So you just bought a copy of Ubisoft latest third-person shooter, Tom Clancy’s The Division and you need to know how to level up fast to compete against other players online. The following guide is dedicated to all those who want to know how to level up fast in The Divison. Follow the steps below to know the best ways to level up fast in the world of The Division.

How To Level Up Fast in The Division

Focus on Story Missions

The-Divison                  First of all the story missions, yeah that’s right simply progressing through story missions will help you gain more XP hence you’ll level up fast. Aside from that, you can also replay the story missions as many times you want. You can also increase the difficulty level on each mission, which means playing on a higher difficulty will earn you more rewards and experience.

Never Leave Security Missions

Aside from the main story missions, security missions are also a good way to level up fast. These are site activities within the game other than story missions. If you don’t know playing security missions will help you earn a perk known as “Experienced Agent Perk” which helps people earn 10% more XP.

Wander Through The Dark Zone Often

You probably know about the Dark Zone within the Division world. You should wander through the Dark Zone often as it helps earn more XP, its same as Dying Light night time when you get more XP spending time out of safe zone at night. But be careful because if you die in the dark zone you will respawn with a rank drop that’s why people suggest to level up before wandering into the dark zone.

Go Rogue or Hunt Them Down

If you want to know what it’s like to earn more XP you should definitely go rouge. Going rouge will allow you to earn more XP unless you survive till your rogue meter drops back to normal. Killing more people in a rogue state will help you get more rogue level which increase the price on your head. This is also little risky because if you get hunted down in rouge state you’ll respawn will you ranks drop. Aside from that when you get to know about a rogue in your area hunting them down is also a great way to earn more experience.

Follow the above points to level up fast in Division and if you know any tricks please do share with us in the comment section below.

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