Awesomely, 2017 is finally here and valve has announced their top 100 most selling Steam games 2016. And as it turns out, most of them are on sale.

Steam already has a ‘Top Seller’ tab which gives us the information about which games are trending but it doesn’t give a statistical view. With the top 100 list, steam has revealed which games have made the most amount of money in 2016 and which games have performed the best last year.


This information is rather imperfect, but it tells a rather general story. The list doesn’t go from 1 to 100 rather is split into tiers, or ranks. The ranks range from Bronze to platform and rely on the amount of revenue gotten instead of the number of copies sold.

  • DOOM is #1 in the gold tier passing The Division, ARMA III and Rainbow Six Siege.


  • Stellaris Ranked high and made it to the Gold Tier.


  • Warframe a free to play game is also placed in the Gold Tier.


  • Rocket League unsurprisingly, in the platinum tier.


  • The Witcher III made it to the top 3, no doubt about it.


Steam being awesome as they are, put all the games on sale, as an extension to the Steam Winter sales.

Grand theft Auto V: -50%

Civilization VI: -10%

Fallout 4: -67%



Steam sales are going away soon enough so grab these deals as fast as possible.



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