It is 2017 and we are about to  see some great innovative games with amazing graphics and amazing game play. But, once in a while it’s fun going back to the basics and enjoying games which may not be the best graphically but make up for it in game play. 7 days to die is a zombie-survival sandbox crafting game, which is just the game to get your fill of zombie slaying fun.

The game features a very deep and extensive crafting system which is very immersive. You gradually unlock some recipes and craft-able items and traps as you are leveling up but the main way of getting recipes is from looting houses, looting plane drops or from freshly killed zombies. The recipes include small essential items like medic kits, coffee, bandages to some weapons/tools like chainsaws, nail guns, shotguns, steel axes, iron hoes etc.

When it comes to difficulty, there are only a few games of the survival-sandbox genre that can compete. Killing zombies may be a hassle in the beginning but it gets better. To defend against great enemy hordes you have a wide variety of traps which include barbwire fences, stake wooden traps, and wooden spikes to name a few. You really need traps if you want to survive the 7th night.

On the 7th night, the sky becomes blood red and hordes of zombies which include burning zombies, spider zombies, crawlers and bloated/axe men zombies attack the player location indefinitely. If the player is not well protected by a series of traps, walls and weapons there is a very small chance he will survive that night. And what do you think happens when you die? You respawn but with a negative effect. You lose 10 wellness (-10 total HP + Stamina), drop your backpack and tool belt items and left to fend for yourself and defenseless until you run to where you died to get it back.

The multiplayer side of the game is pretty similar to the singleplayer but there is always the other players to worry about. The multiplayer experience is an acquired one. The first time I actually had a base running it was in single player and I was 40 hours into the game in the my first run and didn’t really want to switch the multiplayer just yet, the game is just as well worth it for the singleplayer as it is for the multiplayer with a rather similar experience.

The game is definitely a good one but it has its flaws, the multiplayer has a “de-sync” issue. If a player has any sort of delay or their internet is throttled, the multiplayer is completely ruined and becomes unplayable. Though there are a lot of servers to choose from, this issue occurs with almost every server if you have a bed connection.

The singleplayer side of the game is (although fun) incomplete, it offers a good experience for dozens of hours alone but has a lack of certain crucial features. One for instant is the fact that you can’t drink rainwater or collect it.

7 Days to Die has over 20 thousand consecutive players and thousands of player-run servers so the game is no way dead or even near it. In fact the player base is actually growing with the alpha 15 update which has added some crucial and desperately needed features.

Final Words

Conclusively, the game is clunky, glitch and incomplete but it sure as hell is fun and addictive and for anyone who is looking for hours and hours of grinding, a very deep crafting system, difficulty like you’ve never imagined (at least when you’re new) and a Minecraft style feel, this game is definitely worth the money.

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