A virtual reality headset, which is developed by Oculus VR, is now in stores. If we converse about technology, with every twin second a fresh thing is invented. People are working from dawn to dusk to invent new stuff, which is simple to use. However, different games have been made which can be played by wearing oculus rift. Yes, your wait is over now. It’s time to play games a bit differently. A number of games are now in stores, which are based on these new technologies. Here are the top 5 oculus rift games that will give you a new dimension to watching everything. You can also check Oculus Rift Hands-on Review.


It is one of the popular games and released worldwide. The developer of this game is insomniac games. The release year of this game is 2016. In this game, you travel across the mountains of Antarctic, in search of missing team. Your role is an inspector, who is in a horrifying world. You discover and explore different unknown things in that area. Edge of nowhere is the game which will give you new missions to accomplish.


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