Let me tell you that a good story is what attracts most gamers. The feeling that your hero does what you want him to do is unmatchable. It captivates you emotionally and you literally feel a part of something grand.

In the last decade or so, the gaming world has seen some incredible story driven games that not only had an emotional effect on us but have become a hardcore reality as well.

Now let us look back and see the top ten story driven games of the decade.

10)  Metal Gear Solid 4: Guns of the Patriot:


Developed by Kojima productions and published by Konami exclusively for PlayStation 3, this action-adventure stealth video game is technically like a wrap up for the series but the game gives a fair view of the relevant past events to keep new players in touch with the storyline. It is set around the events of Metal Gear Solid 2: Sons of Liberty that are now happening five years later.

9) Gears of War


This third-person shooter military science fiction video game came in 2006 and marked this franchise as one of the biggest among IPs of all time. The latest installment of this series that is Gears of War 4 will be releasing this year. But you must definitely check out Gears of War first, where the player assumes the role of Marcus Fenix who is on a war mission to save a fictional planet Sera from a relentless villain persistent on killing everyone on the planet. You can play it with friends as the game features online multiplayer up to eight.

Gears of War was the second most played game on Xbox Live in 2007 and marked itself as the 6th bestselling Xbox 360 game. Not just this, it has also packed 6 awards from critics for its game play and detailed visuals, so guys don’t miss this fun loaded package; just go and grab yourself a copy (if you haven’t already) and let the fun begin.

8) Gods of War

Based on the Greek Mythology, Gods of war is the second installment of the God of War series. The player controls the protagonist, Kratos who is driven by vengeance. This game features quick time events where the player has to complete several game controlled actions in a given time.

God of War II has marked itself as one of the best action games and play station 2 also in the Golden joystick Awards-2007 it was labeled as “PlayStation game of the year”. It managed to make 4.24 million copies worldwide, making it the 14th best-selling PlayStation 2 game of all time. Set in mythical Greek, this game makes you feel like an angry god ready to take his vengeance upon his enemies so get it and have the most amazing play time ever.

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