You may have seen the many movies about the ninja and their thriller moves. To be sure, there are a few legendary stories that encompass the ninja family. The Dragon Ninja Rush depends on the incredible and legendary story of the Dragon Ninja Clan. It encompasses the lord and ruler of the ninja tribe. The players get a ninja and can prepare in ninja abilities in this game. You can race with your ninja also and have control notwithstanding when you confront diverse difficulties and situations.

How To Play?

The game fixates on preparing to pick up ninja skills and how to end up a ninja warrior. You are put to race with your fellow ninjas and as you face diverse situations you will gather gems and gold coins. You will run, sliding, scrambling, avoiding, and dashing against others in this game. There are various missions that are fun and quick paced. A definitive point of the diversion is turning into a Ninja Champion. You will race and experiencing diverse levels as you attempt to achieve the highest point of the association. There would be a few difficulties confronted by a player and also rewards to procure when a player clears certain obstacles.


Challenges In The Game

The game offers differing levels of hindrances as one race to end up a Ninja champion. One would need to make sense of the approaches to hop, slide and gone through various snags. There are booby traps in abundance, for example, holes, walls, and spiky bamboo shafts. There may be red bulls sneaking around and shurikens which are lethal. Among free games, it is unquestionably worth taking a gander at. The individuals who cherish ninja games will without a doubt love this game too.


Special Features

Among the free game that are accessible on the web and through Google Play Store, this game guarantees a great deal of quick paced activity and awesome representation to pull in the players. There are capable magnets, rainbow spans, enchantment wands, flying rockets and shields to utilize and involvement in this game. There are pets and creatures and in addition who reinforce the skills of the players. Regardless of the possibility that it is sorted in battling recreations you will without a doubt observe the diversion to be fun and with a magnificent design.


What To Go For?

This ninja game may be among sonic games accessible and players should be stealthy, quick and solid keeping in mind the end goal to be effective in playing it. Each player needs to intend to gather pets and creatures which reinforce their abilities. With an accumulation of gem and gold players will have the capacity to update their ninja abilities. Here are some key approaches to play the game:

  • Tap to slide or hop over hurdles and obstacles.
  • Crush rivals and cover however much distance as could be expected.
  • Running a great amount of distance is imperative.
  • Diamonds and coins should be gathered as much as possible.


Sometimes you can discover different supports in the game that help you in somehow. Here’s a rundown of helps I have possessed the capacity to reveal:


  • Magnets will draw the majority of the encompassing coins towards you so you can focus just on keeping away from the hindrances and not squander time attempting to make sense of the most ideal course to take with a specific end goal to assemble however many coins as could be allowed.
  • Shields will render a defensive rise around your character, yet it will just shield you from one impact with an obstruction before vanishing. It’s still entirely helpful in circumstances where there’s just an excess of going on.
  • Rockets will make you fly truly quick while staying away from the greater part of the snags and gathering coins in the meantime. You can make a great deal of progress flying on a rocket and you can make it last longer by spending your coins on redesigns.
  • Potions will turn your face red from rage and make you become greater in size like Alice in wonderland. For whatever length of time that the elixir is dynamic you can gone through the majority of the hindrances as though they weren’t even there. You’re practically invulnerable at this stage.

It is additionally conceivable to fabricate one’s own particular ninja character. With such a large number of fascinating components, it guarantees to be a standout amongst the most addicting games for playing which players will love to download.


You gotta cherish the graphics and liveliness this Ninga game brings to the table. When you first launch the game, it’s promptly obvious that the developers have put some genuine work into making this diversion a reality so it’s quite reasonable that they have 100% positive input from kindred Play Store gamers.

The background music is stunning! It sounded to me like a blend of old eastern ninja tunes and drum and bass. Keeping in mind I just heard two tracks play all through the diversion, I appreciated the music enough to not quiet the sound impacts like I as a rule do with other versatile recreations.

This ninja warrior game is all around advanced for both smartphones and tablets and despite the fact that my Samsung Galaxy S3 is over 4 years of age, I was still ready to appreciate an extremely smooth gameplay. Hell, even the promotions that show up when you bite the dust appeared to be advanced on the grounds that I can more often than not feel no less than a tiny bit of slack sitting tight for the advertisements to stack in other comparable running games.


So why wait? Go now and download the Dragon Ninja Rush from PlayStore and iTunes and for  start your Ninja Adventure now.

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