Assassins Creed has been a friend of every gamer since its release in 2008. Not to say that the franchise has had its fair share of ups and downs. Chapters like Assassins Creed 2 Brotherhood and Assassins creed 4 Black Flag have been a game changer. The games are an open world, immersive and history based version of the fan favorite prince of Persia. Some games were a huge disappointment and led many to utter the words ‘no more’, but to everyone’s surprise. Ubisoft took a bold move and announced in August 2013 that a new game will be released every year.


Now let’s not forget this is not FIFA or NBA that fans need an updated version every year. Games like Black Flag and Brotherhood had a huge gap in between making them very different era’s yet with the same mechanics. To no one’s amazement, Assassins Creed Syndicate that was released in 2016 was huge disappointment reflecting the decision of releasing a new game every year. It looked jaded and not because of its time period but the fact that like Assassins Creed 3 you could not walk three feet without an interrupting cut scene. I understand the early establishment of a character giving depth. Characters are more understood through cut scenes but we are not playing an interactive movie. A game is supposed to be enjoying not annoying.


The latest installment Assassin Creed Syndicate was a proof of a neglected team as a laggy, glitchy game which seems to be in a hurry to catch up to the 21st century with each series. It can be agreed by majority that there is no problem with going back to your roots and capturing the Ezio Auditore experience. Rediscover the essence that made this game the flagship of Ubisoft and enhance the experience not the cut scenes. Ezio, Kenway are names that still ring in a true fan’s ear so why not do something in the same universe and give fans a reason to come back. As much as black flag was glitchy, I am pretty sure everyone was looking forward to an improved version of it in the next installment. More options for customization and exploration but in return we got was Assassin Creed Rogue and Unity.


Ubisoft took a smart step something that they should have not done years ago and taken a gap till the next installment. They however are sticking to their mindset of changing the era even though there’s only a certain distance an ‘apple of Eden’ can fall far from the tree. The emphasis should be now on the game mechanics and as immersive open world, where many have surely spent hours playing the mini games, upgrading their ships, weapons and many more. The future of this franchise if based on Assassins Creed Syndicate is looked at closely then it is very bleak. If they take this time to regroup and actually understand what the fans want from a game that keeps on coming back in a couple of years. Rather than experimenting and taking risks, I am pretty sure Assassins Creed will be a game remembered as a truly historical game without any permanent damage.

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