Liquid sky provides a service with provides users with an RDP (Remote desktop protocol) with strong enough specifications for gaming.

The Liquid Sky servers are configured with enough horse power for its users to run most games at 1080p and at least medium settings for the gamer package. But, the premium package provides an almost guaranteed 1080p ultra experience.

This may seem like a great deal to some guys out there who have weak builds or old laptops but unless you have good enough internet speeds, you won’t get much out of it.

The minimum requirements are a 5 MB/s connection with good upload and download speeds, which by today’s standards are not extremely high but still high enough for some countries.

Along with the network requirements, the Pc needs to have at least 2GB of RAM. The Service is not very heavy on resources but the fact that there are a lack of data centers as of now makes the whole experience complicated.

Data center locations are placed in a lot of key locations around the world and places where there would be statistically the most users. For instance, in Seoul, Korea and in Chennai, India. Although the centers are not setup in all the countries and for obvious reason, they are placed conveniently enough to give most of the world a good experience.

Liquid sky computers are set up with a blazing fast internet speed, much faster than the one at an average user’s home with download. Speeds from 50 MB/sec to around 100 MB/sec which makes the experience blazing fast, and to download all the games. Liquid Sky itself doesn’t provide any of the game. They simply provide a windows environment for the users and you can login to any of your accounts like Steam or Origin.

Ending Remarks

Liquid sky is definitely a sweet deal for the Wonderer who doesn’t want to carry a bulky desktop PC or buy an expensive laptop.



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