Sony recently made us aware of “ForwardWorks”, a division in their industry to handle mobile or smart phone gaming. The first division was the PlayStationMobile, ForwardWorks is going to be a second division of Sony in the mobile industry. Though the first division was not that successful.

Sony’s Official device PS Vita was among those devices that used PlayStationMobile.


Also, The Independent reported that this new company will:

“deploy new services towards the ever-expanding smart device market.”

ForwardWorks will use PlayStation’s property (i.e. games, short movies or whatever) in its mobile games as announced by Sony Computer Entertainment.

It was also stated that the first titles/games will be aimed mainly in Asia as the main headquarters is based in Japan. The reason is that those releases in Asia will a type of test, which if proved fruitful, as a result of it Sony will expand the releases to the rest of the world.

Atsushi Morita, Sony Computer Entertainment’s president in Asia and Japan will lead the ForwardWorks. Sony quite confident about their new project which will revive PlayStationMobile but with new policies to make it successful.

So what’s your thought on the matter? And which PlayStation games would you like to play on your smart phone? Do let us know in the comment section below.

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