It is 2017 and we are about to see some great games this year. 2016 was a great year for gaming and gamers in general with games like battlefield 1, DOOM, Uncharted 4, Titanfall 2 been released but also competitions like the TI6 for DotA 2 which paved way and brought e-sports into a new era.

We have entered 2017 with high expectations, upcoming games have a legacy to keep, and now that gamers have high expectations from developers and won’t fall for something like No Man’s Sky again.


What We Want As PC Gamers

As of recently, PC gaming as a platform had been facing a downfall, not because of the number of people who use this platform but because of the horrible ports PC has received, infuriating the gamers at every step with horribly optimized games like Dishonored 2, Mafia 3.

What PC gamers have on Console gamers is perhaps the fact that they can request refunds and get cheaper games from 3rd party services, which has caused PC gamers to buy games without risking buying a broken game and wasting their money.

PC gamers want better ports, which perform better and don’t have fps caps, which can run well enough on lower-end hardware. Visuals are not great for the amount of hardware power required, like in Mafia 3. Cheaping out on optimization constantly is getting on the PC gamer’s nerves.

Cheaper virtual reality hardware. Consoles have gotten a very good deal with the PS VR, for just $500. Whereas PC gamers need to have at least a $600 or so PC and the added $700-$800 for the virtual reality device. This is a real issue since most of the modern end graphics cards and CPU’s boast about their virtual reality performance.


What We Want As Console Gamers


Console gaming has always had a good run, with optimized games with good visuals especially with the recent release of the Xbox One S and PS4 Pro. Although this seems like a good deal, console gaming still isn’t perfect.

Some of the biggest issues right now for console gamers is that games are expensive and if a game is not on par, they can’t really get a refund, especially with games like No Man’s Sky.

Expensive games are really an issue, with most big titles going from $60 – $70 even if they are bad, and the prices don’t go down for a long time. And if the game turns out to be horrible, they can’t do anything about it.

PS VR has been released for a few months now and still hasn’t had any major news for game releases and not much has been done to show the true capabilities of it.

Final Words

Although since gaming has been seeing good times for a while now, there are some things which we wail about every year but haven’t been improved for years. We can surely wish that this year works out for the best for all kinds of gamers.

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