Over the past years we have seen many Bethesda games which are not complete unless there aren’t any custom mods release for it which make their game so interesting. Over the past months a lot of beautiful and funky mods have been revealed for the Fallout 4 but today we are going to show a graphics trick using which you can give Fallout 4 a complete Borderlands makeover.


A Reddit user revealed a graphics trick using which you can make the world of Fallout 4 look totally different, it turns the whole world of wasteland into Borderlands universe which gives the game totally different in terms of visuals. This is also one of the main advantage having PC to play games, you can apply MOD to any game you want following the game supports it. You can also check other amazing Fallout 4 Mods on the internet.

Tutorial: How To Give Fallout 4 a Complete Borderlands Makeover

As far as the Borderlands makeover for the Fallout 4, there won’t be any change in the gameplay as mentioned its just a graphics trick that will only change Fallout 4 world look like Borderlands. You can follow the steps as mentioned on TechTime. If you have any difficulty or trouble setting the graphics tweak you can also watch the video below which will guide u in detail how it’s done.

Few days ago we also reported the Fallout 4 becomes the best selling game of 2015 though The Witcher 3: The Wild Hunt won almost every Game of the Year Award. Apply the graphics tweak and do tell us your view and experience of Borderlands in Fallout in the comments.

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