In this new age of Information and Technology GetBadges promises to motivate a team of developers to bring the best out of their selves. But How? GetBadges uses the unique idea of gaming and implements that idea in their tools hence creating motivation systems for new startups and IT teams which transform everyday work activities into a game.

But How Does It Work?

From the dawn of IT industry, games was the only element which played a great role of entertainment and productivity in our lives. And implementing gaming as a form of competition in work activities will help increase employees’ involvement in projects, productivity will be increased which will increase motivation level hence resulting in a better quality end product.

And GetBadges does exactly the same. It makes such tools which enable developers to come up with new ideas, master new skills and most of all, teamwork which will enable support and reporting to assist in strategic decisions. Having excellent interpersonal and team leadership skills, which will allow him them to build strong relationships both within and outside the department.

But Whats With the Name, GetBadges?

Everyone love rewards, let it be games, school, college, organization, company etc. Rewards make a sense of motivation among the people which enable them to compete against each other in order give their best. For this purpose, GetBadges make use of badges in their tools. When an individual finishes a specific task, they get rewarded by a badge which indicates a rank, a sense of accomplishment. And in order to gain more badges the individual gets more motivated.

Why People love badges?

  • Everyone love rewards.
  • A Sense of Accomplishment.
  • People enjoy a bit of recognition.
  • Collecting badges keeps you moving on.
  • They contribute to the general development of a team and project.


GetBadges is a great initiative by Justyna Wojtczak, whose purpose is to enable developers and different organizations to get successful by using GetBadges tools. It uses unique idea of bringing fun to work and a reward system which increases employees productivity.

Games have been a great backbone of productivity and GetBadges uses the very idea and tried to implement it in the work environment which turned out to be a great idea. GetBadges have worked with numerous different organization in the past and turned our to be a great asset to their work.

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