’s very nearly excessively overpowering, as there can be such a variety of things on screen without a moment’s delay that it can be difficult to track your character(s). It’s particularly overpowering when you toss in colossal basic assaults and monster supervisor fights, and the casing rate suffers to some degree. I saw noteworthy log jam amid molecule overwhelming portions, which would prompt a touch of data slack. Be that as it may, it wasn’t an immense issue, however, the online modes were not tried to check whether this issue was as serious.

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Cutscenes are totally flawless, keeping in mind some might recoil in the length of a hefty portion of these (long thick cutscenes separate the story mode gameplay fragments frequently), they’re so all around energized that it’s difficult to avoid any of them. While natural destructibility is tragically entirely restricted, they stay shifted enough.


In case, you’re not killed by the long cutscenes and difficult to accept mythology, Naruto Shippuden: Ultimate Ninja Storm 4 contains a strong and fun battling motor. The greater part of assaults are restricted to one catch which might sound monotonous and shallow, however with a blend of basic assaults, chakra and Storm assaults the battle rapidly turns out to be not so much redundant but rather more vital. For newcomers it can be a bit of overpowering, particularly with the sheer measure of everything that is going on screen without a moment’s delay, yet it’s a battling framework that is exceptionally fun and extremely remunerating. Story mode is reliably separated in the middle of cutscene and gameplay, and generally takes after customary conducting so as to battle amusement crusades battles on a 3D plane, some of the time tossing distinctive targets in with the general mishmash. While QTE’s are once in a while something to be thankful for, they really work in Naruto Shippuden: Ultimate Ninja Storm 4, as not just they are NOT connected to a fall flat state, however nailing them rapidly enough will open more Stars which will open Secret Factors, option or mystery cutscenes that contain additional bits of story.

In versus mode, you can play with up to three distinct characters all the while (like Marvel versus Capcom 3), however for aficionados of the establishment, blending up characters with known backstory makes one of a kind uncommon capacities restrictive to them. It’s an additional piece of profundity that enthusiasts of the establishment will salivate over, yet enough experimentation and even newcomers will figure out how to saddle these additional capacities.

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While the one catch combo remains the core of the gameplay, the gigantic program of characters makes every contender sufficiently interesting to make testing and assortment a breeze. It helps that the liveliness are so liquid and the diversion itself just looks so lovely, on the grounds that while I’ve never been an enthusiast of the one catch combo framework, the amusement remained reliably pleasant through the span of Story and Adventure mode.

While the greater part of returning players will be attracted to the Story mode, Adventure mode is no trudge either. While far less difficult contrasted with the virtuoso blast of Story mode, Adventure is similar to an old school RPG, playing as Naruto after the Great Ninja War, with a more open world to investigate and one of a kind remunerates and plunder to gather, from everything to one-use things and distinctive ensemble beauty care products to storyboard workmanship.. It’s a less complex type of RPG, with less voice over work and less cutscenes, yet the prizes and collectibles that accompany it are reliably fulfilling enough to make Adventure mode worth no less than one gone through.

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There’s likewise free fight and practice modes, which are awesome in acquainting the gameplay mechanics with players. Having these modes are fundamental in mastering the quick paced and excited 3v3 fights, yet generally speaking the trouble in the principle Story mode isn’t excessively overpowering. I ended up figuring out how to beat portion of the extra targets gracefully, and seldom, if at any time, wound up fizzling on the customary trouble. It’s certainly a more lenient amusement than different warriors. However, the harder difficulties arrive for the started.


At last, Naruto Shippuden: Ultimate Ninja Storm 4 is a fitting conclusion to CyberConnect 2’s legacy to Naruto, and totally justified regardless of a buy to any Naruto fan, new or old, easygoing or in-your-face. The battling framework is gigantically fulfilling, the measure of modes will keep you drew in for some numerous hours and the vivified style is completely exquisite to take a gander at.

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