With the 21st century comes a new form of sports spectating, made possible thanks to technology and video games.Taking the world by storm, eSports has grown from a small cottage industry into a business that is raking in billions of dollars a year.Providing the opportunity for people to become professional gamers and make a living through their skillset, eSports is only growing in popularity.In 2013 alone, it is estimated that more than 71.5 million people watched eSports.

With the rise of eSports have come pre-workout supplements designed to improve reaction time and ability of players.A possible source of conflict, the eSports world has yet to take definitive steps of either limiting what people can take or banning certain substances from play.With that in mind, below we take a quick look at sSports and the rise of pre-workout supplements for gamers.

Performance Enhancing Drugs

Known as PED for short, performance-enhancing drugs are not relegated to physical sports alone.In the world of eSports, it is not uncommon for top players to use stimulants or pre-workouts that are usually designed for bodybuilders or athletes to improve their reaction time.

For example, some individuals take different types of stimulants in order to gain a competitive advantage.Reports suggest that some of the top players take upwards of 3 different stimulants at a time when playing professionally.Reports of drug use are so widespread that some types of games assume that every player will be taking drugs like Adderall.

Health Risks

Any drug or supplement, regardless of the purpose, poses a risk if abused.The pre-workout supplements for gamers in eSports are no different.Overdose, addiction and even serotonin syndrome are all potential issues that can arise from taking pre-workout supplements.Weight-loss is another common side effect of these drugs, where an individual will lose an unhealthy amount of weight as a result.In addition to the actual drugs on the market, there are also things like energy drinks specially designed to help gamers.Advertised towards those who enjoy the eSports competition, their true effects are still unknown.

Where We Stand Now

Despite how frequent PED’s and energy drinks are used, the World Anti-Doping Agency has yet to outlaw any of them for sanctioned competitions.At the same time, the International e-Sports Federation has been set up to begin looking at potentially outlawing some of the more harmful pre-workout supplements.Until then, the world of e-Sports will be left in the odd state where performance-enhancing drugs are not only legal but required as well.

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