What’s the best way to start 2017, maybe go to the gym, eat healthy, this may be true for the average guy but not for SONY. SONY has something else in mind.

On the 12th of January on PlayStation YouTube channel, a preview trailer of a game called Life Of Black Tiger was released, enraging as well as amusing countless fans.


The game looks Like a true classic, although the graphics may not be the best, the message it brings is powerful. This game isn’t made by SONY but it shows of the potential of bringing in indie games into the system.

On PC, Steam provides game developers to publish their games through Greenlight. Which has caused a massive rise in indie game for the platform. However, the fact that Sony has taken the initiative to bring a rather underdeveloped game into the limelight shows Sony’s commitment to the indie game market.

Life Of Black Tiger is available on the PlayStation store for $10. The game is not the best there has been but it is definitely a first step into bringing more indie games to the PS4.


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