Sony still hasn’t formally reported another PS4 Slim model, yet we definitely know a ton about it. YouTuber ZRZ grabbed one of the spilled frameworks which was sold on UK sell off site Gumtree and posted a full unpacking, from the ports on the back to the new controller with a light bar window on the touch cushion. His video’s since been pulled down, yet Daily Motion is as yet facilitating the reflected adaptation above.

We presumably won’t hear anything official from Sony until September (when the console might be authoritatively discharged), however until then here’s all that we think about the specs and subtle elements.

What does the PS4 Slim console resemble?


It’s a tad bit littler than the consistent PS4 as far as impression yet it’s generously more slender. It likewise doesn’t have that two-tone matte/polished configuration – the console has a matte complete all around aside from the sides and the PlayStation logo on the top.

What’s in the PS4 Slim box?


The case itself demonstrates the console and updated controller looking decent and slick on a white foundation over a wavy blue field of catch images. Inside it, the bundle accompanies the console, a controller, a wired amplifier/earpiece, a force link, a HDMI link, and a Micro USB link for charging and adjusting the controller.

Is the PS4 Slim good with PlayStation VR?


Yes, the back of the PS4 Slim box obviously demonstrates that the framework is PlayStation VR good, much the same as the first PS4 models. Keep in mind that you’ll require a PS4 Camera (which connects to the “AUX” port in the back) to utilize PlayStation VR, however.

What’s new with the PS4 Slim’s controller overhaul?


The PS4 Slim’s new DualShock 4 controller may appear to be indistinguishable to the old adaptation at to begin with, however it really has a couple of contrasts. For one thing, the controller’s light bar now looks through a little window on the front of the touch cushion, which will give you a chance to see its present shading all the more effectively. It likewise resembles the thumbsticks, D-Pad, and catches are a more great PlayStation dim as opposed to dark, and the little boards behind the catches and D-Pad have a matte complete that is steady with whatever is left of the controller.

What’s up with those images on PS4 Slim’s underside?


Gadgets regularly have minimal elastic feet on their undersides to keep them from sliding around on your rack. Sony gave an adorable gesture to the PlayStation controller catches by molding the PS4 Slim’s feet into circles, crosses, triangles, and squares.

Does the PS4 Slim have a stand?



It would appear that the standard PS4 Slim bundle doesn’t accompany a stand. In any case, there’s a strung opening on the right half of the console (shrewdly tucked away in the circle image) which appears as though it could be proposed for a stand to be sold independently.

What size HDDs does PS4 Slim accompany?


Until further notice, the main standard hard drive size we’ve seen for PS4 Slim is 500GB. It could get greater alternatives later on, However, I wouldn’t hold my breath since Slim is likely intended to be the financial plan neighborly choice by PS4 Neo.

Can you change the PS4 Slim’s HDD?


PS4 Slim moves the hard drive access from the highest point of the console to the back. You’ll locate a little corner board on the base right of the back that ought to pop right off, giving simple access without voiding your guarantee.

What ports does the PS4 Slim have?


Much the same as the normal ol’ PS4, PS4 Slim has two USB ports on the front of the console (and none on the back). They’re situated much further separated on the Slim, which is somewhat odd. On the back is a solitary port each for force, HDMI, ethernet, and “AUX” (that is the place the Camera connects to). PS4 Slim does exclude an optical sound port, not at all like the first PS4 model, so remember that on the off chance that you have a more established sound framework that needs an optical association.

What happened to the PS4 Slim’s light bar?


The old light bar that would glimmer and change hues to tell you what the PS4 was up to is still around… sort of. It’s been extremely scaled back into a little status marker light by the force catch. It’s a major elaborate change however it ought to be practically indistinguishable. I’ve heard bits of gossip that this light bar shrinkage is identified with the controller modification, however since the two pass on various types of messages (your PS4 booting effectively versus your Super capacity being charged, for case) I question it.

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