Several Final Fantasy games have made their way to Steam from the past few months and Square Enix also have announced that many other games in the series will make its way to PC in the coming Future. Today we have a great news for Final Fantasy fans because it’s confirmed that another classic entry in the series will make it’s way to steam during 2016 and it’s the PlayStation Classic Final Fantasy IX.

alt="Final Fantasy IX"

The PC port of the classic Final Fantasy IX has been revealed today with a new trailer. The trailer features the gameplay and some cutscenes from the game. The visual of the gameplay in the trailer are different than the original game which shows the PC version will have improved and enhanced graphics. Aside from this Square Enix has also confirmed that the game is also coming for Android and iOS in 2016.

Final Fantasy IX will makes it way to Steam during 2016 though the actual date is not mentioned, also not much information is available at the moment. But off course it will be made visible in the coming days and months so stay tuned and keep visiting to keep yourself updated.

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