OLED is going to be inserted into Apple’s Upcoming iPhone models based on an assessment by apple on how many units they will be able to sell over a 12-month period. Samsung being the largest market share holder of OLEDs with about 95% share Apple has finally closed a deal with them.

Reportedly, 160 million OLED panels will be installed into upcoming iPhones. Even though Apple sells over 200 million iPhones a year, the total OLED panels will be able to cover over 80 percent of the total iPhones sold every year.

It would be a smart option to assume that Apple will not solely rely on Samsung’s OLED technology instead, tapping in connections with multiple manufacturers to gain a negotiating leverage for components.

Despite their rivalry, Samsung has made deals with Apple in the past by supplying 100 million OLED display panels to Apple last year alone.


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