Tech and Games are two such industries, which are technically ruling the world. No matter you’re a nerd, a doctor, a jobless guy or an Engineer, this world has got an app for almost anything.

I mean, there’s an app for editing photos, (Ah, that’s common, what’s special, right?) Yeah, nothing special. But what if I tell you there actually is an app for helping you brush your  teeth effectively, for telling you how to eat and how to breathe, meaning probably there’s nothing in this world for which there isn’t an app.

Infact according to Wikipedia, PlayStore has over 1,900,000 apps available for download as of 2016 ! And that’s just one app platform, if you take in iOs and other download centers, I’d bet the number is pretty much higher, let’s say in millions, if not billions.

Hell if we talk about games, there’s an app for running (temple run ), an app for fighting ( any action game out there), a game for swimming, well technically all these categories have hundreds of thousands of games in each of them.

So there’s no doubt this world is getting addicted to apps. And that’s the reason I’m writing what I’m writing in this article, this piece consists of the Top apps for making an Engineer life easier, if you’re an engineer, this is the magic wand you’ve been waiting for.

Engineering Pro

It’s the one app that can save your life no matter what the situation is, if you need formulas for mechanical parts, circuits or technically anything. If you’re searching for Formulas, and it’s related to engineering, then this app has got your solution.

Well this app termed itself “pro”, and that’s for a reason. It knows over 650 formulas, that’s probably more than an average PH.d degree holder can memorize, and well it has the formulas for almost every field out there, be it :-

  • Civil
  • Mechanical
  • Electrical
  • Environmental Engineering.
  • and General Sciences.

RealCalc Scientific Calculator

Quartic Software is the parent founder of this app. Well as the name might have suggested you, it’s an app that calculates, simple as that.

But it’s not just any normal calculator out there, and well those normal calculators might not even be capable of solving an engineers daily life calculations, so that’s when the Real Calc comes into play.

It has a super brain that can very well get into calculations related to :-

  • Permutations,
  • combinations
  • probability
  • hyperbolic functions
  • or technically any other engineering thing whose existence might not even be known to you.

Engineering Unit converter

Yeah I know you might have scored super high with your engineering exams, but memorizing the units and writing them down is not the same as actually implementing them in real life , right?

I mean comm’n, who just s thousands of units, some which might you never even need, right? That’s where this tiny little app becomes your best friend.

It does exactly what its name claims it to do, it converts units, simple as that. It can cover every aspect and unit when it comes to engineering, be it entropy, length, current or whatever else, it knows its job well.

Engineering dictionary

Engineering dictionary is what you’re gonna fall in love with if literature isn’t your field of expertise.

You might be good with Mathematics and physics, but chill, you don’t have to be a poet too, with super high sense of diction. And it might not be as easy for you memorizing terms,but that’s a must for your career right?

Well thanks to this dictionary, now you don’t actually need to learn them all, all you need to do is fire up this handy app, and it’ll get you free access to over 50000 of terms related to engineering, so see? There’s your solution.

Final words

Doesn’t matter you’re a CAT aspirant, amateur hobbyist engineer, or just a student who might be looking for Best Engineering colleges in Pune ,  these apps are the one final collection you’re ever gonna need.

Oh and again not just apps, there are probably thousands of games too out there, designed specifically for engineers, ( Ah I forgot, engineers don’t get time to play games, huh? )  Still, you might perform a Google search and come up with some cool ideas.

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