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Here is the solution how to unlock Samsung Galaxy S5 cell phone device for free. Everybody is facing the problem with the SIM lock on their smart Samsung Galaxy S5 device at one point or another with their handset. The question is: what can be done about it?

In reality there are three obvious options if you want to use the device with no restrictions:

Option number one: never buy a locked Samsung Galaxy S5. Instead you can buy one from the many online shops that has been already used and that is marked as never-locked or factory unlocked.

Option number two: wait for the contract you made with the Samsung Galaxy S5 carrier to be over and then claim your right for a free unlock Samsung Galaxy S5 code. Sometimes the device would be automatically unlocked without your interventions but very often the carriers need a little nudge from you to do that.

Option number three: pay the full amount for the device out singing any contracts with the carrier. This is the most expensive option if you want to own a brand new and SIM unlock Samsung Galaxy S5 device at the same time.

The hidden option, option number four, that no one talks about is the DIY option.

You will learn more about it here and now. Today the topic of discussion would be the free SIM lock removal of the Samsung Galaxy S5.

The problem that all Samsung Galaxy S5 devices have with the SIM lock is the same. The SIM lock is nothing but a software program that prevents your phone to function on any other network than the network it is locked to. Don’t wonder what network is that, it is the network that your carrier provides. This means that you must only use the SIM card from that carrier and the services of that Samsung Galaxy S5 network. As you can make your own conclusion everything is nicely directed for the benefit of the carrier and not your own. The carriers activate the SIM card lock every time the phone is bought on a contract and they are the ones who can really deactivate it. The deactivation is done with a key, or rather a code that they keep under safe guard in their large unlock Samsung Galaxy S5 databases. Every code for a SIM unlock is unique and is kept for each device separately. The only way that the correct unlock code is selected for your device is by sing your device’s IMEI code.

So, in other words if you know your IMEI code you could be able to unlock Samsung Galaxy S5 device on your own, but if only things were so simple and straightforward. Of course that this mission would be doomed to failure even from the start. No matter how talented you are in breaking security systems you shouldn’t dare to do this on your own because, first, it is illegal, and second, there is no chance for you to succeed.




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