There are a ton of classical strategy games which can fit this criteria. The mentioned games are not only the editor’s favorite but loved by thousands if not millions.

Here are the top picks, in ascending order:

Stronghold Crusader 1

Stronghold crusader is the 2002 classic, developed by firefly studios is considered to be the best in the series. Not only is the game extremely fun and addictive, it is also very challenging.

The fight between the Arab and the English leaders in the crusades features many historically prominent characters like Saladin, Richard Lion Heart.

Age of Empires II: The Age of Kings

The Age of Empire series is perhaps the most known strategy game of all time, released in 1999 by Microsoft was definitely the cause of weakened eyesight all around the globe.

The game featured an extremely fun multiplayer as well as a well-structured single player, with campaigns featuring some historic entities like Genghis Khan and Joan Of Arc.

Heroes of Might And Magic III

Released in 1999 by 3DO, this all-time classic had made it to the desktop of gamers all around the globe. The fun of playing through the game, discovering and completing quests along with the fun battles. It is the perfect combination of several unique concepts into one game.

Warcraft III: The Frozen Throne

Expansion to Warcraft III, released in early 2003 was a very well-known real-time strategy game. Like age of empires, it had similar systems of construction and war but with more magic and mythical beasts.

Warcraft III paved way to the MOBA mod known as DotA (defense of the ancients) which was still very much played until early 2010.

StarCraft 1

Forget all the other classics, StarCraft 1 is perhaps the most iconic game of the 90’s. It was not only played all over the globe, in Korea, USA for instance, there were many competitions and this game can be considered one of the first globally accepted strategy game.

It features a real-time strategy system. This sci-fi game of the nineties was the cynosure of all the gamer’s eyes. The series is still alive today and all the sequels to the game are better than the last.


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