Studio Wildcard announced that ARK: Survival of the Fittest is now totally FREE and playable. The story was teased yesterday when ARK: Survival Evolved got its new trailer and was renamed to ARK: Survival of the Fittest. The game genre is “multiplayer online survival arena” which suggest that the game will be like Hunger Games where people participate to survive and win.

Download it now from Steam, ARK: Survival Evolved

Here’s the reveal trailer:

Survival of the Fittest first came on the scene as an in-game MOD but now the full game has converted and is now ARK: Survival of the Fittest. It will allow 70 players to battle online. The game now has 4 new modes, ranking and reward system, parties, lobbies and online matchmaking. The ARK team has also promised to keep the game alive with constant updates.

Survivor League

In addition to the free game, there will also be a “Survivor League” in which the players will be rewarded with cash prize which means ARK is going to evolve in future as a professional e-sports game. Evert month, in Survivor League the game developer will award every top 10 ranked player with $50,000 in each of the four game modes.


Game Details

As it will be online battle arena it means the game will be balanced. Like the Hunger Games, the game will begin in a neutral area with circular formation where they will face each other followed by a countdown. When countdown end, like the movie players can either rush towards supplies to pick up things or can disappear in the jungle and come later, if they survive. But in ARK world, there will be Dinosaurs, which you can tame and use them to their advantage.


Aside from the dinos, players will have access to different weapons, items. They can even set up deadly traps and build habitats to aid them in their survival journey.

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