Virtual Reality is new to the market but the concept has been there for a while. Before the Oculus Rift, PlayStation VR and the HTC Vive, there was the Samsung Gear VR.

The virtual reality market for games is still very small as the technology is rather new and underdeveloped yet improving, the eye grouching costs makes any gamer weak in the knees.

It may seem that the whole Virtual Reality concept is very amazing with a probability of awesome games to be released and played, the idea may seem like a god send. In reality however, the cruel cost of the VR devices and the lack of public availability will be the death of this glorious technology.

Right now for the PC, you need either a $600 Oculus Rift VR or a $800 HTC Vive along with a Virtual Reality ready computer, ranging from $500 to $800 at the minimum. As for the PlayStation VR, you still need to buy the initial console and around $600 on top.

Many developers are quoted saying it’s difficult to break even in the current market let alone make a profit. The lack of public which is on board to the VR market is so small, that game developers are just not interested in making games on the platform.


Like all technologies so far, Virtual reality devices prices will go down drastically as time goes by. Until then, your dreams of playing Battlefield in Virtual Reality will go unfulfilled.


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