Have you ever been at the crossroads of buying new peripherals and contemplating whether you need a new keyboard or make do with that 1998 Microsoft keyboard you have lying around, will it actually make a difference on your gaming performance and overall improve the gaming experience? absolutely, the vast majority of PC gamers don’t know the advantages of mechanical keyboards.

since they are using actual switches placed underneath the top membrane of the keyboard they are much more responsive to the touch and you don’t have to press the key quite as hard to actually get a response on the screen, for a MOBA and FPS gamer that slight delay of a non-mechanical keyboard can be the matter of life or death.

What It Feels Like When Converting To a Mechanical Keyboard?

After finally giving in to the fuss about mechanical keyboards I decided to swap out my old dell keyboard for a Blackwidow and there were surprising results. Not only was I typing much faster than usual but i felt much lighter doing my work, my fingers didn’t get as tired as they did and I was feeling much more comfortable on the Blackwidow than I was on my dell one, even though it was a whole new experience. The first week of using the mechanical keyboard, typing, and playing was awkward. Since I wasn’t so used to of the low delay times and the lighter feel. While playing DOTA 2, I experienced much better casting times and much more responsive spell casts and while playing CS:GO I found that even just moving around felt really light and responsive, grenade and weapon switching was more effective and I was even bunny hopping much more often than I was before. The real test wasn’t few hours but those gaming marathons back to back, the difference was actually very major, my left hand and fingers which almost all the time cramped up and hurt after playing for several hours non-stop were feeling much better even after my binge-gaming. And all the while not compromising my experience at all.

Is Switching To Mechanical Keyboards Worth It For The Price?

Well, there are a lot of misconceptions about gaming keyboards all being super expensive, these days there are gaming keyboards which offer mechanical switches will provide a great experience without having to dig deep into your pocket, like the Storm QuickFire Rapid from Cooler Master which is about 75$, or a much more affordable Tomoko Blue Switch which is for $55, which is a steal.


The final words for Gaming Mechanical keyboards is that your experience will before the better, in most cases. Once you get the initial feel for them there is no going back to anything else.

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