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If you want to get more out of your smart phone device just changing it for another handset will not do the trick. Your new handset would still be limited in terms of using any SIM card in the world you want. You need to consider a different type of change. Lots of people still don’t know that the easiest and simplest way to make this change is actually free of any charge. They still don’t know that there is this incredible tool, known as IMEI Changer Apk that they can get for free and solve all their issues in ne swift move.

The IMEI change has a lot of positive side effects. It is not just about changing some code that we don’t bother to understand. But if we did we would realize that this 15-digit code contains a lot more details then we ever imagined. The IMEI code can be used to trace all past activity of the device you’re using at the moment. It can be used to change the status of your device from SIM locked to SIM card unlocked; it can even be used to remove the black-list tag on your cell phone device. That’s why if you have any difficulty with the above mentioned situations the best solution for you would be the IMEI change. As you can conclude on your own this IMEI cod e is not just a code, it is much more than that, it’s like the name and surname of your device or like a file that has all the ins and outs of your device enclosed. It would be safe to say that to perform the change of this code is not something that can happen out of the blue, or something that we can do simply by fiddling in the menu of our phone. You will definitely need a helping hand to make the IMEI change possible, and what better help than the free IMEI Changer Apk.

To be able to use the IMEI Changer Apk correctly and successfully, you don’t need to know a lot about how specific software application tools work. In fact, only minimum skills are required, that of downloading and installing a program. As far as I can tell anyone can do that, so if you’re not too confident in your computer skills, there is no room for worry. Just download and install this incredible IMEI Changer Apk and use the following steps as your guide:

  1. Dial *#60** to discover your mobile phone’s IMEI code. Once it flashes on your screen carefully write it down on a piece of paper.
  2. Grab your USB cable and connect your computer to your mobile phone using it.
  3. Open the IMEI Changer Apk and wait for your mobile phone to be recognized.
  4. Once this is done enter the IMEI code you wrote on that piece of paper.
  5. Select the model of your cell phone device and the carrier you’re currently using.
  6. Provide a valid email address and
  7. Hit the IMEI change option.

After you’ve done this all the restrictions you had on your mobile phone would seem like a distant past. Change your IMEI immediately and be a firsthand witness of the ability of the free IMEI Changer Apk!



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