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We all know that DayZ is perhaps the slowest progressing game of all time, many generations of zombie games have come and went but DayZ is still stuck in alpha.

That said, it doesn’t mean the game isn’t progressing at all, we finally have a new rendering engine named “Enfusion” which is definitely making the average user wonder.

The rendering engine is actually not that bad, it gives the player a lot more FPS at higher settings. I was running it on my GTX 1060 before the Enfusion engine patch and was getting 40 fps most of the time at high. With Enfusion however, getting over most of the time at ultra.

The rendering engine is perhaps the biggest achievement the game has gotten so far, not only does it not allow zombies to glitch through walls, it allows dynamic lighting, shadows and finally, fog.

The game now also has a lot of wildlife as well, making the before safe forests into a nightmare. Wolves have been added and cows also.

The sounds have been reworked, zombies now make footstep noises and the dynamic player sounds you hear in-game is definitely a lot better as well as a lot of ambient sound just makes it a much more enjoyable experience.

Many of the animations have been reworked, skins and maps also. Not a huge difference but a significant one nonetheless.

Zombies now spawn in groups and are attracted to noise a lot more, dozens of zombies will now follow you and the zombies won’t be bored by you anytime soon. Instead, they will follow you for a LOT more distance than before.

Vehicles have not still been added as a profound part of the game, but the developers claim to be working on them, vehicle part loot is much more widely available if you want to fix up your own ride.


DayZ has taken a long time to get to this point even, but still is still a very popular and enjoyable game for many. Until the game becomes glitch free and the rendering engine is optimized a bit better, the game cannot be pushed to its full potential.



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