Piracy is perhaps the biggest issue for game developers to date. The games made after years of work becomes public property after being cracked.

Denuvo is an anti-tamper software developed to prevent this cracking, its success was high but, short lived as 3DM starting cracking Denuvo fairly quickly upon its release.

It seemed that Denuvo 2.0 changed the game for the Anti-tamper software, omitting weaknesses and holes in the software to a point where 3DM had to take a 1 year break as it got extremely frustrating to crack.

Just recently, CPY, another cracking group has made great progress in the cracking scene and very quickly. Games like FarCry Primal have been also cracked and a rather recent game Watch Dogs 2 has also been surprisingly cracked.

With the rise of CPY, it seems that Denuvo may not be a big issue for gamers looking for a free fix to their gaming needs.

However, the fact that Denuvo is constantly changing, it does seem that the next variant of Denuvo will be a much more harsh to crack. Unless of course cracking is the main purpose and not bypassing.

Final remarks

Piracy for the Pc is definitely on the rise again but not as much as it was before the advent of Denuvo. The great success of Denuvo is definitely a plus for the developers but a great minus for the pirates.


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