Telltale’s Batman- Details confirmed

Telltale’s Batman game announced another chapter in Telltale’s lineup at the Game Awards in December 2015. It was specifically titled ‘Batman: Unmasked’. The trailer that was announced shows Telltale’s signature game physics. Looking at the success of the gaming franchise, it has changed the meaning of decision making in games. Obviously it is no surprise that Batman will be an amazing addition. The Walking Dead, Game of Thrones and The Wolf Among Us have made us wait in front of our screen for the next episodes to come out impatiently. An announcement trailer depicted Wayne in a black and white comic book world which shows the familiar nitty-gritty mechanism of Telltale.

Telltale’s Batman will be focused heavily either on Batman or Bruce Wayne. The ratio has not yet been disclosed. Many important characters like Alfred will be there but other extended bat family will not be there. Even though this was announced, if the game becomes popular I have a feeling these story changing characters might appear.

Batman Trailer

At SXSW panel many details were given to the fans. The game will be episodic over the course of several months like their previous games. Another major reveal was the fact that this game will be M-Rated and the panel explained it similar to an R-rated film. The game will be in the same tone as The Wolf Among Us and The Walking Dead. The appearance of the character as Bruce Wayne or Batman has not been disclosed but Telltale’s signature play style will let us make important decisions. We can choose to make Batman or Bruce portrayed exactly the way we want. To further explain if want to make Batman a talkative or quiet is up to you.

Telltale's Batman

What makes batman a feared hero is how good, ruthless and intelligent his enemies are. They however have not been disclosed so we have no idea if the maniac joker, extremely strong Bane or the power hungry Mr. Penguin are going to be there. A picture of the draft was shown by the staff and it seems very in-depth.

Batman Script


Many predictions are being made by the fans, who are no doubt intrigued because it seems that DC is stepping up their dominance of character development. Many have predicted that since Batman has such a big ‘Entrogue’ maybe other players can be played or even controlled. If this happens we know it will be to explain the particular character’s complexity. If you get to control Batman then we definitely should be able to control The Batmobile. It may not be exactly the way we expect. The controlling of the vehicle might be more limited like chasing a villain and pressing the buttons on the right time. This would entertaining nonetheless.


The best way to make this game a Telltale signature, Batman’s comic’s might not be followed so religiously. We all remember Telltale for given us the shock of killing off our favorite characters. We saw this in The Walking Dead with teary eyes so maybe it will happen the same with this game. If this installation goes well, then I am sure Telltale will explore more superheroes or even villains because who wouldn’t want to know why Joker is the way he is or The Green Arrow’s island story etc.


At the end of the day these are just predictions but what would you like to see in the future of Telltale’s groundbreaking gaming experience?

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