Earlier today I/O Interactive has revealed that Hitman will feature DX12 support at launch i.e. Hitman will support latest API from Microsoft i.e. Directx 12.

Directx 12 has been known to improve gaming performance of games in Windows 10, but not only performance it also increase the beauty of graphics. I/O Interactive stated the following that what fans can expect from Hitman regarding DX12.

  • Improved and better multithreading
  • increased performance where CPU is bound
  • better performance for laptop gamers
  • asynchronous compute on AMD cards
  • early days but we will continue expanding and improving on the Dx12 experience in future releases

Alongside with that, I/O Interactive also revealed that its just the start that they started utilizing DX12 and will use it for future games. Well if you don’t know Xbox One will also use low-level API i.e. DX12 which means you can see a significant performance gain on Xbox look at here. Well Hitman not the only game you expect to use DX12. Microsoft revealed a trailer later which showed games which will be using Directx12 and promoted DX12.

You can watch the Trailer below.

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