Dark Souls III – Is The Difficulty Overrated or Accurate For New Players?

Dark Souls III the much Now if you are looking for an easy answer to this question then you have to decide that on your own. This is the case with this game which is one of the most challenging modern time game. No offence to the other franchise’s but many games have become less challenging and with the difficulty choosing especially. The Witcher 3 is the best example because those who have survived the Death March difficulty. Dark Souls is on the same level as that. Before going further a game play showing us what we are dealing with.

Right of the bat we can see that there is going to be a lot of moving around. Those hard working fans who have played and survived the first two installations are quite familiar with this.  Obviously our decision of the choosing the right class will construct our gaming experience. There is no right answer for this more like the best class option according to your play style. You can be one of these classes Knight, Mercenary, Warrior, Herald, Thief, Assassin, Sorceror, Pyromancer, Cleric last but not least Deprived. Anyone new to this game avoid the last option unless you want to end up destroying your console from frustration.

You died

This game is truly a gift for players who want to endure punishments with watching the screen read out “YOU DIED” as seen above. It might seemed weird but some gamer’s actually like to be challenged not undermining the other percentage. Dark Souls III will truly test your patience and give you a proper run for your money. The new game will be more faster than the previous ones. There will be many similarities with the first game and even the graphics might not look too impressive the concept of the shield from Dark Souls II will be present.

Dark Souls III

Those familiar with Bloodborne, Miyazaki has said that the combat is “pretty similar to Bloodborne”.  Unlike Dark Souls I or II, players will be able to explore their type of play for example stealth are much easier to incorporate. The stances can be switched efficiently between them this means the combat has become faster with quick counterattacks.

Dark Souls III

In my personal opinion I would like to add that those who are new to this franchise to be weary. If you really insist on experiencing this game then I would suggest playing the old ones or at least watching some game play. With sincere honesty if you go the right way about this game then you will definitely be in a different league and genre of gamer’s. The worldwide release for this game is April 12, 2016 you have been warned. Till then enjoy these game plays and prepare yourselves beforehand.

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