Everybody’s Gone To The Rapture Coming To PC. The PS4 exclusive title will going to make its way to PC via Steam later this year.

The game’s director Dan Pinchbeck talked about it to RPS (Rock Paper Shotgun), calling the PC post as the “worst kept secret”, he also mentioned that the developers started working on it in September. The PS4 version of the game will be published by Sony, and it will also be the same for PC, other things such as Steam page etc will also be handled by Sony. He added that the testing and preparation have been made so expect the game to launch anytime soon.

“It’s good to be back on PC. It’s where we started and it’ll be the home of our next game.”


Alongside with Everybody’s gone to rapture the company is also working on another action-adventure title which goes by the name “Total Dark”. Well that’s all for now, keep an eye because the more details of the game will be revealed later today.

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