As a PC gamer or a tech enthusiast, many of us do experiments on our PC, console or other tech hardware. But how far are you willing to go? Well if you ask me I would never do something stupid until I have searched about it over the internet or watched a video or two on YouTube.

A lot of problems will arise and sometimes they will be so complex that I suggest you take help from a friend or a professional who knows how stuff actually works. But if you consider yourself an expert go ahead but prepare yourself because you can also become that who recently drilled a hole in his NVIDIA GTX 98O Ti.

Yeah, that’s true one of your friend, a PC gamer, Zanderlinde actually did it. The story revolves around a stupid PC gamer Zanderlinde who built a glorious gaming PC few days ago which of course included a Zotac GTX 980 Ti AMP Edition.


Things were going great until he decided to do an upgrade. Yeah, it started when he moved to z170 mobo and i7 Skylake processor. He realized that the heatsink of his graphics card is too big and won’t fit in his chassis(made by himself). So he decided to bought a Corsair Hydro water cooler for it. But unfortunately, the holes on the cooler didn’t aligned properly with the holes on the graphics card. To which our genius friend decided to drill a hole, he could have replaced the cooler and bought another one but no our entusiast friend wanted to settle things on his own.

And here it is he end up drilling a hole on his GTX 980 Ti which ofcourse was a bad move and his graphics card died. You can see the hole he drilled on his graphics card which probably damaged the circuit of the graphics card board which resulted in his graphics card to go dead.

<a href="×576-1 see this website.jpg” rel=”attachment wp-att-599″>Zotac-GTX-980-Ti-1024x576And that’s not it after trying several times to fix it up he ended up breaking his card. Yeah by looking at the pic doesn’t look like he accidently broke it. Ofcourse he was angry at what he did and broke it to get rid away of the pain.Zotac-GTX-980-Ti--1024x576