12 Best Earbuds Under 50 – Top Earphones Reviewed 2019-2020

Are you a music lover? Best Earbuds Under 50 in 2020 will be the right choice because they are portable and easy to carry around. You can carry them around, use them at the gym, in the office and even while jogging or walking through the street. Thanks to the small size and weight of the product. We will help you out in selecting the best earbuds under 50.

There is a huge variety of earbuds available out there. Some clams to be the best noise canceling earbuds, while others claim to be the best sounding earbuds. Some are the most durable earbuds, while others are good at design.

Also, different earbuds are for a different kind of lifestyle. Some people want to have earbuds with mic, while others want the best sports earbuds to use at gym or jogging. Selecting the best budget earbuds, along great quality is the real challenge.

Are you confused? You don’t need to, before buying the product, you should go through our buyer’s guide of best earphones under 50 at the bottom of the article.

How to Buy the Right Earphones

As we all know that headphones became the most important aspect of our life. We hardly imagine our life without having them. Yet, we are not properly trained to buy them. Getting a right earphones is a tricky job. We offenly get the wrong product. Here we are going to explain, how you can get the right earphones.

Decide What you Want

It may seem simple but its not. The typical scenario for buying some new technology is that you will have to consider everything. If you are buying something, you will have to look at each and every thing. The first thing you need to do is forget that you can have everything. Sometimes to get something you will have to sacrifice the other.

In case of headphones, you will need three competing things in mind while buying. The first thing is sound quality which comes at a cost, another is portability and last one is affordability. If you want sound quality, you will need to spend a lot of money. Furthermore if you focus on affordability and get headphones on the least possible amount. Be prepared to sacrifice sound quality or accept a wired earphones instead of bluetooth.

Before you move to the store, first think about your priorities. What you truly need and what can you sacrifice. This will help narrow the search in getting the right product.

Define your Use/Need

After you have considered your priorities, budget and type of earphones you need. Its time to decide, how you are going to use them or for what. There is no such thing as universal earphones, so you will need to consider, what kind of need you have.

Are You an Office Guy? Well office earphones have two main priorities. First, they should be comfortable. So you won’t feel any distraction or burden while using them. Secondly, they should be noise isolating, so it can dim noises around you and let you focus on your work.

Is it Travelling earphones that you need? Well, for long flight and travelling, you just need a good pair of earphones same as office. Just go for a noise isolating and comfortable earbuds. Shure is offering a great pair of earphones. SE112 Sound Isolating earbuds will give you enough. You can listen to them for a long time and enjoy music on your 12 hour flights.

Are you a Gamer? Gaming headphones are very unique as compared to the other common use headphones. For gaming purpose you don’t need some high quality sound but you must have a great headphones. Something that have a clarity of sounds, so that you can intuit the source of sound and exact location of sound. In games, a player needs to perceive the approaching steps and gunfire.

Also a headphones with good bass is more preferred. Games become more fun when you have a good headphones that can amplify that affect of gunfire, crashes and explosions.

Best Earbuds Under 50 Reviewed in Detail 2019-2020

1. HiFiMan RE-400

Best sounding earbuds under 50

R400 are a great headphones at a very reasonable price. The have a very clear and ear soothing sound. Also, the can take a lot of beating, so you won’t need to worry about breaking them.

Frequency Response15~22 kHz
Impedance32 Ohms
Cable Length1.3m


Design of the R400 is simple and clean. R400 are lightweight earphones with understated design. The ear tips of R400 are quite comfortable with silicon ear tips.They have a durable cable thats covered with cloth all over. The joint of the the cable where two wires meet is made of plastic which makes it more durable and resistant to breaking.

Along the Hifiman R400, comes four sets of silicon ear tips in a variety of sizes. So fitting it in your ears won’t be a big problem, you can select any size as per suitable. The variety of different sized ear tips and good fits makes it very suitable to call them the best sports earbuds under 50 or best running earbuds under 50.

R500 doesn’t have a microphones, so you won’t be able to use them for a call. The tips of the earphones are double fanged that help in fitting and also does a great job at noise cancellation. So calling them best noise cancelling earphone won’t be wrong.


The performance of the R400 is flawless with great sound quality. You will love to listen to the clear quality of music. Bass is there and also they are quite comfortable to wear. So listening to music for long hours won’t be a problem anymore.

Listening to R400 at lower frequencies will be fun. The sound is clear and you will get every bit of detail in there. Same is the case with mids. Highs may be a little dull but that won’t be a problem if you listen to it at a moderate volume.

The most amazing thing is the neutrality of the earbuds, it never tires you ever. You can listen to it for hours without being annoyed or tired. The comfort-ability, design and sound makes them the best earbuds under 50.

Silicone Tips ×7
Filters(helps protect the earphone’s inner components from dust)×10
Clip-affix the cable to a shirt or jacket to minimize cable noise×1
Earphone Carry Pouch×1


Well like all other products, there is always some flaws with the product. Except for some small flaws and microphone features, this product is quite surprising. You get a clear and great quality of sound and also the comfort zone is quite high . Furthermore they way it handles the frequencies is tremendous.

2. Shure SE112-GR

best noise canceling earbuds under 50

SE112-GR are good in ear headphones at a very affordable price. You get a great simple design, a well balanced sound and something that can last you for a long time.

Frequency Range25Hz – 17kHz
Sensitivity105 dB SPL/mW
Impedance16 Ohms


All on wants from an earbuds is sound quality and comfortability. SE112-GR does that in a very effective way. It perfectly isolates sound from the outside world, which makes them the best noise isolating earbuds under 50. The design on the SE112-GR is simple and clean. There are small touches that makes them beautiful and unique. Grip is great and very easily fitted in ear making it, the best earbuds under 50.

SE112-GR are worn upside down, you will notice the indicators on them. They are drapped over the ear and minimize the chances of dropping making it best sport earbuds under 50. The cord are simple tangle-less, so you won’t need to worry while throwing them in your backpack. The cord meeting point is strong and unbreakable. They are super durable and will last you for years.


These best earbuds under 50 2020 provide a balanced sound. They don’t provide detailed sound as other expensive earphones, where the sound pinpoints the exact placement of the musical instruments. The Shure SE112 together everything and give you a collective sound. Don’t get me wrong, but the expensive earphones are more detailed. But if you look at the price tag, it is totally worth it because you can get as much as it provides at this little price.
The best thing that Shure does is the isolation of the noise from the outside world. If you wear the bigger side of the ear tips, the noise from the outside world is completely blocked and the noise of the cars and announced are just like whispers. So you can proudly say it’s the best noise canceling earbuds under 50.

The Shure SE112-GR can be worn in two different ways, down the ear or over the ear. The over-ear wear-ability is quite comfortable, because of the weight is support by the top of the ear rather than the inner canal of the ear. That means it wont tire and pain your ears if you are listening for a long time.

Silicon tips
Earphone Carry Pouch×1


The overall design of the Shure SE112-GR is understated, simple and quite good looking. It lacks the mic and other controlling features, but that won’t matter if you get a quality sound at such a low price. Building such a high-quality product at such a low price is quite challenging for the firms.

3. TT-BH07 Bluetooth Earbuds

Best True Wireless earbuds under 50

ToaTronics Bh07 are very popular headphones these days on the Amazon. The popularity is because of the affordability and sleek design of the earphones. Overall, they come as one of the best earbuds under 50.

They look beautiful, sound beautiful and they are not heavy on the pocket.

Frequency Range15 – 22,000 Hz
Impedance46 Ohms
Sensitivity100 dB
Weight 0.53 oz
Battery time6-8 hours approximately


The design of the TaoTronics is very unique, light and simple. TaoTronics BH07 doesn’t have neckband to support the weight of the earphone because they don’t need to. The earphone is very light, with slightly oversized earpieces, a cable connecting the earbuds and little controller.

If we talk about the neckband, Its more practical but the cable is more comfortable and have a nice look in my opinion. The plain cable is better if you wear it for a long time, while the neckband becomes irritating. The silicon hooks of the TaoTronics BH07 are a great help, it firmly snugs the earpieces, makes then best earbuds for running under 50.

On the rear side of the earbuds, there is a magnet. The magnet is quite helpful, when the earphones are not in use, because you can simply attach them to one another. Some people don’t like the hooks, if you are one of them, you can simply detach them. But the earbuds are a little heavier and large. So, to support the weight of the earbuds, you will definitely need those hooks. You better let them there be.

The remote of the TaoTronics isn’t that special. Its fairly cheap, made of the plastic long stick has perfectly placed buttons, space in between them is fair and are easy to operate. On the side of the remote stick is the USB-micro Charging switch that is covered by a plastic flipper.

Battery life of TaoTronics BH07 is about 5 hours, which is not that impressive if you are a constant listener. But its quite impressive given the affordable price tag. If you are the one that uses headphones for the gym or jogging, then this kind of battery life is more than enough.


Given the affordable price, This earphones has some impressive features. The Bluetooth connectivity and reliability is very impressive. The Bluetooth doesn’t disconnect, if the mobile is in your pocket or little far from the earphones. A lot of Wireless headphones blips if you move too quick but TaoTronics is quite reliable and doesn’t blips.

The Chip-set, which is used in the TaoTronics BH07 wireless earbuds is surprising of very good Quality. aptX is a chip-set, which uses a very better quality of Bluetooth codecs and stream music at a very higher rate.

The downside of the TaoTronics is the quality of sound they produce. Honestly speaking, it’s not that great. You will not be able to recognize at first but when you listen to it for a little longer it will be evident. The bass doesn’t hang around for a long time.

It’s dull to listen to TaoTronics because the earphones are dynamically flat. Mids are crude to listen to. TaoTronics are tiring to listen to at high frequency because they are not smooth and lack the detail of the sound.

TaoTronics TT-BH07 Bluetooth Headphone
3x Ear Tips
3x Ear Hooks
Charging Cable
User Manual


Given the budget you have, this can be a great choice to buy because it has great design and Bluetooth reliability. But if you can afford more then that, you should definitely go for something with great sound. Honestly speaking, the sound isn’t that great. If you just want to use it for jogging and gym time, it will be a good choice. listening to it for a long time is tiring. Over all performance, design and the prime feel makes them the best earbuds under 50.


4. Mee Audio M6 Pro 2nd Generation

Best earphones unders 50

Getting a budget earphones under 50$ is certainly confusing. It’s very hard to find a great pair of headphones at such an affordable price. Mee Audio M6 Pro 2nd Generation is a great competitor in range of earphones. At a mere price of 50$, M6 pro is positioned as professional monitor earphones for musician. They produce a great music plus a design upto your expectation.

Frequency Range20Hz -20kHz
Impedance16 ohms
Sensitivity100 ± 3 dB (1 mW at 1 kHZ)


Mee Audio M6 Pro 2nd Generation comes with an eye catching design. The cable is designed to be detachable thats makes it perfect for people who are looking for the monitor earphones. A 6.35mm adaptor is rarely found in this price range earphones even hardly found in the expensive ones. This inclusion makes them to stay in competition with the professional monitor earphones on the market.

Build of the Mee Audio M6 Pro is great. The casing is tranparant revealing the simple circuitry of the earphones. Also the the detachable cable makes it easy to replace the cable if there is any problem.

Audio Performance

The audio performance of the Mee Audio M6 Pro is better then the previous M6 Pro launchend in 2015. The audio sound has been beefed up a little so that the thin sensitivity is gone but still sharp treble is there. The treble is pronounced in these earphones under 50 but due to lack of good driver, still there is harshness and sibilance.

The overall performance of the audio on this price is great because no one can expect a high level audio performance on such an affordable price. The highs and lows are respectable but you can’t a performance as compared to the expensive earphones on the market. If you are a newbie, it will amaze you with their sound quality but it will be dull for audiophiles.

Additional cable with mic provided
Comply foam ear tips
6.35mm adaptor
No balanced cables options available


As we all know that earphone under 50$ are entry level earphones. No one can expect an audiophile level performance on this price. Still, they perform quite good and will surely amaze you with their quality build and design.

5. RHA MA390 Universal In-Ear Headphones

Most durable earbuds

In this age of wireless headphone’s everywhere, there are still many reasons to go for the wired headphones. Two of them is the excellent quality of the sound and price. There are many cheap wireless earbuds available in the market but they can never compete with same price wired ones.

RHA MA390 is the cheapest earphone made by the company, it still doesn’t sacrifice the quality of the sound, build and design. They are beautifully crafted of Aluminum, a braided cable, and a controller. It works with the IOS, Android, and Laptop. They may not be perfect, but they are still one of the best earbuds under 50 available at this price tag.

Frequency Range16 – 22,000Hz
Impedance16 ohms


The design of the RHA MA390 best earbuds under 50 is quite respectable. It feature’s a braided cable, which is quite resistive to tangling. The cable is terminated by 3.5mm jack. The jack is made of rubber instead of aluminum, as you can see where RHA cut cost.

The ear tips of the RHA MA90 is most durable silicon ear-tips available. They are comfortable, retain their structure and well reinforced. They isolate noise better than the average earphones, making the most durable earbuds and best noise canceling earbuds under 50

Like the other higher version RHA MA90, it also has also a featured universal remote controller. Its very easy to use, by simple clicking will pause the music, double click will skip and triple click will take you back to previous track. A long press will take you the smartphone assistant, either Siri or google assistant depends on your smartphone. It’s nice to see a universal remote but it lacks volume control buttons. There is still work that need’s to be done.

RHA MA390 universal earphone comes with variety of eartips, which comes handy in fitting of the earphone. We all have different sizes of ears, you just need to find the perfect size of the eartips for yourself. A shirt clip is also included in the accessories, which is used to clip or attach your earphone with your shirt and support the weight of earphone cable.

They also provides you with a pouch to carry them when they are not in use, you can simply roll them aroud your hand and place them in the pouch. The cable quality is great, so it does not tangle aroud, when you roll them and place them in the pouch.


The sound quality of the RHA MA90 is fine. it can be summed up in two words, they are warm and soft. The audiophiles may not be impressed by the quality of the sound, But for the common consumer, for some, it will be just fine and some may call them heavy-bass.

Bass is something that stands out in this earphones. The mids are not that great, which means they are not best for vocal music listeners. But the intensity of the bass makes it great for the pop, hip-hop music.

High’s are rolled off, you won’t be able to get the most details in the upper spectrum. However, its good on one side, because you won’t be fatigued if you listen to it for a long time. The softness of the RHA MA90 may not be the most revealing, but it can give you comfort listening for hours of time.

RHA MA390 comes with a three year warranty and you will be surprised to see the accessories that comes with earbuds. The variety of eartips, is very useful for fitting and isolating sound. Fitting the right size will cut out all the noise outside, The road noise and poeple talking will feel like whisphers.

RHA MA30 Universal Headphones
A shirt clip
A mesh carrying pouch.


Although they are cheap, the quality of the device is very good. the design of the device is fabulous, the build material is durable and sound quality is not degraded. they are a nice pair of earphones at a very affordable price. You will be surprised, to compare this earphone with your other common earphone. they sound good, feel good and are comfortable to wear.

6. Yurbuds Inspire 400

Best Earbuds under 50

Yurbuds Inspire 400 offers a very secure in ear fit, thanks to the comfortable and custom looking earbuds. The sound quality is a little crisp at a high-mids the they should be. Distortion is also present at the higher volumes but the decent price makes it suitable to buy. Like Panasonic RP-TCM125-K these headphones are also type of buds, that can be bought in emergency situation. If you forgot your buds at home and travelling somewhere, you should definitely give them a try.

Frequency Range20Hz – 20kHz


The look of the earbuds is amazing, They look look custom-molded, but they are not. The beautiful, handsome price and custom-molded look compelled me to add them to the list of best earbuds under 50 list. The uses the same principle as other earbuds do, but they go a little deeper into the ears canal than other earbuds do. Thanks to the soft materiel of the earbuds, they are not uncomfortable, however the soft and flexible materiel do help in a more secure fit and you can wear them in more then one angles.

The bad thing is they are pet hair and dust magnets, which is definitely not good for earbuds that goes that deeply into the ear canal.

They comes in both red and black colors, they have magnets on their back that snaps them together, which is very useful while storing them in the pouch when not in use. In the middle where the two cable coming from ear pieces meet the is a compartment that houses the inline remote and microphone. By look that not a bad option but its awkward because the microphone is in the mid instead of near to the chin.

The earbuds comes with only two sizes of silicon ear-tips, It’s a little bad, because the ear-tips of the Yurbuds Inspire 400 are very unique and there should be atleast three to four sets of extra ear-tips with different sizes. Maybe this was a cost saving measure but some extra ear-tips would have been nice. Along with the unique ear-tips there comes a pouch that is used to store the earbuds while not in use.

The cable is rounded and tangled free, you can easily store them in your pocket. The cable ends at an angled 3.5mm jack. They have microphone, that can be used to pick call and you wont need to take them off whenever someone call you. The inline remote controller can be used to play and pause music and also pick calls. There are also buttons for volume up and volume down.


As we were talking about the secure fit of the Yurbuds Inspire 400. The problem is that they can be securely fit but due to the availability of placing them in different angles. Its very difficult to position both of them at a same angle, the left could be sitting in a different angle then the right. A little difference in the angle of both can have a tremendous affect on the stereo of the image.

Apart from the distortion of the stereo image, the ear-tips also looks to swallow a little bit of treble and bass isn’t that much as it should be. High mids and highs sound a little muffled, they should be better then they are.

When you listen to the songs with deep bass at a higher volumes, they are little muffled and distort but hey who listen at a full volume. It’s unsafe and annoying. Listen on the moderate volume the sound quality is good and bass is powerful.

The ear-tips of the Yurbuds Inspire 400 are stunning and intriguing, they create high hopes for them. After listening to variety of music through Yurbuds Inspire 400, they hopes aren’t completely dashed out but sets in. In the range best earbuds under 50, there are very few great models.

Overall, They are durable, beautiful sweat proof. They can be used in rain, heavy workout without any problems. what can someone expect from such a budget friendly earbuds, they are cheap and with a beautiful design. They are totally worth spending.

1 pair of yurbuds Inspire 400 sport earphones
1 Sport Carry Pouch
2 Sizes of Enhancers


Market is full of earbuds, finding something good and useful is very hard. If you look at the Yurbuds Inspire 400, they are cheap which gives them an edge over the other models, their earpieces are unique, they design is decent. They have different colours available to your taste and also provide inline controller plus microphone. What can someone want more in such budget friendly earbuds.

7. Creative Outlier One

Best sport earbuds under 50

Creative is one of the well known and trust worthy brand in the world of earbuds. They produce high quality earphones. Market is full of different brands, which produce earphones, one before buying should do a little research about the brands of the earphones. Wireless brands are at peak these days but one should have some knowledge of earphones before purchasing.

If you are a gym person, you are definitely gonna reach for a wireless bud, If you see around there only few brave souls that still struggle around wired one’s, but the number is too low, the more you will see is the wireless earbuds.

You should definitely think about the purpose before, purchasing the best headphones, no matter if its wireless or wired earphones. In this review, you learn will everything, you need to know about creative outlier one. It will make you choice super easy.

Frequency Range20Hz-20KHz
Sensitivity42 dBV / Pa


The company has made quite an effort in building the master piece, they are just designed beautifully. The comfort level is good, the are designed in ergonomic way, so their will be no problem in fitting them into your ears. It fits so good, they wont drop and annoy you, while working or during workout.

After the outlier sports, sport friendly earphones, thanks to the company for producing another water proof and sweat proof earphone. Now, you don’t need to worry about your earphones while doing extensive workouts.

Cable is beautifully designed, it doesn’t tangle. The tangling of the cable is very annoying, so you can say tangle free cable is very important in the design of the earphones. Another thing is the weight of the earphone. they are very light, so it wont pull the buds and make them drop all the time.

Talking about the quality and tangle free cable’s, the creative also built high quality tangle free charging USB cable, that’s not very common even in the high priced earphones. Silicone ear tips are also of great quality and it perfectly isolates the outside noise, if you want to completely concentrate on your workout or music, you will definitely want that.

The silicone tips are very soft, the softness and perfect noise isolating capability will make you forget about the outside world and you will be completely focused on your music or workout. They provide a high level of comfort-ability and it doesn’t hurt your ears, if you use for a long time.

Along with the earphones there comes a small pouch, that comes handy when you are not using your headphones, you can place them in them pouch safely. A USB cable thats is used to charge the device and 4 pairs of silicon tips. The silicon tips comes in variety of sizes, which enables you for a perfect fit. They also provides a manual, which you definitely won’t need to use.


All that design is a waste, if your earbuds, doesn’t have a nice audio quality. When Creative outlier was put to the real test. They were surprising. The Aura Seal ear tips doesn’t only provide you a good fit but also does a great job, when it comes the performance of sound quality. The Bass if fabulous, the crystal Mids and Highs do wonders for the electronic music lowers.

Most of the time Bluetooth earphones are little low on the audio performance side, But thanks to the high Bluetooth technology 4.0. It’s quite surprising. The new Bluetooth technology consumes a little amount of power and will not disappoint you even if you are not much closer to your smartphone. Soon you will be in love with these earbuds, as they provide a great level and comfort-ability and special thanks to the 6mm Neodymium drivers that keeps the music pumping and your body jumping.

Another best thing about the Creative outlier one is the battery timing. It last 9.5 hours of continuous music playing. Off course it depends on the volume, the louder the less. It approximately lasts around 8 hours on full volume, but you should never do that because it may cause you hearing loss and fatigue. 8 hour of charging seems like a good charging time.

They have a small inline controller but its full of useful features. You will be able to accept calls, reject calls and even change tracks from the controller. It also have the volume up and down button, which is not quite often found in earphones. There is a small LED indicator on the inline controller, which is quite useful and indicates the successful connection of the earbuds with the smartphone. All of these features makes them one of the best earbuds under 50.

Pairing the earbuds is a three step process, which couldn’t be more easier. You just need to turn on the bluetooth of the smartphone and search for the Bluetooth devices.

Creative Outlier ONE Earphones
1Pair of S,M,L Size Silicone Earbuds
2 Types of Secure Tips
1 Clip
1 USB Cable (0.25 m / 9.84 inches)
1 Compact Carry Pouch


After all, Considering the affordable prices, they don’t sound bad at all. Does they sound amazing? Not at all but finding something this much good is very hard. If you look at the features, Sound good? check, design is good? check, Are they sweat-proof? yes check, Comfortable? Check, Long Battery? check. It has everything that you need and definitely worthy enough to buy.

8. Sony MDR-XB50AP Extra Bass

best in ear earbuds under 50

Sony MDR-XB50AP are the most popular earphone, if you want something that sounds good, feels good and bassy. You get great design, well built, and great sound quality earphones at a very budget-freindly price than the competing rivals. They offer heavy bass, if you are looking at earbuds, which is lower in price and have a heavy bass then they are are definitely the right choice.

Frequency Range4Hz – 24,000 Hz
Impedance40 Ohms


The Sony MDR-XB50AP may seam heavy because the size, they are bigger in size but if you see the weight they are very light weight and will not annoy you and wont cause problem while wearing them. The size will not be any problem, unless you wear them while sleeping because they stick out a little bit which will hurt you a bit.

The reason for the bigger size of the Sony MDR-XB50AP is the size of the drivers, which are little larger then the traditional in-ear headphones. In the box you are provided with the variety of the silicon tips, you can select the size suitable to you. They come’s from large to medium and medium to small.

When you wear them, they are soft and comfortable. They wont drop, when you wiggle your head, the low weight and the right size of silicon tips let them firmly in your ear and doesn’t let them drop. These earphone can also be used for sport but they are not sweat proof, so you need to be careful.

When it come’s to the noise isolation, Sony MDR-XB50AP do a very respectable job. The perfect fit blocks all the outside world noise, noise of cars and people talking will feel like whispers. If you are able to find the right size of silicon tip and make an air tight fit. Also tight fit will not allow the leakage of sound, and lousy fit will also loose the great bass of the earphone.

After opening the box of Sony MDR-XB50AP, you will definitely notice the build quality of the earphone. The durability is tremendous. The earphone are made of quality plastic and metal. It will last you for a long time and can be call the most durable earbuds.


As mention in the name, there are extra bass in the Sony MDR-XB50AP. When you hear to them for the first time, you will definitely be impressed. The lows are deep, detailed and punchy. The 12mm driver give you something extra when listening to the lows. Now you know why they are so big.

Bass is something that these earbuds don’t lack and if you are a bass lover, you will definitely enjoy them. If you are fan of balanced music, it will be a little unsuitable for you.

The middles are little recessed, while the highs are average. It wont be a problem because of the price tag. This is something very worth it with such an affordable price. Nevertheless, It definitely a master piece for bass lower. They will be impressed and they are the most popular bass earbuds available.

They come in different colors, red, blue and black but the silicon tips is always grey in color. Also it has a microphone, that comes handy because you wont need to plug them out if you want to receive a call. It also has a remote controller, you can pause or play the music. Calls can also be received or declined via controller.

Sony MDR-XB50AP in-ear headphones
4 silicone earbuds (XS, S, M, L)
Carrying bag
User manual


Sony MDR-XB50AP comes with a great design. They are comfortable and easy to fit into the ears with the provided silicon ear tips. The sound quality is also good, they are bassy. Durability is respectable. At such a good price this is something you should definitely buy. I would definitely add them to the list of one of the best earbuds under 50.

9. Symphonized NRG Premium wooden

Best In Ear Earbuds Under 50

Watch around! everyone around has a different taste. Some people are crazy for heavy bass, while some love to have a great design, some are fans of Wireless, while other like to have it wired. Symphonized understands that everyone goa a different taste. They have decided to go far and do something new and different.While others were competing for the loudest and most heavy based earphones. They took a slight different approach.

Frequency Range18Hz-22kHz
Impedance16 Ohms
Sensitivity101+/3bD at 1KHz, 1mW


The look of the Symphonized NRG Premium is fantastic and way beyond the expectations. The company has added many flavors, up-to 8 different wooden finishes and looks like real wood made out. We are not talking just about the different color of the buds, They have a beautiful braided cable. This gives you a premium feeling.

The varieties of color combination make it hard to select because each one of them is beautiful. It depends on your taste and accessories to select the right color. They look fantastic when placed inside the ears because they are comfortable and does not protrude outside the ears as some others earbuds do.

You will be surprised by the quality of the braided cable, It’s beautiful and prone to tangling. If you were using some cheap cable before, it will definitely surprise you. The NRG cable is lightweight and inspiring in its construction. The termination jack on the cable is of good quality, So is the Y splitter, where the cable splits into left and right buds.

If we talk about the durability of the earbuds, it’s definitely prone to breaking. Actually the front and back falls apart if you apply too stress, or stick them out in the pocket without any care. But if you plan to tackle it in the beginning, it wont be a problem anymore. Just apply some glue before it breaks.

Taken the ear-tip off, you will see a small mesh that protects the inner from entering the debris. Same is the case with the rear side. it’s also meshed. This doesn’t happens most of the time in the earphone. Maybe Symphonized wanted to give it a look of open ear headphones.

Inside the box, with the earphones, comes three pair of silicon ear-tips. Each pair of silicon is different sized, the smallest is for the one’s with the small ears or maybe kids. It makes it easy to fit it your ears. You just need to check all of them and select the most comfortable and top fitted.


The performance of the symphonized NRG premium wooden is quite surprising. The Symphonized NRG premium provides a balanced audio sound but the quality of bass isn’t that good. Honestly we are not that expert at bass, but whenever we listen, we want to have it to the fullest. Anyway the over the audio sounds good and feels good.

The  lows and  Mids were good, It was good to listen to the sound. You  can listen to it for long hours without making fatigue. Due to the comfortable ear tips and the earbuds doesn’t protrude outside, So it wont hurt your ears if you are listening to it while sleeping. The higher were a little unbalanced, but who listen to it at a full volume, when they can give you a nice balanced sound at a lower volumes.

The sound isolation of the earbuds, were quite respectable. I wont say it completely cancel the noise of the outside world and so is the case with the leakage of the noise but It was balanced and controlled. The silicon tips has a variety of size from large to small. Each of us has different size of their ears, just select the right size and you will be surprised with the noise isolation it does. The more tightly it fits and block the in and out of the air the more it will block the noise leakage. The right size of silicon tips does the right job to keep the noises at bay.

NRG In-Ear Wood Headphones


The Symphonized NRG Premium wooden earbuds is not perfect, Their housing is prone to breaking. The build materiel need improvement. Also it has a light bass but overall, It looks good, sounds good. If you are not a fan of bass, then  it can be the perfect choice for you. The price tag is very budget friendly. The specs it provides at this price is totally worth it and you should go to buy it. The sound cloud, design and performance makes it the best earbuds under 50.

10. Brainwavz S0 In Ear Headphones

Best Budget Earbuds

Brainwavz fits in toward the bottom of the league in case of price tag. The price is quite budget-friendly but the performance is great. It comes with variety of different silicon tips that make’s it perfect to fit to your ears.Along with the silicon tips, you get bi-flange and tri-flange tips too, which makes it more air tip and perfect to fit. With the mic controller, Brainwavz is compatible with IOS and android smartphone. You can say that they support all kind of smart phones.

Frequency Range18 Hz ~ 18 kHz/span>
Impedance16 Ω
Sensitivity100 dB at 1 mW


The price is quite affordable and we don’t expect high level of build quality at this price but they have manage well. The Brainwavz S0 is in housed in aluminium. The Aluminium is black coated. They have red plastic trim, the silicon tips is black opaque and black cable. The overall design is bold and simple.

The cable is around 1.2m long, Its thick, flat and square edged in a way, which makes it more durable then the normal rounded cable. It also has remote control, which is very simple to use. The remote has three buttons, they are very simple to use for both the android and IOS devices. The 3.5mm jack at the end of the cable is straight and prone to stray jerk or drop.

Last but not the least, the in ear comfort is surprising. The variety of silicon tip. The smaller one’s is good but may drop while running but the middle one’s will solve the problem. It fits well and will not drop while running or working out.

The fitting also plays an important role in the isolation of outside sound. As we said they are perfect fit and airtight. There is no change of noise leakage in or out. The people sitting next to you will not be able to hear the music neither will you hear their voice. You may feel them like whispers. They are one of the best earbuds under 50.


At this price, we honestly didn’t expect much. But we were surprised to see the results. The Brainwavz is great, sounds well and balanced earphone. Bass of the earbuds is prominent, but its clear when you listen to it. The music and spoken work podcast were clear and detailed and there was no muddiness.

Considering the Highs of the Brainwavz S0, the sound has a decent amount of sparkle to them and in rare occasions get a little peaky. The mid are also respectable, but it does have the amount of detail expected. You would say that its quite decent and not offensive. Female voice needed a little push to come out and sounded a little veiled but guitar sounded acceptable and more acceptable in the lower mid range of the Brainwavz.

If we talk about the lows of the earbuds, they are detailed but they have a little bass bump, which may or may not be your taste. Speed of the lows were average and couldn’t be called bass head. They do have a great amount of quantity in the bass department.

The materiel they used to build the earphones, is of good quality. They are durable and will last you for quite a long time. The bad thing is, Brainwavz couldn’t be worn over ear like the S1. Brainwavz also has the microphone, so you wont need to take them off if there is a call.

In the box, you will be surprised the accessories they provide, Silicon tips for the perfect fit and noise isolation. They even provide tri-flange silicon tips to isolate the noise even more. A shirt clip to support the weight of the earphones, so it wont drop while running or moving. It also come with a warranty card of 24 months.

Earphone Hardcase
6 sets of Silicone Ear Tips (S M L)
1 set of Comply™ Foam Tips T-400
1 Shirt Clip
1 set of Silicone Bi-Flange Eartips
1 set of Silicone Tri-Flange Eartips
Velcro Cable Tie
Warranty Card (24 month warranty)


Overall,  Is it a complete package? Yes but just a little problem with over ear comfort which they lacks. Other than that they sounds good, look good and feels good. The sound is respectable and wont tire you, if you listen for a long time, which makes them one the best earbuds under 50.

If you ask me, are they fantastic? Off course not but the little amount of cash they ask for so much quality is totally worth it. If you are a fan of over ear wear then you should go for the S1.

11. Panasonic RP-TCM125 Ergofit Earbuds

best cheap earbuds under 50

The are the most cheapest earbud available. They have tempting colors, that tempt you at checkout and want to take an extra pair, just in case something happens. There are a lot of cheap earbuds available in the market. You wont be having any problem while finding one but Panasonic RP-TCM125 Ergofit stands out. There may be a lot of them in this price range but Panasonic RP-TCM125 Ergofit beats them with the a good quality of sound and strong bass.

Frequency Range10 Hz ~ 24 kHz
Impedance16 Ω
Sensitivity97 dB


They are type of earphone, that you get in needy conditions, You are at a bus stand or airport and have to travel for hours. You have lost or left your buds at home, you don’t have to worry, you can get one at very cheap rate. Who would want to listen to roars and chatters.

The buds are covered by a plastic package, which is very shiny and comes in variety of colors, looks very cool. Squishy silicon tips are attached to cone like backs. The white Panasonic logo is beautiful and adds to the design attached the buds to the long thin cord. You can pick them which ever color fits to your taste. They comes in pink, blue, white and black.

There is inline remote fitted, which is very handy. It has a button on it that controls the mic, playing and pausing a music. Also you can reject and attend call over the inline remote. The only thing that’s missing from the remote is the volume up and volume down button.

The Panasonic RP-TCM125 Ergofit Earbuds come with three pairs of ear insert. All the ear inserts are of different size from small to large. The small size is for kids while the medium and large will fit you for sure. It depends on the size of the ears. They are a good fit and you wont have to worry about falling while working out or running.

The perfect and airtight fit blocks out most of the noise of people chatting and noise of the cars. It also prevents the leakage of sound to out, so people wont be able to listen at medium music sound but higher sound may leak some of it. But who listen to music at full volume.


Panasonic RP-TCM125 Ergofit Earbuds are the little and cheap buds with great bass. The sound was good and decent, what would you expect from a 10 dollar earphone. If you look at the price they are quite impressive. Deep lows are good and thumped through the entire track but the vocals were little faraway.

The quality of the bass were surprising. The rest of the sound was what can be expected from a cheap earbuds. The sound was decent, the highs and mids mesh together in bland but they in a way that was inoffensive.

The amount of the sound that leaks of the earbuds isn’t that much. It’s the same as any other earphones. It can be used at noisy places like in the market or on the road without any problem. But it may cause a problem a problem while using it at quite place like libraries.

If we talk about the isolation of the sound, it does a very good job, but no to the level where it completely blocks out the outside noises. But some time in a very noisy places you may need to hear it higher volume to block out the outside noise.

Stereo Headsets RP-TCM125
3-size earpiece


Who will not want such a quality headphone at such a low price? I will definitely recommend them to you. Next time you loose your headphone and want to buy a cheap one’s you should go for it. They are worth for each single buck. The bass is good, the design is good. What could someone want more in 10$?

11. Sennheiser CX 3.00

Most durable Earbuds

If you are a frequent traveler and tired of over year headphones, In ear headphone is best solution. They offer great sound for very small price as compared to over ear headphones. Sennheiser is a well established player in the market of earbuds. Sennheiser has been a go-to brand, whenever you need a great pair of earphones.

Travelers oftenly prefer in ear headphones rather then over year headphones. In ear headphones are portable and easy to carry around. You can throw them in your pocket or backpack when not in use. Sennheiser is a well established player in the market. Whenever you need some high quality headphones, you can always go for a sennhieser.

Frequency Range17Hz – 21kHz
Impedance18 Ω
Sensitivity 118 dB


Costing under 50$, it should not be a surprise that they are not some next level quality or premium finished meterial. They are just simple earbuds, that has features enough to justify the price. They look fin and you can find various colors. They are budged earbuds, so can say that has completely done justice to the money. On the outer face of earbuds there is a Sennheiser logo that gives a nice touch to the look and feel.

If we talk about the material of the earpiece, its a glossy plastic. The back edge uses a more mat finish. The hanging cable from the back edge also uses the same material. The cable is flattened which reduces the annoying tangles. Both the cable for each ear are of identical length and there is a sliding woggle, that can be slide up and down tightening the cables under your chin.

The 1.2m cable ends in an angled 3.5mm jack, which is gold plated. People have different opinion and tastes over the straight and angled jack. We wont go into that debate.


By looking closely, you will observe that the most obvious thing in Sennheiser CX 3.00 is that it has moved from a straight earpiece to slight angled one. The angle make it more fit, also adds to the comfort and sound quality.

The most important thing in the earbuds, is the air tight fit of the ear canal. Most of the ear tips are not long enough to do the air tight seal. A long ear tip can do more air tight seal but the best option will be the angled earpiece to match the angle of the ear canal.

Sennheiser CX 3.00 fits in without any effort, providing an air tight seal with the medium size silicon ear tips.The great and comfortable fit mean, they wont annoy you with the drops all the time. You can wear them indefinitely while running, jogging and even sleeping.

Fitting is also important factor because it does the job of noise isolation. The more perfect fit the more noise isolation. Along with the noise isolation it also reduces the leakage of noise. Due the perfect fit and air tight seal of the Sennheiser CX 3.00 perfectly isolates noise and prevents the leakage of sound.

Good seal means the better bass response. Sennheiser CX 3.00 has upped the bass level as compared their other model Sennheiser CX 3.00 II. Sennheiser CX 3.00 provides a plenty and deepest bass lines.

Everyone is fan of the little extra bass here, rather then sounding weedy. In today market, a lot cheap earphones, which cannot drag out every nuance of details anyway, but Sennheiser CX 3.00 does a little more on the occasion. The level of thump they produce have the ability to overpower the rest of the mix, muddying everything with the kick drums and bass lines.

Something in this range of 50 dollars, one can expect a limited level of sophistication. So is the case with the mid range and treble. It enough for the basic level music listening but the subtle details are missing. Unsurprising same is the case with the flat sound-stage.

CX 3.00 earphones
Ear adapter set (XS, S, M, L)
Carry case


Sennheiser CX 3.00 are great and comfortable entry level earphones. The design is understated, the comfort level is high and bass is there. If you are a casual listener and not into the low frequencies, it maybe the perfect choice for you. You should definitely go for it.

Safety FAQs for Using Headphones and Earbuds

Well, Everyone has some questions about safety while using headphone or earbuds. We have tried our best to answer some of the questions.

Are Earbuds Safe to Use?

Well that totally depends on how you use your earphones. Some people are addicted to use their earphones on a high volume while others listen at a moderate volume. Using headphones at a higher volume for a long time can do some serious damage to your ears. To be safe, you need to listen at a very moderate volume and also don’t use them for a very long time.

Another reason is the comfortability of your earphones or headphones. While considering safety, you need to see, how your skin or ear reacts to the earbuds you are wearing. If you are not feeling comfortable and fitting isn’t good. Inserting weird objects will have a negative reaction by your ears and to protect themselves they will produce more wax.

So the conclusion is, you need to listen to music at a very moderate volume and also keep in mind the amount of time. Sticking to this rule, you will fine and there will be no harm to your ears.

Is it Bad to Wear Earbuds all the Time

Definitely yes, wearing earbuds all the time can have some serious consequences. They will be harmful to both your ears and listening capability as well. By wearing earbuds all the time we mean, listening to music all the time.

Listening to music all the time can cause hearing loss. In some cases, if you don’t loose your hearing capability, it will be immensely reduced. You will be having signs of hearing loss by having distorted continuos sounds in your ears.

Furthermore, wearing earbuds for a long time will cause your ears to produce wax. Which will reduce your hearing ability to a great extent and lead to blockage of ear canal. Also, don’t forget the headaches and migraines caused by the earbuds earbuds radiations.

Is it Bad to Sleep with Earphones While Mobile is Charging

We will not recommend you to wear headphones while sleeping. For some extent it maybe useful but most of the time its not.

There can be many repercussions to this.

Hearing Risk: You can have hearing problem while listening to music all night while sleeping. Putting your ears to music for a long time a loud volume can damage your eardrums.

Mobile Phones Risk While your earphones connected to your phones while mobile is charging means mobile is somewhere near you. There is a risk of your mobile exploding and harming your self. We suggest to keep your mobile on hard surfaces while sleeping. Placing your mobile on mattress on under the pillows will cause your mobile to overheat and have more chances of exploding.

Electric Shock Risk Well, we all know that mobile is directly connected to the AC power. So in any case of malfunction or short circuit to electrocute you through the earphones. The result can be fatal. There is a lot of people died for the same reason.

Best Earbuds Under $50– Buyer’s guide

Here our main goal is find the right product for you, the reader. There are a lot of things that will be discussed and they really matters in earphones. So before buying, you should definitely go through our buying guide. We will be discussing types of earphones and also factors which differentiate them form one another.

Types of Earbuds

Wired earbuds

Wired earbuds are more efficient then the wireless one’s. They sound better, there is no blips or connectivity issues in the connection. As they are connected to your smartphone through a hard wire. They tend to sound better but the cable are annoying while using them for workouts. Also the weight of the cable creates problems with the fitness, as the weight of the wire makes the buds fall from your ears and its annoying.

Wireless earbuds

Wireless earbuds are the another type of buds. If you look around in the gym, there will be very few people who use wired earbuds.  The trend has changed over the time and people are now preferring wireless earbuds over wired one’s for sports. Wireless earbuds are more comfortable then the wired ones and you are free of the annoying cable. Also it has issues of the Bluetooth connectivity and microphone blips.

Microphone and Inline Controller

Some of the earbuds comes with both the inline controller and microphone while other’s don’t. Some may come with one of them. For the  earbuds at this lower price, companies take precautionary measure to save few bucks and add to the quality of sound and design. So If you want both of them you may have to sacrifice a little bit of other features.

Factors For Choosing Best Earbuds

There are many Factors that really matters and differentiate the earphones from one another. Some may prefer headphones with a great design while other will prefer sound quality. Here we have discussed all the factors that you should look upon before buying your favorite in ear headphones.

Frequency Response

It actually tells you the range of the sound, the earbuds is capable to produce. Normal human hearing range from 20Hz-20KHz. When you look at the box, the frequency response is given on the box, It mostly in human audible range. The first indicates the lowest and the later indicates the highest sound that can be produced by the earbuds.

Sometimes its a little more than the audible range, for some it may be pointless because we are not bats and won’t be able to listen to them. But they are not, because it gives a space to breath and they sound actually better then the other whose frequencies are less and in the audible range.

Noise Isolation

Noise isolation is also a very important factor to consider, as you don’t want to annoy people sitting beside you hearing, what you hear in the buds or being disturbed by the chatter of people around you.

Its actually the isolation of outside noise from inside one. The earbuds sits in between and blocks the outside noise from entering into the ear canal. In the same sense it blocks the leakage of inside sound to outside world.


This is another important factor to consider. It tells you the direction of sound coming from. For Example, someone talking in the room with you eyes closed, you know exactly where the sound is coming from or the person is sitting at which side. Same is the case with the earbuds. Some provide you with the exact details of music while other don’t.

Fit and Comfort

This the most Important factor to consider. Earbuds comes in different varieties. They can be worn at different angles. In wired earbuds some can be worn with the wire over the ear while other down the ears. Some come’s with the silicon ear-tips while other’s with ear-pods. At the end it all just come’s to the personal preference. Before buying, you must consider what is your preference.

Battery life

Well you won’t need it in wired earbuds but if you are planning for buying wireless earbuds. You must consider the battery life. Some of the earbuds have an extensive battery life and you can easily spend your whole day listening to them. The battery life may change with the intensity of sound. It gets shorter at higher volumes while extend if you listen at moderate volumes.

Water Resistance

Another important feature is water resistance. If you are a gym buddy or do heavy workouts, water resistance is a must feature for you. Many of the sport buds comes with this feature of sweat proof. These earbuds can also be used in rains.


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That all from us about best earbuds under 50, we have tried our best to review the products in a comprehensive details. Now its time for you to decide which product suits your taste.

We constantly update article here at techforgamer.com, so ranking may change with time. The product have been ranked on the bases of certain factor and customer reviews. You are always welcome to come back.

If you have any suggestion or question about the products

Feel free to comment below. We will be glad to hear from you.

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