No Man’s Sky was one of the most anticipated and exciting games of 2016 and guess what today it just broke the official record for lowest steam rating. Yeah, that’s right, from the most anticipated game it also became the most hated game ever.
Though not sure about you guys, I really enjoyed my time with the No Man’s Sky. Exploring planets, completing quests and then moving to another planet was a nice experience. But it looks like Hello Games has suffered a lot and I really sympathize but I need to ask a question first that was all that hate for No Man Sky really worth it? Did Hello Games really deserve what they got?
The way I see things is that from the start No Man’s Sky has been a victim of Internet hype which generated a huge amount of excitement and also Sean Murray (Founder of Hello Games) ended up generating a hype and excitement for the game. Now we really don’t know he meant it or not but the thing is No Man’s Sky is not that bad game after all. It’s just it is not the game we expected it to be. And for that reason it is our fault that we expected a lot from something which was never meant to offer that much.
Still, different people have different opinions but in my book, I wouldn’t accept No Man’s Sky as the world’s lowest steam rated game.

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