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‘If you have not played Pokémon as a kid then you have had no childhood’. This is a saying that is as true and clear as Ash’s love for Pikachu. With the release of Pokémon Sun and Moon dawning I wanted to shed some light on the franchise overall. This article is for those who are not aware about the gaming half of the industry and for those who are aware of it none the same.

Starter Pokemons

Japan released the first game on the Gameboy in 1998. From then on the steadiness of the games have been consistent and pleasing. Many times the criticism for games that are prolonged and stretched is justified. Pokémon is the exception to that rule. The Game Boy became a trusted hand held to play the games on including Game Boy Color and Game Boy Advance also for years. They all started the same yet the addiction of ‘Gotta catch em all’ was real and very enjoyable.

Game Boy's

The games were following the anime religiously and side by side introducing the multiplayer element too (transferring Pokémon from one hand held to another). To someone who is not aware of this, the game may seem redundant to them thinking it’s the same thing but until and unless the Pokémon’s information isn’t recorded in the Pokedex the true nature of their use cannot be known. Magikarp’s transforming into Gyarados, Charmanders into Charmeleon’s hell even Oddish’s into Gloom’s seem like an arsenal for defeating the likes of Mew Two and other legendary Pokémon’s. The true strategy of the player is revealed because the game has established weaknesses and powerful tactics for the person to experiment with.

Pokemon Game Cartridges

In 2006 the fourth generation of the game was released on the Nintendo DS giving the game an even bigger boost with keeping the same mechanics and that ever so immersive storyline. Introduction of new species in the anime and subsequently in the game kept it fresh for the players. The change in the graphics that were improving overtime gave it quite an edge. The revolutionary handheld of Nintendo was taking huge strides with this match made in heaven just like the Game Boy’s. Pokémon’s partnership with the Nintendo DS hand held went on till 2011 till the release of the advances in the Hand Held consoles.


The sixth released in 2013 and seventh current generation of the game with a release in late 2016 are on the Nintendo 3DS hand held. Suffice it to say the game has never looked more beutiful with 3D rendering, increasing maneuverability and character depth. Consoles were not left out by the franchise even though they are not recognized much for the go to gaming for the ultimate experience. Wii U, Nintendo 64 and GameCube were given a taste of the familiarity of the hand held games. Still the familiar characters breathed life into the different genre games.  The series has recorded sales till 2015 of over 270 million units. This makes it THE most bestselling video game. The generations of the game have evolved to our generations too. Sophistication of the graphics, strategies, imagination and types of Pokémon’s have developed maturely too.


The ‘Pokémon gaming experience’ so far

Many hardcore fans boycott the games due to the increasing of the Pokémon’s from the original. This is understandable but progress has to be made for the changes in the industries. The new game Pokémon Sun and Moon is the first of hopefully many installments in the seventh generation. The previous games Pokémon X and Y have been a big success for the new fan base and the old. With not just a few but hundreds of hours spent on each of these games, the dedication of the franchise is duly noted. I just hope the steadiness of there excellent record making games has a long lasting effect on audience. The franchise has already been a game changer for the people’s perception of hand held games and animated games besides classics like Mario, Zelda and etc. For those who have not played any of the previous games, who are not fans of the anime or those who want a different experience should DEFINITELY think of investing in the game.

Pokemon Sun and Moon

The updates will start appearing next month for Pokémon Sun and Moon and I for one am really excited to get my hands on it when it releases. What do you all think of the franchise so far?

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