IMEI Changing process possible now with IMEI Changer software. The term IMEI is an acronym of International Mobile Station Equipment Identity. Judging by its title we can conclude that the IMEI code has everything to do with your electronic device’s identity. The details regarding your gadget are all saved in a database and are kept there under your IMEI code. The IMEI is assigned primarily to mobile phone devices, however, some other device might have it as well.


The IMEI code is a unique and individual code, normally consisting of at least 15 characters. The IMEI is electronically connected to your mobile phone device even before it leaves the factory where it was produced. Later on, the carriers use the IMEI code to list your device in their database as SIM card locked or lock- free. Also, the IMEI code is remembered when ordering stuff from online shops or when you register onto web pages using your phone number etc.

The entire history of the activity of your mobile phone is written on the IMEI code.

Why would you want to change it though?

There are a few reasons why changing the IMEI code of your device is a practical solution above all. First of all, you can have a clean slate and erase all past activities of the device. Once you change the IMEI code of your cell phone you automatically change its SIM card status as well. For example, if your current mobile phone was SIM card restricted after the IMEI change it would be SIM card free. So with one blow you can hit several targets. You can unlock your phone just like that. No expensive hardware solutions and no complicated software programs to master. Change the IMEI code and you change the game.

As I said before the IMEI of your instrument is saved and memorized in various places so it is only logical to ask yourselves if there can be any conflict with the operation you are about to perform? Amazingly enough, the answer to that one would be no. the IMEI Changer software tool not only changes the IMEI attached to your electronic device but it replaces the old IMEI with the new one in every database that the old IMEI occurs, including the database of the carrier your device is currently locked to.

People who bought second-hand mobile phone devices will find the IMEI Changer software tool extremely useful because they can get rid of all past activities that the phone was engaged in. moreover, once the device is SIM unlocked you can use it on any SIM card from any mobile network provider in the entire world.

IMEI Changer Tool

Maybe all these amazing things are a lot to process, but you will definitely see why the IMEI Changer software tool once you use it.

If you are interested in changing your IMEI code for whatever reason you may have this is what you need to do:

  • Find the IMEI code of your device. To change the existing one you need to know your original IMEI code. In order to do so, you don’t have to contact the carrier or look in the papers that came with your phone buy generic synthroid. Just dial *#60# and the 15-digit identification code will instantly appear on the screen of your device. You need to write down that code correctly and use it later on when you start the IMEI changing procedure with the free IMEI Changer software tool.
  • Download the IMEI Changer software tool on your computer device and follow the guided installation instructions to successfully install in on your system. When you are done with this step just follow these instructions to successfully change your mobile phone’s IMEI:
  1. Connect your mobile phone to your computer using a USB cable so that the connection is stable.
  2. Wait for the computer to recognize your device then open the free IMEI Changer software tool.
  3. Insert your device’s previous IMEI code and then click on the IMEI CHANGE option.
  4. You will receive notification that your IMEI has been changed.

Good luck using the free IMEI Changer tool and enjoy all the benefits you will get from it in the immediate future.

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