The gaming and animation industry is one of the highest growing industries in the current scenario of technological advancements and digitalization of the world. The industry offers a bundle of opportunities for competent aspirants seeking to enter and grow in the field.

It is important to select the best institute for the students to get a deeper knowledge of the field and develop their skills. Some of the well-reputed institutes in this field are listed below in no particular order.

Zee Institute of Creative Arts, Mumbai

Established in 2012, Zee Institute of Creative Arts is a private college known for the courses it has to offer, Certificate in Graphic design, 2D Animation, Gaming to name a few.

ZICA is a part of Zee Learn Ltd., which was established in 1994 as a division of Zee Networks to focus on providing education. Zee Institute of Creative Arts is a unique institute providing Animation and Gaming courses with a well-balanced focus on personality as well as professional development of its students.

ZICA focuses on developing its students in order to prepare them to step into the industry, well equipped with a relevant skill set to succeed. ZICA helps its students to kick start their career by placing them in prestigious companies like Anibrain, TATA ELXSI, Dart Inc.

Asian Institute of Gaming and Animation

Established in 2008, Asian Institute of Gaming and Animation is a private college offering courses like Bachelor of Fine Arts (Digital Art and Animation), Professional Diplomas in Animation, Game programming, and game art.

AIGA was one of the first to be established as a dedicated institute for gaming and animation. Ever since it was established in 2008, it has grown to be popularly acknowledged as one of the finest institutes in the industry.

AIGA provides a well-structured balance between academics and professional practices with relevant hands on experiences to give their students relevant exposure. This helps the students develop their skills and enabled them to join major studios like Rockstar Games, Sumo Digital.

Arena Animation, Bangalore

Established in 1996 as the educational arm of Aptech Ltd., Arena Animation offers Animation, Web design, VFX and Multimedia courses.

Arena Animation aims at equipping their students with the relevant basic knowledge in animation & gaming and developing their skills to build them to be the most sought after professionals in the industry.

Since its establishment, Arena Animation has equipped over 400,000 students with the skills they need to succeed.

Arena Animation delivers its courses in a career-oriented manner to ensure the most effective training.

Arena Animation is confident in building competent professionals for the industry, offering them 100% job placement with well-reputed companies like ICI Dulux, VivahaBandhan, and Udaya. Arena Animation was awarded the ‘Best Placements Award’ for the year 2014-15.

Maharashtra University of Information Technology (MUIT)

Formerly known as Picasso Animation College, the Department of Animation at MUIT offers Animation and Multimedia courses with life skills. The department of animation was awarded the “Best Animation Institute of the Year 2010” at the 4th animation contest award ceremony held in IIT, Delhi.

The Institute delivers its courses adhering to global standards to hone the skills of its students and preparing them to be professionals being able to handle international projects.

The department of Animation has set up international alliances and staffed with a competent faculty to provide expertise in animation production and relevant academia.

The department of Animation hosts workshops and events for the students to gain a better exposure and perspective, on top of what they learn in regular classes.

Ipixio Animation College

Ipixio Animation College is a UGC Recognized private College offering courses like Bachelors in Media Animation & Design and diplomas in Media Design, 3D Animation, Game art Professional.

Ipixio Animation College provides its students with certifications in real time projects to help them develop their career. The institute also helps its students get internationally recognized professional certifications from software companies.

iPAC hosts Web seminars with experts in the industry to provide students their expertise and insights every quarter.

iPAC proves its career-oriented approach by providing its students relevant Industry internships and 100% placements.

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