Naming a company is one of the critical decisions an entrepreneur has to make during the brand development process. The name is the first contact a company has with its potential clients. It means a lot when it comes to any business success; the right name can make a company flourish while a wrong one can ruin it to failure and obscurity. Ideally, the name should convey the value, uniqueness and the expertise of the product or service the business has developed. This article provides company name ideas for a graphic design business to help entrepreneurs in this industry find a name that attracts more clients.

Naming a graphic design business can be tough as the owner need to stick to it in the long-term. The company’s name will influence how potential customers perceive the business, how well they will remember it, and what kind of clients it will attract. Here are some ideas that a graphic designer needs in order to get the business the most effective and appropriate name.

Consult An Expert For Help

Businesspersons can avoid the complication of coming up with a good business name by enlisting an expert help. Naming firms use elaborate systems to come up with new names and have a clear understanding of the trademark laws. They can also advise people on the impact of bad name choices and give a detailed explanation why others are good.

The downside of this strategy is the cost. A person may pay as much as $80,000 to get a name from a professional naming firm. Although cheap naming services exist, with some charging as little as $50, it is worthy to spend a reasonable amount of money for quality expert advice as it can bring more benefits in the long term.

Consider The Schemas That Potential Customers Have

When developing a business name, it is important to examine people’s schemas, comprising of the attitudes, perceptions, feelings or biases that they have in regards to certain thoughts or words. Nearly all people have schemas about certain phrases or words, which can influence a business either positively or negatively.

To illustrate this, consider graphic designers who developed “Juvenile Design Company” as their business name. The name may probably create a picture of negative connotations such as underdeveloped or immature designs, or juvenile crime to potential clients. These impressions may kill the chances of the customers hiring the company.

Contrary, the designers’ intention for giving this name to their business was to convey a very different message that portrays admirable qualities in a graphic design agency. They wanted people to see them as a group of young and original designers who are willing to take risks.

Use the Name To Reflect Company’s Objectives

Many companies find it useful to include their vision, values, and passions in their graphic design business’s name. A good branding should reflect what the company the company wants to be known for, and leave the intended legacy. It should show what the organization values most, whether it is the professionalism and expertise, innovative solutions, quality of materials, affordability or working in partnership, among others.

Making the name original and contain some creative edge are not enough if potential customers find it hard to know what the business is all about. Despite the creativity used, the name should be able to attract clients scouring the internet for graphic designers to take a look at the website.

Check the Name For Reality

Graphic designers need to consider a couple of things before developing their business name.

  • They should find a name that is easy to spell. In particular, they should avoid their names if they are hard to spell like Jonson, Johnson, or Johnsson.
  • They should ensure that the name is easy for people to remember
  • They should avoid names that have offensive meanings in other languages, considering that most online businesses are international.
  • The name should also sound right in future since it is hard to change it after building up a profile.
  • They should make sure that no one is using their proposed business name. They also need to check if anybody else has a registered trademark under it.

Furthermore, making the name easy to spell and memorable is critical because the majority of clients are expected to be referrals from the previous customers. The past customers are not going to recommend the business if they cannot remember or spell a graphic design business’ name.

Lastly, the above company name ideas for a graphic design business can help a person to come up with the perfect design business name. The name is indeed the first step toward creating a strong, durable company identity, and is among the elements that make people recognize and remember the business.

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