School can be boring sometimes, especially in computer class when you are done with all your work. In computer class and lunch breaks me and my friends would often compete against each other playing flash online games. Many of these games are terrible though lol. I would say 1 out of 10 games are very entertaining though, you just have to play through a few to find the best ones usually. My personal favorites game types to play against friends were either addictive score-based or games with tons of depth and upgrades. These were definitely most competitive for us. The following list are my top 5 games we loved to play along with a lot honorable mentions. The list is not really in any order of worst to best, it’s just our favorites that we think everyone could enjoy. Most of these games can be found by searching for “Unblocked Games” or the games name. My personal favorite place to play free online games is at Unblocked Games Pod website because it has a lot of my favorites. Please school gamers don’t be too critical of this list, just my opinion.

5. Moto X3M 3

By far the best flash motorcycle game I have played. Also available on android devices, this game is crazy addicting. Try to ride through the levels as fast as you can without crashing to earn a 3 star rating. The levels are full of traps. You will be required to move your bike mid air and perform stunts like back flips to avoid hitting obstacles. Over 21 tracks to play through and all kinds of motorcycle riders that can be unlocked by collecting a certain amount of stars. If you like this one be sure to also search for part 1 and 2, they are also just as great!


4. Bowman 2

This is just a great classic bow game to play against the computer or with a friend when you are at max boredom lol. Playing as stickman with bows take turns shooting at each other until someone is dead. The hard part is getting the right distance and height to accomplish this. The challenge is also what keeps it suspenseful and you coming back for more.


3. Bloons Tower Defense 5

Also available on Steam as a PC game purchase. This fun Money’s against balloons Tower Defense game can be played for free online with almost all the same features as the PC stand alone version. What makes Bloons defense series so special is the amount of depth put into them, upgrades and the challenge if you decide to play them on hard mode. If you get into it, trying to unlock everything and beefing up your units this game will have you playing for hours or days upon end. Try it out and protect your fortress from these pesky balloons!


2. Super Smash Flash 2

Ok well I was going to place the unofficial fan created flash version of Super Smash Bros at the #1 spot but I thought fighting games don’t appeal to everyone. This is for sure the most jam packed game with content on the list though. Featuring tons of your favorite Nintendo characters and game modes. Can be played against the computer or friends locally and online. It even has training mode levels. Keep on beating down and knocking off players off the platforms to win the matches. Its another one that can played for hours without getting bored!


1. Cubefield

A lot of people will not agree with me on this one. Its just a racing game with nothing else most would say! Let me explain, for sheer fun me and my friends had of who could race to the further distance. Day after day trying to beat our records, this is a one of a kind game. At first you will think the game does not change, but if you race far enough without crashing it becomes ever harder and the blocks and background do change colors. That’s how you know you are gaining a good score.


Honorable Mentions

If you did not like the above games on the list I recommend trying these out also! They are great also and really deserve praise.

> Kingdom Rush & Kingdom Rush Frontiers – This and Bloons TD series are by far the best Tower Defense flash games. Worth playing for sure.
> Swords And Souls – A fun fighting game with RPG elements and training. It could have you playing for days if you get into it.
> – If you can find a version unblocked its a great new aged snake game played online were you knock into people and eat there energy to grow bigger.
> Strike Force Heroes Series – Part 1, 2, 3 are amazing. Part 2 is my favorite. This is the best 2D action games series if you like shooting guns and platforming.
> Drag Racer V3 – A great game for kids that like cars. Buy, race and upgrade real life cars. It’s addicting!
> Learn To Fly Series – In these 3 games you teach a bird how to fly. Gain upgrades and keep trying to make it further and further.
> HiRoads – A fun game where you go through levels and try to keep this ball from falling off the edge.

The list can go on and on. So many great flash games that offer hours of fun. Next time your are bored at school be sure to check this page out for reference or just find out what you like to play for yourself!

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