Resident Evil 7: Biohazard is an upcoming Capcom game whose release is a blink away on the 24th of this month. The game looks decent enough on paper and a lot of people have previewed it already. The question is that will it be worth the $60 or will it be an Outlast rip off?
The Resident Evil series has definitely taken an unexpected turn. The genre went from being a fixed camera game to an over the shoulder game Resident Evil 4 we all loved to now, a proper first person horror game.

I hope this new format of playing (First person horror) works out for the best. Since Resident Evil 6 was such a disappointment, the company seems to be looking towards successful horror games like Outlast to revive the series.

Resident Evil 7: Biohazard will feature 15 – 20 hours of gameplay and perhaps none of the Resident Evil 4 vibe we all wanted. As a hardcore Resident Evil fan, I suspect the game will be marvelous. The simple fact is that Capcom combined a creepy horror theme with a well-written script into a well known and loved series.

All speculations, however and 24th will be the time when undoubtedly gamers will be pooping themselves playing the game.

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