It’s almost February and it seems like the 1060 vs 480 wars will not die down. Even though VEGA has been announced, the war seems to be going strong.

It is clear that RX480 is taking the cake slowly because of the asynchronous compute in most Dx12 games and in some DX11 games as well, like the r9 vs the 900 series, the Rx480 series is slowly going towards better performance in games as compared to the 1060 which will, however lose performance as more DX 12 games hit the market.

Benchmarks show games like Deus Ex: Mankind Divided, Call of Duty: Infinite Warfare, Hitman 2016, Battlefield 1(DX12) and many more are being led by the AMD powerhouse.

With the recent release of the ReLive update, AMD has introduced a competitor to the Nvidia ShadowPlay. Both of the recording technologies are head to head with each other providing almost the same performance with the same quality. Even though ShadowPlay provides less FPS loss in games while recording, AMD is still quite close with only a few FPS lost, which will eventually catch up ShadowPlay since it is still a rather new technology.


The Rx480 seems to be the better option as of now, for gamers who still haven’t decided which graphics card to go for, I would generally suggest AMD for your mid-end gaming fix. The 1060 is obviously another option but when it comes to future proofing and with DX12 about, AMD will gives the gamers a slight edge.

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